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Later that day...

After finding out from Takao the ridiculous notion of Kise liking him, Aomine decided to pay the blonde a visit. Of course, he wasn't going to beat Kise up like he said before, but rather; he wanted to confirm this notion for himself. It was better to find out directly from the primary source after all. The sounding of the bus bell woke him from his reverie and indicated that he had reached his stop. He alighted from the bus and walked in the direction of Kise's house.

Spotting a convenience store down the street, Aomine decided to stop by it for a drink. All the drama was making him thirsty. The store was empty at that time so Aomine made use of the silence to collect his thoughts and at the same time, come out with a plan.

If I ask Kise if he likes me and he says yes... I should try to discourage him... But how? Ah! I'll tell him about my bad qualities! Surely, that'll turn him off. But if he doesn't like me, then should I just laugh it off? Argh, this is so troublesome! Damn Kise for liking him and damn Takao for telling him!

The chime of the convenience store bell alerted him of another customer. Aomine looked up and his heart almost stopped. He ducked under the shelves immediately and started advancing backwards slowly. The saying 'Speak of the devil and he shall appear' was indeed true; Kise had arrived. Only, Kise wasn't a devil, just a really annoying guy. The devil would be Aka- Aomine cut off his train of thought. From experience, the devil could also read minds, no matter how far the person was. It was best to play safe.

He wondered if he should go up to greet the blonde or continue hiding, but he didn't have to worry, for Kise spotted him and called out his name loudly:


Crap. Now he had to respond. Pretending that he couldn't hear the loud outburst would make him seem either deaf or mean.

He stood up hastily and said:


Shit. That went a little too high. Aomine forced his face into an awkward grin and stood there wondering what to do next.

Convenience store (Kise's POV)

Upon entering the store, Kise didn't sense anything amiss. Wanting to hydrate himself after a usual vigorous practice session, he went to the drinks section as usual to grab a drink but noticed some weird movement at the corner of his eye. A head of dark-blue hair greeted him as it moved around the aisles in a jerky manner. The dark-blue hair was so familiar and so recognisable that Kise couldn't stop himself from calling out to his ex-teammate. He then realised his mistake.

Ahhhhhh! What have I done? Aominecchi hates me and I just called out to him! Surely he wants to be left alone! What should I do!?

Kise stood really still in his mental panic.

Ah! Remember Midorimacchi's words! Be nicer to him!

Kise watched as Aomine stood up and "Yo!"ed him. He waited for Aomine to make his way over but the other just stood there and watched him.

Is that wariness in his eyes? It's true that Aominecchi hates me! What should I do? I'm scared to go near him!

Kise was starting to panic again but just like Aomine, he made no movement.

The two remained in their positions for ten minutes, just staring at each other and oblivious to the fact that they were obstructing the customers' way. A loud "Ahem" from the disapproving store clerk jolted them out of their senses, and an embarrassed Aomine decided to make the first move. Kise seemed to be frozen there anyway. He walked up to Kise and attempted to start a conversation:

"Yo, what brings you here?"

Okay, that was stupid; Kise lived in this area for goodness sake! If anything, Kise should be the one asking him that! And it seemed that Kise realised the same thing, he asked back the same question, his tone a little suspicious:

"I live here! Aominecchi, what brings you here?"

Aomine did not know how to respond to this. He stared at Kise blankly. However, this stare was interpreted wrongly by the blonde.

Kise panicked again. Look at how terrifying his glare is! Aominecchi was angry with him for asking such a personal question!He opened his mouth to apologise to the other when Aomine cut him off.

"Kise, do you like me?" Aomine asked, his curiosity getting the better of him.

Kise was shocked at the abrupt question, but he knew this was his chance to shower affection on Aomine. And so he did so:

"Of course I like you, Aominecchi! Why wouldn't I? I look up to you so much!"

Kise carried on his speech, slowly getting into praising Aomine to the high heavens. Aomine, however, turned pale despite of the flattering praise.

H-how bold! Kise was really open about his feelings! He was as bold as… something very bold! Aomine stood there dumbly, wondering how to react to Kise's confession.

"And that's why I like you, Aominecchi!" Kise finished his speech and looked at Aomine for his reaction. Thankfully, Aomine was able to recall Takao's advice:

Okay, I must let him down gently…

Aomine forced out a smile:

"That's great! I've gotta go now, bye!" and he hightailed out of the convenience store, leaving a stunned and hurt Kise.

Midorima's house

Midorima was doing his homework when his cellphone rang. Shoving Takao's head off his lap (earning a playful whack from Takao for his insolence), he reached for his phone and answered:

"Hello, Mido-" he was cut off by Kise.

"Midorimacchiiiiiii! Aominecchi ran away when I praised him! Is it so unbearable for him to hear me talk? I was just trying to be nice to him! Midorimacchiiiiiii, what should I dooooo?"

Glancing down at Takao, who had placed his head back in his lap again, Midorima nodded to confirm the caller's identity. Takao smirked. Midorima took a deep breath as he ran through the words he was going to say:

"Kise, I think this situation calls for desperate measures. Aomine's hatred for you is stronger than I thought. You need to make him really like you. You need to show some intense feelings of 'like' for Aomine before you can overpower his hatred. Think about it, what does Aomine like? Perhaps you can do something along those lines. I hope that'll help you. I've got to go now, there's a lot of homework for me to do. Goodbye." With that, Midorima cut the call. He did not intend to spend hours hearing Kise's whining.

"Shin-chan, you're such a naughty boy~" Takao drawled as he looked up into Midorima's pleased face.

"It's all part of the plan. You had some ideas too so I'm not the only naughty one." Midorima ran his hand through Takao's hair as he said this.

"Will Kise really do something like that? Something along those lines… Whatever you can think of, it's embarrassing isn't it? It's worse than the bunny suit, in my opinion." Takao blushed and Midorima smirked as the memories of both suits came back to them.

"All the members of the Generation of Miracles know what Aomine likes after basketball. I don't think Kise is that dumb to not know. But his interpretation of it is what worries me, not that I'm worried, of course. And the bunny suit looks great on you, so there's nothing to be embarrassed about."

Takao blushed harder but smiled at the same time. "That's what makes your revenge satisfying right? I wish I could see Aomine's expression when Kise does whatever things he's gonna do! I pity Kise though; he was genuinely nice when he was helping me. I really don't want him to end up hurt. And you're such a pervert!" Takao looked at Midorima meaningfully, while prodding the other's cheek.

Midorima stroked Takao's head reassuringly. "Don't worry; I'll make sure things won't go overboard."

"Ahhhhh, I can't stand it! Shin-chan is being as manly as usual!" Takao cooed as he cuddled into Midorima's arms.

The two lovebirds continued their lovey doveyness into the night, but meanwhile...

On the bus home (Aomine's POV)

As Aomine sat on the bus and stared out of the window, he recalled what had happened earlier.

Shit, that was embarrassing. He ran out of the store like a coward. And Aomine Daiki was no coward! Kise was probably laughing at him for acting like such a loony. Images of a laughing Kise calling him 'loony!' and 'coward!' came to his mind and he shook his head repeatedly to rid himself of the thoughts.

Just like what Takao had told him to do, he had meant to let Kise down gently. Kise would understand, and all would be fine. But his recent actions had screwed that up. He mentally slapped himself for ruining his perfect opportunity.

Letting down Kise was proving to be harder than he had thought... Initially, he wanted to rely on Takao as little as possible. It was embarrassing after all, to rely on others on this kind of issues but from how things were going; perhaps he really needed the additional help he could get.

On the way home (Kise's POV)

Kise got right to thinking as soon as he ended the call.

I know! Aominecchi likes basketball! I'll challenge him to an one-on-one!

Images of Aomine playing basketball with Kise were conjured up in Kise's mind:

"Aominecchi! Over hereeee!" Kise waved at Aomine as he ran forward in an attempt to steal the ball.

"Yes, Kise! Let me pass the ball to you!" Aomine had a giant smile on his face and he pranced over to Kise to toss the ball to him.

"Ahahahahahahahaha~" Kise and Aomine both laughed together as they continued passing the ball to each other, the two hoops on the court forgotten, making one wonder what exactly were they playing.

"Kise! I like you very much! Thank you for playing basketball with me!" Aomine cheered as he hugged Kise in gratefulness. Kise hugged him back tightly.

The two of them spun around in joy and love as they clung onto each other.

Ahahahahahahahahaha~ Kise thought his idea was rather brilliant even if Aominecchi seemed a little weird in his imagination. He was about to pick up his phone and dial Aomine but his logical side took over:

But challenging him to a one-on-one isn't any different from the usual... I need to give Aominecchi something really special and different! What else? Eh... Aominecchi likes Kurokocchi... But I can't give Kurokocchi as a present! Kagamicchi will kill me! And there'll be lawsuits!

Again, Kise's wonderful and vibrant imagination came up with another scenario:

"Aominecchi! Here's a present for you!" Kise dragged the giant pink box towards Aomine.

A curious Aominecchi opened the box and gasped in surprise, shock and joy:

"It's Tetsu! I love this present very much! Thank you, Kise! You are my bestest friend ever!" Aominecchi pulled out an irritated-looking Kurokocchi (wrapped in a bright red ribbon from head to toe), out of the box and hugged his 'present' tightly.

Kise smiled in elation upon seeing and hearing Aomine's delight.

"Hug me, Aominecchi!" Kise opened his arms wide towards Aominecchi.

The next moment, he found himself in court with Akashicchi as the judge. Kagamicchi was accusing him of kidnapping Kurokocchi. Akashicchi pointed his scissors at him and said solemnly:

"Ryouta, I hereby sentence you to death for kidnapping Tetsuya. Run 19873833382828 laps around Seirin High; your sentence starts now!"


Kise jolted himself out of his imagination and almost wept a little. I don't want to run 19873833382828 laps! Thankfully, he didn't carry out this idea yet, he soothed himself.

So Kurokocchi as a present is rejected! Moving on... Aominecchi likes...


Kise turned an embarrassing shade of red. Was this what Midorimacchi meant? It seemed pretty clear from the previous (and disastrous) incident that Aominecchi's idea of bonding was... Ahhh... Should I watch porn with him? Ahhhhhhh it's so embarrassing!

But it was necessary for Aominecchi to like him better...

Is there any other way?

The idea came in a flash. Well, it wasn't his own, rather it was inspired by Takao and it could be considered random, embarrassing and crazy, and yet, Kise thought it would work.

I'll do it! It shouldn't be too embarrassing for me; I'm a model after all! I do lots of weird things all the time! Like that duck costume but that's not the point now! First, I'll need help... Midorimacchi wouldn't be able to help him in that at all.

A determined Kise was unstoppable. He picked up his cellphone and dialled a number he haven't called for quite a while.

As the call connected, Kise took a deep breath:

"Hello? Momoicchi? I need you help for something..."

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