Chapter One, The Incident.

By That Aussie Gurl

Trying a new way to lay out a story, let me know how miserably it failed! :P Got the idea off of 'Modern Family' the episode called 'Fizbo' when Luke broke his arm at his birthday party, anyone watch Modern Family or is that just me? ;) Anyway, hopefully enjoy this random idea and my miserable attempt of flat humour!

A normal op. That was all it was meant to be. A 'quickie' if you will. Get in, get out. How did such a simple op go so terribly wrong?

"Alright, on my count." Callen whispered to the rest of his team. They had received a case a week ago and it was pretty dismal until a couple of hours ago when they finally got a promising lead. A Petty Officer was found dead with ties to a drug dealer that had ties to Al Qaeda. The team were looking for the head of the 'organisation' and they had finally found him, all they had to do was breach the warehouse that was being used, arrest all including the boss and get out. Simple, no problem-o! Or so they thought.

"Three… Two… One… NOW!" Callen instructed as the team breached the warehouse. The team filed in one by one announcing their presence. As expected, gun fire shortly erupted and the team quickly took cover and responded accurately. Callen and Sam were hidden behind a large crate that gave them plenty of shelter; Deeks was behind a smaller crate on the other end of the warehouse and Kensi behind an even smaller crate in the middle of the two other crates. The crates were positioned almost triangle like, Kensi could see the three boys of her team but they could not see her.

"What's taking the doctors so long?" Callen asked, frustrated.

"They know what they are doing, and besides: no news is always good news." Sam said in an attempt to calm his partner.

"Yeah, I guess. How did this go so wrong?" Callen asked attempting to get his head around what had happened.

After five minutes of constant gun fire, the tables had turned and the OSP team had the upper hand. With only a couple more hench men in the way, the team would be able to find the boss who was currently unseen.

After a couple more minutes of vigorous gunfire all hench men were down. Looking across, Deeks signalled to Callen and Sam that all men were down. Standing up, the three men looked around for the boss.

"Freeze! NCIS!" Callen shouted as he pointed his gun towards the man; they had spotted the boss. He was near a crate behind the other two.

"He said freeze!" Sam yelled when the Boss didn't comply with the first command; also pointing his gun towards him, "Hands behind your head! Hands behind your head!"

"Okay, okay! Chill!" The boss yelled at the three men whom were pointing guns towards him.

"Any news?" Deeks asked, entering the Emergency Room.

"No." Callen asked, continuing to pace back and forth in frustration.

"How did it go so wrong?" Deeks asked, confused and worried as he sat down in a plastic hospital chair next to Sam.

"I don't know." Callen replied confused and worried.

"Hang on, where's Kensi? Anyone see where she hid?" Callen asked starting to get worried.

"No, I thought she was behind a crate down there." Deeks replied, pointing to the other end of the warehouse as he also starting to get worried about his partner.

Sam quickly cuffed the boss to a pole nearby before the three started frantically looking for the junior agent.

"Kens!" Callen yelled getting really worried, "Kensi!"

"I'll look this way." Deeks said, taking off to his right.

"I'll go the other way." Sam replied, taking off in the opposite direction.

Callen decided to look around the area he was currently standing in. Looking behind a crate, what Callen saw both shocked him to the core and scared him.

Kensi was laying behind the crate, unconscious, her gun lying next to her.

"How did he even get to her?" Callen asked, sitting down on the other side of Sam.

"He must have snuck around during the gun fight." Sam replied, trying to be reasonable.

"This is all my fault, I'm her partner. I am meant to have her back." Deeks said.

"No. It's mine. I'm the leader of this team." Callen replied.

"It's no one's fault. What happened could not have been prevented during the time." Sam reasoned. He always was the reasonable one of the team.

"Guys! I found her!" Callen yelled before running over to the unconscious women and holding her in his arms, "C'mon Kens. Please, wake up! Please!" Callen begged as he felt for a pulse. To his relief, he found a pulse, a fragile one, but it was there.

"G. Ambulance on route. Should be there in a couple of minutes." Eric said over the comm link. As soon as he heard Callen's plead he knew that an ambulance would be needed.

"Where is she? Is she okay?" Sam asked, coming around the crate just ahead of Deeks.

"No, she's unconscious. Pulse is thready." Callen replied as he started to look for injuries that could have caused it.

"What could have caused this?" Deeks asked, horrified at the sight of his partner in such a state.

"I don't know." Callen replied, clearly frustrated. "Crap." He mumbled under his breath.

"Why didn't she fight back? She never goes without a fight?" Sam asked, going over the recent events in his head.

"Maybe he got the jump on her? She was so focused on the hench men and not getting shot he was able to sneak around without her noticing. And the gun shots would have covered his footsteps." Callen hypothesised.

"Gotta be the only way. If she even had half the opportunity to put up a fight, she would have." Deeks added in.

"What? What is it?" Deeks asked, his level of worry rising rapidly.

Silently, Callen pointed to a small hole in Kensi's neck that had a red rash forming around the incision area.

Upon seeing the small wound in Kensi's neck, Sam and Deeks looked around for a needle to match the hole. Before long, Deeks spotted it a couple of feet away. Carefully, Deeks picked it up with a glove and put in a bag to be kept for evidence.

"So she was drugged?" Deeks asked once the needle was in a bag safely.

"Looks like it." Callen replied, constantly looking down at the women in arms and gently shaking her in a feeble attempt to awaken the sleeping beauty from her drug induced sleep.

Just as Callen was about to ask where the ambulance was, they saw a team race through the warehouse doors and towards the group equipped with a stretcher and medical equipment.

It wasn't long before Kensi was on the bed, attached to assorted medical equipment and her vitals were being checked.

"She is stable for the moment. Let's move, I need her at the hospital ASAP." One of the paramedics ordered as they started wheeling her towards the waiting ambulance. Callen's hand never left hers. It stayed like that until they were forced to part at the hospital when Kensi was pushed into a special wing of the hospital and Callen was forced to go and wait in the Emergency Room's waiting room.

"Seriously. How long are they going to be?" Callen asked, as he once again started pacing.

"Kensi Callen?" A doctor asked, stepping into the room.

"Yes." Callen responded as he quickly walked over to the doctor with Sam and Deeks hot on his heels.

"Family?" The doctor asked inquisitively.

"I'm her husband, these are her brothers." Callen replied.

"Follow me, we will go somewhere a little more private." The doctor told the group before turning and leading them into a small office.

"As I am sure you are aware, Mrs Callen was drugged. Her dosage was so high that if we didn't know any better she would be in the category known in lamans terms as 'druggie'. It basically means that the dosage was at an unsafe level, generally people whom are frequent drug uses are categorised in that category. Fortunately we were able to pump a third out before it did any serious damage but the drug that was used became rather effective rather quickly. We believe this is what caused her to pass out." The doctor said in an explanation.

"Is she going to be alright?" Callen asked about his wife. He didn't care about the explanation all he wanted to know was if she was going to be alright.

"She is a fighter so she should come out of this experience unharmed, however, there may be some side effects that would only be temporary."

"Such as?" Callen prodded, becoming impatient. Sam put a warning hand on his shoulder in hopes to both calm and warn his partner. It helped.

"We are unsure at this stage. It could go in several directions, she could have no side effects, she could become increasingly tired over the next 36 hours and just sleep, or she could become as high as a kite for 24 to 36 hours and then she will have the same symptoms as a "killer" hangover for the next 24 to 36 hours. We won't know until she wakes up which should be shortly but any reaction will require a lot of bed rest. Of course, depending on the reaction will say how difficult that task will be."

"Can we see her?" Callen asked, his voice filled with some relief.

"A nurse will show you the way. When she wakes up we will check her and if her vitals look good and she passes the final test she can go home. Hopefully she will only be here for a couple more hours." The doctor concluded.

"Thankyou Doctor." Sam said, smiling as he followed his eager partner and nurse out of the room with Deeks hot on his heels.

When they walked into Kensi's room, they saw a still Kensi connected various machines and medical equipment. Quietly, Callen walked to her bedside and gently kissed her forehead before taking a seat and placing his hand in hers.

Sam and Deeks went and stood on the other side of the bed and looked at the junior agent.

Running into the warehouse, gun fire erupted around me. I needed cover and quickly so I hid behind the first thing I saw: a crate. The crate was positioned so if I looked around it I could see the hench men and the rest of the team hidden behind their respective crates.

After a while we finally got the upper hand. Continuing to shoot, I knew this fight was nearly over and I was very thankful for that. Suddenly, I felt someone's hand cover my mouth and before I could react, I felt a needle pierce the skin of my neck and liquid flow into my body.

My vision immediately went blurry and I was struggling to stay where I was without swaying. Before I passed out, I heard a voice:

"Karma's a bitch."

Suddenly, Kensi's eyes shot open.

"Hey there." Callen said smiling when we saw his wife was finally awake, "You had a worried there for a second, you know that?"

Kensi replied with a small smile whilst trying to get her breath back from her dream.

"Hey, calm down. Slow, deep breaths, that's it. It's okay, you're safe now." Callen coached in a calming, gentle voice.

After a couple moments of getting her breath back, Kensi noticed her other guests in her room. Suddenly, she felt a bit light headed and childish.

"Ohhh! Muscles!" Kensi said in an almost childlike voice as she pointed to Sam.

"Oh crap." Callen muttered under his breath. He realised that Kensi's reaction to the drugs was being as high as a kite.

"Oh my Gosh! Is that really you, Shaggy?" Kensi asked Deeks, her eyes wide, "I love that show!"

Callen and Sam started laughing whilst Deeks looked offended.

When the laughing subsided, the three men looked at each other. They realised they now had a high, child-like Kensi on their hands. And by the looks of things, she wasn't going to make things easy.


"SHAGGY!" Kensi yelled as she started to walk towards him,

"I want a Scooby snack!" Kensi said with a massive pout on her face and her arms were crossed across her body.

"Scooby ate them all, I don't have any left. Sorry Kens." Deeks replied, hesitantly.

"But I WANT some, Shaggyyyy!" Kensi said, whining.

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