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Kestrel POV

Wow, some people really can sing. Kestrel wondered when she would go up; Poppy had put everyone in some random order and nobody knew when it would be their turn to sing until the DJ called out their name, after Poppy read out what she had written, nobody could understand Pixie's handwriting, well apart from James. Kestrel couldn't wait, she have the perfect song planned out.

"Hey, baby, you have a boyfriend? Can I buy you a drink?" A guy behind her asked for the third time that night. "Maybe, sweetheart, we can go somewhere a little more private and talk and we could exchange phone numbers and other stuff. Think about it, babe, you can't resist this," he said, using one hand to point at his body and placing the other around her waist.

Already irritated, Kestrel turned around to face him, using her left hand to slightly twist the guy's wrist, giving him a hint to let go. And he did, for a while. Quickly getting over the pain in his wrist, he threw it around her shoulders, using his fingers to play with her old gold colored hair. When she looked at him she saw a guy about her age maybe a year or two older, with thin, brown hair, bright brown eyes, and clothes that looked like he took forever to pick out. He wore a thick, gold chain around his neck and his hair looked like it had taken over an hour to do, perfectly messy hair that looked too styled to be casually thrown around.

Kestrel rolled her eyes and turned back around. Human, she scoffed, so not my type. Just then she heard her name. She stood up, heard the thump of Pushover's hand hitting her chair and smiled, ready to embarrass him.

The DJ said, "Yeah, I think it says Kestrel, is that how you pronounce it?"

Walking toward him she said, "Yup, that's how you say it," popping the p, "Now can I just choose my song?"

"Yes, here you go type the song name."

Kestrel does as he instructed, going along with her plan as she walked right in front of the mike, grabbed it out of the stand and held it in one of her hands. With her other empty hand, she shook out her hair and toss it back, out of her face.

"This one's for you, Mr. Pushover," she said, looking at the human guy, smirking and narrowing her eyes.

Everyone in the restaurant turned around to look at him, he smiled; clearly thinking it would lead to something between them. Kestrel rolled her eyes at his stupidity.

"Here's Kestrel with Take A Hint by Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies.

La, la la la la la la, la la la la

La, la la la la la la, la la la la

Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?

I can always see em coming,

From the left and from the right

I don't wanna be a priss,

I'm just tryna be polite

Kestrel scoffed at this, she was as polite as she was gentle, which she hardly ever was.

But it always seems to bit me in the-

She started swaying her hips to it, knowing that the guy still hadn't gotten the idea, bringing him up to bring him down.

Ask me for my number,

Yeah you put me on the spot

You think that we should hook up,

But I think that we should not

You had me at hello,

Then you opened up your mouth

And that is when it started going south


Get your hands off my hips

'Fore I punch you in the lip

Stop your staring at my-

Hey! Take a hint, take a hint

No you can't buy me a drink

Let me tell you what I think

I think you could use a mint

Take a hint, take a hint

Take a hint, take a hint

I guess you still don't get it,

So let's take it from the top

You asked me what my sign is

And I told you it was stop

And if I had a dime for every name that you just dropped

You'd be here and I'd be on a yacht


Get your hands off my hips

'Fore I punch you in the lip

Stop your staring at my-

Hey! Take a hint, take a hint

No you can't buy me a drink

Let me tell you what I think

I think you could use a mint

Take a hint, take a hint

Take a hint, take a hint

She walked off the stage, taking the wireless mike with her to stand right in front of Mr. Pushy.

What about no don't you get?

So go and tell your friends

I'm not really interested

It's about time that you're leaving

I'm gonna count to three and

Open my eyes and you'll be gone.


Get your hands off my


'Fore I punch you in the


Stop your staring at my


Take a hint, take a hint

Kestrel skip ran back to the stage, happy that her planned worked; the guy was now red as a tomato and had started sweating at his hairline.

I am not your missing link

Let me tell you what I think

I think you could use a mint

Take a hint, take a hint

Take a hint, take a hint


Get your hands off my hips

'Fore I punch you in the lip

Stop your staring at my-

Hey! Take a hint, take a hint

T-take a hint, take a hint

She finished with a smirk, "Got the hint?" she asked Mr. Pushy, looking his straight in the eyes.

Everyone turned to look at him. He blushed a deep red, grabbed his coat and ran out the door.

"I'm going to take that as a yes," Kestrel said walking down the steps to sit between Blaise and Thistle.

"Brilliant," Blaise told her.

"Did you really expect anything less from me? I mean, he was annoying."

"Of course not," she responded.

Thistle joined their conversation, "I don't think you're going to have to worry about him anymore, but," she trailed off, looking towards a table to our left that was two other tables away that had three guys seated around it, including the red head that was singing when we came in.

Kestrel grinned at them; a nasty grin she knew would get the red head to come to their table.

"You won't regret this," Kestrel told him when he got there.

"I'm glad I came," he said.

"Wow, taking a song's words, let's go outside for a while," Kestrel suggested, dragging him out the room but before they walked through the door, she turned around to look at Circle Daybreak.

Most of the table was looking at her, the vampires with a knowing glint in their eyes, some disapproving, (Poppy, James, Thierry, Jade, Rowan) others approving and laughing (her dear brother, Jez, Morgead, Quinn, Thistle, Raven, Val, Nilsson, when did he get here?). The witches were mostly shocked (Thea, Iliana, Gillian) but Blaise was smiling. The humans looked worried but amused, well except for Hannah, she looked disgusted. Keller hid a smile, Galen raised an eyebrow and Lupe smirked.

"Ash is my brother, what do you expect?" Kestrel said as she heard the DJ say, "She was amazing and we don't need an explanation for that one but I do feel sorry for that guy that left, anyways the next person is…" as she walked out with the red head in tow.

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