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Strong arms wrapped around Zelda. She turned, facing, a grinning Link. She squealed and squirmed in his arms, but he was holding on too tightly.

"Link! Let me go!" Zelda smiled at him. Link smirked and loosened his arms a bit. But before she could get out his grasp, he began tickling her.

"Rawr! I'm the tickle monster!" He laughed, his fingers moving back and forth against her skin. She slapped his arms, but it had no effect.

"L-Let m-me go L-Link!" She giggled in between gasps.

"I'm not Link! I'm a tickle monster! I'm gonna tickle you to death!" He beamed as he pushed her closer to his chest, her face streamed with tears of laughter. She smacked his chest, but once again, no effect.

"The tickle monster has no weakness!" He declared, staring at Zelda with affection. She wriggled in his arms, but still to no avail.

"But maybe a kiss will quail this monster!" He grinned down at her.

In her fit of laughter, she kissed him on the cheek and Link cried out in fake pain.

"Arrg! Oh no! I'm dying!" He cried out with dramatic pain, overacting when he clutched his heart.

Zelda laughed as he fell on the couch, his tongue and his left foot in a comical position. She sat next to him.

"I know your not evil tickle monster! Oh how could I possibly revive you?" She cried out jokingly, playing along. Link creaked an eye open.

"Another kiss, perhaps?" He grinned deviously. Zelda let out a giggle and kissed him on the lips. Link sat up and pushed her onto her lap, never letting her lips go. After awhile, Zelda unlocked their lips and smiled at Link.

"And the tickle monster became a prince…" She smiled softly, brushing a lock of hair away from his eyes. His smile faded slowly as he looked away. Zelda brought his face back to hers.

But this time, Link freed himself from her grip. Zelda furrowed her brow.

"Link? Is something wrong?" She grabbed his arm. He looked at her, his face grim.

"I'm no prince…" He said softly. Zelda hugged him from the back, feeling the muscles underneath his clothes.

"You don't need to be one." Zelda said against his back. Link's gaze softened.

"You're a princess. You need a prince…" He said firmly. Zelda looked at him questionably, wondering where this was coming from.

"As long as I have you, I don't need a prince. You aren't a prince. You are my prince." She said, hugging him tighter then before.

"You know how those fairytales end… you're that prince, who saves the day. Who the princess falls in love with." She kissed him in between his shoulder blades. He sighed and turned to face her.

"I…I…" He finally muttered.

"I can't read Zel. I don't know how those fairytales end. I'm not a well-bred prince…at all. "He said quietly. She rubbed her head against his back.

She never really thought about it, but if she did, it only made sense that the Kokiri didn't have a school, and there was no need to read. All they did was have fun and play.

She on the other hand, had to learn how to sit straight, eat properly, walk properly, and most of all, study. But she always had a wish to see the world. She had done so in 'the time that never was' as Sheik. But Link, however, had no chance to learn, as he was always busy as the 'Hero of Time'.

"I… I could teach you…" Zelda muttered. He turned around sharply.

"Really?" He said, his face deifying his calm voice. She smiled and nodded. He grinned widely as he swept her up, turning her round and round. She squealed.

"Link! You gotta stop doing that!" She smiled as he pressed his lips to hers.

"Can we start now?" He asked her excitedly. Zelda grinned and nodded. He immediately dashed towards the library. She beamed when he came out 5 minutes later, a book in his hand.

Zelda laughed as she saw his happy face. They sat on the couch, and he wrapped his arm around her again as she began to read, his face piqued with curiousity.

"The Hero of The Sky's sword clanged and banged against the demon lord…"