Beyond What You See: A High School Musical Fanfiction

Part 2:

On the following day, in the early morning…

Troy was escorted by two figures in black to a dark storage room, where a tied up Chad was being guarded by two more figures in black. One of the figures in black with shoulder length brown hair figured, "you got three minutes." The two figures with Troy closed the storage room door behind Troy, leaving him in darkness.

The second figure outside of the storage room with long blackish grey hair muttered, "if it were up to me, he'd disappear."

The first figure pointed out, "Dorothy, the only problem is that we need all six of them."

The figure codenamed Dorothy chuckled a little, "the CIA has had some very strange ideas…but a non-lethal means? That would never happen."

The first figure urged, "but the Director says…!"

Dorothy muttered lowly, "no, you listen to me! If this works, we'll no longer be needed."

The first figure realized, "if the Director finds out…"

Dorothy added coldly, "don't get in my way, Snow White. Understand?"

The figure codenamed Snow White nervously said, "yes, Dorothy."

Dorothy muttered, "good."

At the same time, in the storage room…

Chad sighed, "hey."

Troy responded, "hey. How are you, bro?"

Chad sighed again, "I was only trying to protect you…from getting hurt again."

Troy insisted, "I understand why. But alienating Ryan and Sharpay? That's what I don't understand! They're still our friends, Chad."

Chad muttered, "some friend Sharpay turned out to be. And what's to stop Ryan from going along with her mean spirited schemes again?!"

Troy sighed, "Gabriella has a point. It's been three years since Sharpay admitted to nudging Gabriella to pick Stanford over the musical. Why can't you and Taylor let this go?"

Chad figured uneasily, "because Sharpay is still a show dog. Even humiliating the famous Amber was motivated by Sharpay's selfishness."

Troy figured, "none of us know that for sure. Either way though, you hurt Sharpay and Ryan...and possibly Gabriella. How's that not mean spirited?"

Chad sighed, "I missed the goal, didn't I?"

Troy concluded, "yeah…but that doesn't mean we aren't brothers."

Chad figured with a small chuckle, "ready for some hoops?"

Dorothy urged soon after opening the door, "time's up."

Troy added, "anytime, Chad…anytime."

Chad chuckled with partial relief. Troy was escorted away from the storage room.

Troy asked, "when is Chad getting released?"

Snow White answered, "this afternoon…but with security present." Troy was uneasily silent then. He was brought to a big lounge like area with blue walls. It was set up with three bunk beds, a gray water cooler, a few typically white bathrooms, and a small kitchen area with brown painted cabinets and furniture.

Dorothy suggested, "are you ready for your first test flight?"

Troy uneasily said, "ready as I'll ever be."

Snow White urged, "your daily medical exam is in two hours."

Troy sighed, "right." And with that, he closed the door to the lounge area behind him. Then suddenly, once Troy was out of earshot, Dorothy rammed her elbow into Snow White to knock her against the marble floor. The resulting surprise attack knocked her unconscious on the hard floor.

Dorothy muttered as she walked away from the scene, "poor inexperienced spy…how I knew you all too well." Medics rushed over to bring Snow White to the nearest underground CIA medical facility not long after, for Snow White reactively pressed a emergency signal on one of her earrings when she was taken by surprise.

Three hours later…

Snow White was laying on a hospital like bed, with the shadows of the CIA Director with medium gray hair and the Executive Assistant Director Mr. Evans across the nearby white curtains. Mr. Evans realized, "our enemies could've discovered this location?! I thought this place was secure!"

The Director urged, "calm down, Mr. Smart. We'll neutralize this threat in good time."

Mr. Evans codenamed Mr. Smart insisted, "by then, it could be too late! Daughter or not, you said yourself that the world depends on these six young adults."

The Director sighed, "you may have a point…but we already have heightened security. And right now, that's all we can do."

Mr. Smart urged, "I know that this base was the only one that was able to be ready for the Wildcats in time, but it still feels wrong to put such inexperienced people on an astronaut mission to save the world."

The Director pointed out, "most of our space fighter jets have been destroyed by the Grion, and they're still a threat. Without this chance, there won't be much of a world left for the Wildcats to live in. Did you ever think of that, Mr. Smart?!"

Mr. Smart sighed, "no, sir."

The Director muttered, "then keep that in mind the next time you think of questioning my orders." The Director leaves Mr. Smart to his thoughts.

Later, on the following afternoon…

Sharpay, Troy, and the other four main Wildcats followed some figures in black into a small version of an airplane, with only six passenger seats and brown and yellow everything inside. Sharpay reflected with a sigh, "reminds me too much of New York."

Chad muttered lowly, "seriously?!"

Taylor urged, "Chad?"

Chad turned to her, "the least she could do is think about her friends." Sharpay and Ryan were the first ones in. Sharpay rushed over to one of the front seats by instinct, but looked down nervously as Chad came in. Ryan sat across from Sharpay, angrily looking at Chad. Chad almost returned the stare, but he was concentrated on Taylor's response.

Taylor added, "maybe…but being too physical about it is just too…barbaric! Sometimes I wonder if we really should keep so much as a long distance relationship going." This hurt Chad, but he tried not to show it. He and Taylor then realized that they were blocking Troy and Gabriella from getting to their seats.

One of the figures in black in the cockpit up ahead urged, "keep the line moving! We're on a tight schedule here."

Chad muttered lowly, "sorry." Chad sat behind the back of the plane with Troy, while Taylor sat across from Gabriella.

The first figure in black in the cockpit asked, "everyone ready for your first experience in weightlessness?"

Gabriella urged as she tried to sound confident, "yeah." The other five Wildcats echoed the same response at the same time as Gabriella's response. Not long after, the cloaked and electronically invisible airplane took off for the sky.

After a while of getting used to the ears popping…

Ryan assured Sharpay as he tried to sound confident himself, "we'll be all right, Shar."

Sharpay muttered teary eyed, "but…I'm scared."

Ryan responded, "I know. So am I." He and Sharpay's hands clasp around each other's hand.

At the same time…

Troy assured Chad, "I know that Sharpay isn't as cold hearted as you think she is. All you have to do is apologize to her…and you'll see."

Chad huffed in response, "how can you be sure of that?"

Troy pointed out, "that's what you thought of Taylor…remember?"

Chad sighed, "I…didn't think of it like that."

Troy added, "seven years, right?"

Chad concluded, "when would be a good time?"

Troy deduced, "according to our chaperones, we're exercising for most of the afternoon…so probably at night."

Chad urged, "you sure about this, man?"

Troy insisted, "trust me."


Taylor sighed, "Chad can just be so…so…!"

Gabriella remarked, "typically male?"

Taylor muttered, "exactly."

Gabriella assured her, "just because you've had some rough spots doesn't mean you can't work things out. How long have you been together?"

Taylor insisted, "well, not exactly in person…but we've been sending emails and chats to each other for years."

Gabriella pointed out, "then he can't be that bad of a person."

Taylor muttered, "why are you even trying to cheer me up? I thought after I accused Sharpay of being a manipulative diva…that you weren't talking to me."

Gabriella pointed out, "Troy is talking sense into Chad as we speak. And judging from your recent reaction to Chad, I don't think you meant things to become physical."

Taylor sighed, "friends like you and Troy are hard to come by."

Gabriella figured, "thanks."

Taylor added, "you're welcome."

After an otherwise uneventful flight into brief weightlessness and hours worth of tasking exercise…

All six main Wildcats were in the lounge like area, getting ready for bed. Sharpay and Ryan were in pinkish pajamas, while the other four Wildcats were in black robes. They had mostly just come from showers and bathtubs in the facilities to wash away the smell from exercising so hard, except for Sharpay and Ryan who did so a few hours earlier. Neither of them though was able to sleep easily.

With a last surge of energy for the day, Ryan started singing, "why now?"

Gabriella added in song, "why can't time just stop? Always a cause, always a struggle!"

Sharpay added in song, "why us?!" Sharpay and Ryan got up from their bunk beds.

Taylor suggested in song, "why are we here?! Can't they leave well enough alone?"

Troy urged in song, "why not? We have one more chance…to make things right."

Ryan suggested in song, "there's still hope…or this song would never have come."

Chad figured in song, "guess deep inside, we all have faith."

Taylor added with revived confidence in song, "more than you know."

Troy urged in song, "now more than ever."

Sharpay suggested in song, "what's left unsaid?"

Chad added lowly in a normal voice, "I'm sorry."

Sharpay added lowly in a normal voice, "you should be."

All six Wildcats began to dance around each other with ballroom dancing, except Sharpay and Ryan understandably still avoided Chad and Taylor. Gabriella suggested in song, "how many times do you get a second chance at life?"

Troy added in song, "can't we all dream together?"

Ryan urged uneasily in song, "one more chance."

Taylor urged uneasily in song, "for a better tomorrow."

Sharpay reflected in song, "sweet dreams…nightmares…they're all part of living."

Chad urged in song, "who says dreams are overrated?"

Gabriella added in song, "then let's live on through dreams." Finding themselves very tired from dancing and singing, the six main Wildcats return to their bunk beds.

Sharpay suggested in song, "dream, dream, dream…" The other five Wildcats echoed her words in song, as all six of them started to finally get to sleep. Little did they know that black domed cameras were watching them from the ceiling…and that Dorothy was watching them from the security control room with several other figures in black.

Dorothy muttered to her group of spies, "let them dream like there's no tomorrow. Because in a matter of days, they'll get their wish."