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Peeta fell into step beside her, his hand sliding into hers to weave their fingers.

"What are you doing?" Katniss looked at him, her silver eyes wide and her hand darted away as if it had been set on fire.

Feeling somewhat wounded, he tried to shrug it off with a chuckle. "I was trying to hold your hand. Or was I being too presumptuous?"

"Presumptuous would be a start," she said, quickening her pace until he was several strides behind.

He watched after her, bewildered, and momentarily wondered if perhaps, what he had thought transpired Saturday night was nothing more than an extremely graphic, and extended wet dream.

But he had touched her, her body writhing against him, and he had felt her, and the tightness of her walls clenching around his fingers, and he had tasted her. Dear God he had tasted her.

"Katniss, wait!" He jogged after her until she reluctantly slowed and allowed him to walk beside her. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No?" she said, unwilling to look at him.

"We had sex," he said suddenly, his voice louder than he had intended. Her eyes widened when a pair of students slowed to watch them as they passed, and he took a step closer to speak with more discretion. "It may have been of the oral variety, but it was sex none the less, and that may not be a big deal to some people, but given the prior temperament of our rapport, paired with the exposition leading up to said dalliance, we are not such people."

She scowled, her mouth pressing into a flat line. "We got carried away," she said, lifting her shoulders to ease away the tension. "No reason to make a big deal of something that isn't."

"Really?" Peeta said with a bark of laughter. He didn't want to admit that her rejection upset him, but at the same time he wasn't willing to accept her rejection either. Not without a fight at least.

Slanting his mouth into a crooked grin, he leaned an arm against the locker beside her, effectively blocking her path. "You're embarrassed," he murmured.

She refused to meet his gaze, her head bowed to stair down at her shoes, but the way the tips of her ears turned a shade of pink at his accusation was very telling.

"A bit," she said, tilting her head to the side, exposing the entire column of her neck with an inviting patch of olive skin that made his mouth water simply from the memory of the other night.

"You're embarrassed that you liked it," he said, his voice closer to a growl.

Her back was pressed against the locker now, rocking her weight back and forth between her heels and her toes. She bit her bottom lip between her teeth, and shook her head defiantly. "No I didn't."

"You did," he said with a soft chuckle, leaning his elbow against the locker beside her, so close that their bodies were touching. "But you're too proud to admit it. Stubborn Katniss Everdeen will never be wrong."

He reached out, tracing his fingers along the waistband of her jeans before flicking his thumb at where the button fastened them closed.

"You want me to do it again?" he asked, his smirk widening into a full fledged grin.

She swallowed thickly, and shifted from foot to foot while she watched his touch linger with intent eyes.

"Um?" was all she could say, and he laughed.

"Let me hold your hand," he said, the tips of his fingers tickling hers.

She pulled her hand away abruptly to smooth a wisp of wiry hair that had escaped her braid, securing it behind her ear.

"Okay," he said. Pushing himself off the locker to step away, he held his arms up in surrender.

Katniss frowned as she watched him leave, some sort of alarm flashing across her face, before she was following after him. She took his hand roughly into hers, lacing their fingers, and walked beside him with her jaw set and chin raised.

"Who knew all it would take to get that stick out Everdeen's ass was Peeta's dick," he heard the sound of Cato's voice call out behind them.

Peeta rolled his eyes, but he could feel Katniss's grip tightening around him. She released his hand, turned on her heels and proceeded to slug Grant Cato right in the jaw.

When she returned, Peeta was still blinking wildly with his mouth slightly agape, still reeling from what had happened. Katniss simply kissed his cheek and tucked herself under his arm to walk beside him.

"My hero," he chuckled, pulling her closer.