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Chapter 4

Haruhi shot to her feet and dashed over to me, "Kyoya-senpai! Are you changing?!"
I shuddered, "Y…es." She slammed the door shut and touched my forehead.
As more pain shot through me, I groaned, then screamed.
I tried to push myself into a sitting position, but as another wave of pain rolled over me I fell back down.
I screamed again and it ricocheted against the walls.
I felt a sheen of sweat across my forehead. When I opened my eyes I realised I was a wolf.
I lay on the ground panting. I felt myself trembling.
Haruhi stroked my muzzle.
"Why are you changing now?" She asked quietly.
I shook my head, "I… Don't know…"
She kissed my nose. I froze. Shit! Did Haruhi just kiss me?!
My wolf-eyes widened and my whole body went rigid. Haruhi must have misunderstood that, because she looked even more concerned. She flicked the lock on the bedroom door and went back to me.
I slowly put my paws in front of me, trying to support my shaking body.
When I managed to stand up, I took a couple of steps to test my legs.
Then I shook my fur out and licked my chest fur a couple of times to calm my jangled nerves.
I felt two arms around my neck. I looked sideways to see Haruhi hugging me.
I smiled. That's when I heard the floorboard creek.
But, there was no-one here… Was there?
My hyper-sensitive eyes pierced the shadows and I saw—Mori!?
I felt Haruhi freeze next to me.
"Wolf. Why?" Mori said.
I shuffled my paws, "It's not what it looks like…"
Mori's eyes widened, "How can it talk…?"
"Shit! Why did I talk!" I said. I jumped to my feet and snarled.
Haruhi covered her mouth.
"Kyoya?" Mori asked. I sighed, "How did you know?"
"Voice." I slowly walked over to him, "Are… Are you going to tell everyone?"
Mori shook his head, "Why?" He gestured to me.
I scraped at the carpet with my paw, "Well… Ten years ago, I was going on a camping trip in the forest. The first couple of days were great! We went hiking and everything, and to my child-like mind, there could've been nothing better. But then on one hike, I got separated from the group and lost in the forest. I was lost for hours, until it was dark. Then I heard the howls. They were everywhere, and I panicked. I curled in a ball and covered my ears, hoping that it would soon be over. But it wasn't. Even with my ears blocked,
I could still hear the howls. Then I saw the wolf. It was white. It stood there in front of me, then I heard a voice.
It said- 'Wandering in the forest at night… Not good for a little one like you. Not good for a
puppy like you…' That's how it started.
I instantly turned into a black wolf pup. Every night since then I have turned into a wolf."
I finished and sat back down. I had never told anyone that story.
Mori raised an eyebrow, "It's not night-time."
I nodded, "I know… I don't know why I have transformed now. It doesn't make sense."
Mori took a step forward, then put a hand on my head.
"I'll tell no-one. I promise."
I looked up at him. Then I felt tingling surge through my body. I grabbed my clothes in my mouth and dashed into Haruhi's bathroom. I changed back and yanked my clothes on. I felt around for my glasses.
The world was a blur around me.
"Ah, has someone got my glasses?" I took an unsteady step towards the door, then slipped on something. The last thing I felt was the pain of whacking my head on something.


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