Chapter 5

I felt myself wake up, but didn't open my eyes.
I had a throbbing pain inside
and outside my poor head.
I, ever-so-slowly, opened my eyes. There was a dim light in the room.
"Kyoya! You're awake!" I heard Tamaki squeal.
I gave a little moan and lifted an arm to touch my head.
As my fingers brushed a little bump on my forehead I winced.
"Urg… What happened?" I mumbled.
Haruhi's face popped into my vision, "You were in the bathroom, then all I heard was a 'thump'-ish 'bang' and Mori and I opened the door and found you on the floor with blood on your face. I panicked a bit." I rolled on my side, "Where am I?" "Er… My bed…" Haruhi said uncomfortably.
I pushed myself into a sitting position. "Do I have a concussion or something?" I asked.
"There's a doctor waiting outside for you." Tamaki said, "Hunny-senpai is keeping him entertained." "I'll go and get him." Haruhi mumbled and went to the door.
I turned my glance to Tamaki, who was looking at me with wonder.
"What is it?" I asked flatly. Tamaki sighed, "Why were you in Haruhi's bathroom?"
I rolled my eyes, "Don't go assuming things, okay? I was in here, checking she was okay, when I needed to use the bathroom." Tamaki raised an eyebrow, "Really?"
I rubbed my eyes, "Yes!" The door opened and an Ootori doctor stepped inside.
"Mister Ootori?" I nodded. The doctor smiled, "Okay. I've heard you hit your head pretty hard on a sink…" "Yes." I said. The doctor ran through a couple of tests, then said I was fine and had no concussion or anything.
I smiled and told him the please leave.
I got up off the bed and stretched out. I had a bandage wrapped around my head.
Hunny came bouncing in, "Kyo-Chan! You're okay! Yay!"
"Yeah." I yawned, "What's the time?"
Tamaki checked his watch, "Six-thirty. Dinner soon?" He looked up to Haruhi.
She sighed and rolled her eyes, "Sure."
We all walked from the room, down to the kitchen.
"Need any help with the food?" I asked Haruhi quietly. She looked up at me and nodded slightly. I gave her a small smile. While everyone else went to the movie room, Haruhi and I went to the massive kitchen and got started on making some noodles. When Haruhi was coming back from getting water in a pot, she slipped.
I saw her falling in slow-motion. I willed my hands to catch her, which they did.
I caught her with my left hand on her lower back and right hand on her mid-back.
Haruhi was holding my arms for dear life. When I realised where my hands were my eyes went wide and I turned scarlet.
Haruhi realised too and went tomato-shaded.
I quickly made sure she was steady and pulled my hands away.
"Sorry." I mumbled. "Yeah…" Haruhi whispered.
"Is dinner ready yet?" The twins burst through the doors, then saw how red we both were. They rolled their eyes, "Don't tell me you two were making-out when you were meant to be making dinner!"
I glared. Haruhi went an even deeper shade of red, if that's possible.
"Never mind." I snapped, "It'll be done in five minutes." They sighed and went out.
We made dinner silently and brought it out to the impatient hosts. "Noodles!" Hunny cried, "Yay!"
Haruhi and I smiled, then sat down, ready to eat.
"Lets eat!" Tamaki cried.

It was past nine. I hadn't transformed.
I smiled to myself. Maybe that's because I'd transformed earlier.
I pulled on my pyjamas and dove into bed. I put my glasses on the side table and closed my eyes.
All I heard as I fell asleep was the twins' peaceful breathing.

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