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At Momoi's house

It was a Saturday when Kise went over to Momoi's house. Having explained his idea to Momoi over the phone, Kise had eventually roped in the pink-head into helping him. Well, it was more like she had volunteered to do it, and Kise accepted the much-needed help gratefully. Momoi was really enthusiastic about helping him 'reconcile with Dai-chan' and had promised to do her best to help him in whatever she could do.

So they got to work. Kise was busied with trying on outfit after outfit, with each piece of clothing being constantly rejected by Momoi. But after fifty-two dresses, skirts and the like, they finally decided on a suitable one for Kise to wear. Momoi then worked her magic for another hour, fussing over every little detail. Heaps and heaps of make-up were piled on Kise's face and despite being used to wearing make-up, Kise was overwhelmed by the extremely thick layers Momoi was spreading on his face.

The hard part was the waxing though; despite Kise's protests that waxing would make him less of a man, Momoi insisted that he must well go all the way if he wanted to dress and look the part. Kise's howls of pain and sobbing did not deter the pink-head from violently ripping out his hair.

By the time Momoi was finished, Kise was a sobbing mess, his tears leaving a giant puddle on the floor. He made up his mind to never underestimate females and their high tolerance towards pain. Momoi merely smiled in excitement over her handiwork."Ki-chan, you look too fabulous! I'm so proud of myself! Dai-chan would love it for sure! Uwah, so pretty!"

Kise couldn't really hear her with the hair strands covering his ears, but he guessed that he looked pretty good. And of course he would, he was a model after all! Momoi brought a mirror to him to show him the results of the makeover, and Kise was very pleased.

Damn, I look so hot! was the first thing that ran through his mind upon seeing himself in the mirror.

And if one could not guess what Kise was doing by now; he was dressing up as a girl. Yes, he was cross-dressing. Cross-dressing as a busty girl, of course, since that was what Aominecchi liked. He'll do something about the boobs later. Maybe stuff socks in there or something. Just for Aominecchi's sake. Aominecchi had better appreciate his efforts in forging a friendship with him.

And so they were done. Kise, all dolled up and looking as hot as a babe (minus the boobs), was prepared to present himself to Aominecchi in order to get the boy to like him."Momoicchi, do you think Aominecchi really will like it? I'm still a little worried though... What if he is disgusted with this? What if he thinks I'm a pervert?" Kise was starting to regret his 'brilliant' decision to crossdress and turned his head towards Momoi in expectation of her answer.

Momoi froze. She seemed to have realised something and was contemplating on her reply. Kise wasn't sure but he thought that her expression looked rather conflicted. She opened her mouth to answer him:"Ki-chan, if Dai-chan says anything hurtful, do not take it to heart okay? Some people may not be accustomed to cross-dressing after all..." Kise nodded his head as he shrugged on his coat:

"I guess we'll have to see how it goes then! Ah, I do hope Aominecchi will like it! Even I like myself!" Kise's face lit up at his own words.

I guess it'll be fine; Ki-chan's optimism will help him…

As Kise prepared to leave the house, Momoi slipped something into his hand. The sudden movement made him look down. It was a small brown package, just the size of his palm. He looked back at Momoi in confusion.

"Good luck, Ki-chan! Dai-chan should be sleeping at the rooftop as usual. And use that when things get nasty." Momoi gestured to the paper bag and winked at him, a slight blush adorning her was really vague. But Kise was not one to worry about such things so he shrugged it off and grinned at Momoi:

"Thanks, Momoicchi! I'll do my best!"

He missed the sly smile on Momoi's face as he walked away from the house. Momoi watched as Kise's back disappeared down the corner before she took out her phone and dialled a certain someone.

"Midorin, I did what you told me to do already. He's leaving for school now; Dai-chan has remedial classes today."

Midorima's voice was smug as he replied:

"Good. Now, we just have to wait for Kise to do his part. Thank you, Momoi."

Momoi smiled:"Don't worry about it, I want to see Ki-chan and Dai-chan get together too! Based on Ki-chan's and Dai-chan's characters, I can predict that your plan is really going to be successful. I never knew you were so thoughtful, Midorin! To want to give Ki-chan and Dai-chan happiness."

"Of course, I am not a mean person after all." Momoi heard a loud snicker which was followed by a whacking sound from the phone.

Is there someone there with Midorin?

"Midorin, you okay? I heard a loud sound there." she inquired a little worriedly.

There was a short silence before Midorima replied in a satisfied tone:"I was just giving someone what he deserved." This resulted in loud whining from the phone. Momoi then understood.

"Is that your boyfriend, Midorin? I didn't believe when Dai-chan told me you had one but I guess I was wrong. I want to meet him! Can I?"

Another pause of silence. Midorima was probably thinking of an excuse to reject her. Momoi sulked a little as she waited for his reply."Okay, but on one condition."

Eh? He's okay with it? Midorin sure has changed!

"What is it!?" she questioned a little too excited, her curiosity regarding Midorima's boyfriend now aroused.

"... It's nothing much, just what you do everyday, actually..."

Momoi was sure that Midorima would not request anything insensible. So she agreed.

The request was simple, and fairly easy too:

"Watch over Aomine and continue to help me in my plan."

Momoi smiled again:


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