Hey guys! It has been a while! I really missed you! Anyway, here's a short one-shot that I came up with, inspired by the "Wingdings" font in Microsoft word! (Yeah, I'm that awesome.) I hope you guys will enjoy!

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Sam's POV:

"Ugh! Why does computer class have to be so boring?" I groaned as I turned in my seat, careful not to get noticed by the teacher.

"Oh come on, Sam, it's not that bad." Tucker said, eyes still transfixed on the computer screen. I rolled her eyes.

Typical Tucker. I thought.

"That's because you actually enjoy being here, techno geek." I said.

"Hey! I'm not a techno geek." He said still not looking at me.

"Oh yeah? Then look at me in the eye right now and say it." I challenged. I saw his body tense before relaxing in defeat.

"Alright, I may be a techno geek." He said.

"'May be' a techno geek, Tuck?" a familiar voice said. I turned to see Danny taking a seat to my right with a goofy expression on his face. I felt the butterflies in my stomach flutter away as he leaned in closer and placed his elbow on my desk. He then placed his chin on his hand and turned to face us.

I felt myself blush at his closeness. Gosh, what's happening to me?

"I bet Sam's blushing right now." Tucker said while clicking away with his mouse. I felt myself blush even more as Danny stares at me.

"Told ya." Tucker said again. I was about to give him a piece of my mind when the teacher noticed us.

"Mr. Fenton, Mr. Foley, and Ms. Manson, what is going on there?" he asked. Danny and I slowly sat back at our seats.

"Nothing, Mr. Smith." I called. He gave me a cold stare before continuing with his lecture again.

"So class, I want you to try out the different font styles found in Microsoft Word. And to prove that you have done it, I want you to type ten sentences using different fonts. Save you works at you respective desktops." Mr. Smith said as he sat down on his chair and began reading. I internally groaned as I began working. I glanced to my right to see Danny concentrating very hard. I mean literally, his tongue is out of his mouth. I chuckled to myself at how cute he was before going to work.

A few hours passed before the bell rang. I sighed with relief before gathering my stuff saying goodbye to Danny and Tucker in the process and heading home.

Not long after, my phone vibrated. I took it out and saw a text from Danny.

Check your e-mail when you get home.
p.s. stay safe.

I chuckled, typical Danny. When I got home, I went straight to my room and started up my computer. I opened my e-mail and saw a file sent by Danny that needs to be downloaded in order to be viewed.

I clicked the little button that says 'download' before relaxing on my chair. As it was downloading, I began to think on what this could be. Was it something that I would like? Was it homework again? Will something pop up at my face? Well if that's the case, I'll make sure to murder him in his sleep.

I was snapped out of my thoughts as the file automatically opened itself to reveal a Microsoft word document. And written there were things that I couldn't understand. I scrolled down a little before I saw a phrase written in big black letters.


Curious, I highlighted the text and change it to another font. The message appeared and I began reading it.

Dear Sam,

I couldn't come up with the courage to say this to you but here it goes:


There, I said it. It's okay if you don't feel the same way. Call me if you finished reading this.



I found myself grinning the hugest grin in history. I reached for my phone and speed dialed his number with one thought crossing through my mind.

He loves me too…

Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed this little one shot! Please no flames! Review if you want!