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"I'm happy to tell you Mr Trueman that your surgery was a success." Consultant Jac reassured her patient and his wife. She then turned to the nurse in charge of the case and advised her to oversee the patient at 30-minue obs.

"Ohh" Jac sighed as she sank into the rolling chair at the nurses' station. Time flew by, and Jac was already 7 months pregnant. She resumed her relationship with Jonny publicly, and was in a happy stage in her life. But, deep down, she was still the Jac Naylor we know.

"Now you know what it used to feel like! I know what you mean!" Mo told her colleague, bringing back memories when she acted as a surrogate and carried around a baby boy.

"My God! It's like every five minutes, I have to sit down! Assisting in surgery was agony! I mean I'm only 30 weeks gone…what am I going to do when I'm 9 months? Sit around all day long? Like that's ever gonna happen!"

Jac was feeling tired more than ever. Carrying baby weight around wasn't easy; she didn't know how she'll cope. She tried to convince herself she could work till she drops. Then take 3 months maternity leave, once the baby's born and she'll be back. But judging by how she was feeling now, she doubted her plan was going to work.

"Well if you intend to keep going until you deliver, obviously there will be no surgery for you, just light duty…so you might as well, stay relaxed at home" Mo tried to give good advice to her colleague and new friend.

"Says who, when was pregnant tried to work till she drops!" Jac reminded her, of when she assisted her during giving birth. "You were lucky you had me!"

Just as they were chatting along, Jonny joined them carrying a kitchen tray.

"One tea for my best mate!" he said as he handed a cup of tea to Mo. "And a cup of tea, and a fruit salad for my lady!" he added as he handed the meal to Jac, and kissed her on the cheek.

"What are you doing? It's not even time for our break yet!" Jac was so concerned about her job.

"It doesn't matter, you have to eat healthy you know. Healthy snacks are important." Jonny advised his girlfriend as the responsible father he was going to make. Just as he sat down on the desk and joined them, Jac commented.

"Thankyou" Jac said in a kind of way for Jonny to leave. "I'm the one who's pregnant here! I'm the only one tolerated to have early breaks, not you!"

"As you say your majesty!" Jonny joked. He knew Jac was his boss, but he didn't take her seriously as much. He wasn't offended by her comments, he was used to her now.

Jac was enjoying her salad prepared by her hubby, while researching on the computer, sitting behind the desk, until she lifted her face, and saw Mr Hansenn walking along with a familiar face.

"Well if it isn't Sahira with Mr Hansenn!" Jac commented. "Wait, what is Sahira doing here?" she exclaimed. Jac just couldn't believe she was seeing Sahira once again after so long.

"Who's Sahira?" Mo asked. She obviously didn't know who Jac was talking about.

"Someone you don't need to know…she used to work here on Darwin a couple of months ago." Till this day, Jac still envied Sahira's surgical abilities. Not that Jac wasn't the best surgeon; far from it, but if Jac was the best, Sahira was just as good, which was a threat to Jac's career.

"Mr Hansenn, I could not thank you enough!" Sahira told her boss as they approached the nurses' station desk.

"It's lovely to have you back with us." Henrik was more than pleased to work with this special registrar again. "May I introduce you to our new surgical registrar, Mo Effanga and our hard-working nurse, Jonny Maconie."

"Sahira Shah, it's nice to meet you all!" Sahira introduced herself, as the sweet registrar she was.

"And I bet you two don't need introducing…" Hansenn added as he looked at both Sahira and Jac, who was still sitting behind the desk.

"Uh, what's going on?" Jac wanted to understand what was going on.

"Glad that you asked, Ms Naylor" Hanssen replied in his steady voice; "Ms Shah, here will be joining the Darwin team once again. I'll leave you two ladies to it."

Jac made a face at Hanssen's words; she couldn't believe that she'll be dealing with Sahira again. She thought that she had left Holby once and for all.

"Well, all I need now is a clean set of scrubs and I can get to work then!" Sahira exclaimed, as Hanssen left them, and headed to the locker room.

Jac wanted to know the full story so she volunteered herself to go and give her, her scrubs. She entered the locker room, and gave her an empty locker to own, and decided to have a little chat.

"So, Sahira, what brings you back to Holby so soon?" It was only a couple of months since she left.

"Well, we just made the decision, and if you don't mind, it's kind of a long story, which I prefer not to talk about…..Oh! I can see you're pregnant! That's quite a bump! So, who would be the idiot to entangle himself in a relationship with you?" Sahira tried to steer Jac away from talking about her return to Holby.

"None of your business! We're very happy together, and I don't have to give you any details! Now get in those scrubs and get to work!" Jac wanted to show her who was consultant on the ward. She suddenly remembered their rivalry when Sahira last worked here, and the thought of going through that again just made her sick. Still, she kept thinking about what Sahira told her about her return, and she easily thought that something was not right, and she was willing to find out.

Jac headed towards her office, and since she didn't have many operations to lead that day, she sat herself on the sofa in her office and put her legs up. Just as she rested her eyes, and was about to have a quick nap, Jonny walked in. He saw her about to fall asleep, and walked over to the back of her head and started massaging her shoulders.

"Mmm, now that's what I'm talking about…" Jac exclaimed. She knew it was Jonny. That was the therapy she needed to heal the tension in her back.

"Shhh! don't open your eyes! Relax as much as you can!" Jonny advised her as he kept on massaging, and leaned on her face to give her a soft kiss on her lips.

But just that moment, Sahira walked in. "Oh sorry to barge in…Jac a patient of yours is asking for you. I tried to help but he seems he only wants your help."

"No, it's ok, I was leaving anyway." Jonny replied.

As Jac got up from the sofa and Jonny left the room, Sahira added, "So, he's the one ay?...a nurse? Poor kid!"

"Oh shut up Sahira!" and instantly left the room.

The next week was pretty much like usual, so Sahira was getting used to the routine she once had. She performed ward rounds, and almost finished her theatre list, but something about how she was feeling that day, didn't feel right. Jac, Mo and her were all talking motherhood, when she had to excuse herself.

Jac and Mo continued their chat, but their break was almost over, and Jac noticed that Sahira hasn't returned.

"Do you know where she went?" she asked Mo. "No, don't think so…why don't you check the ladies'?"

Jac decided to go look for her to continue her shift, break was over. She entered the ladies and saw that one of the cubicles was locked. She heard someone crying from behind the door, so she decided to enter the stall adjacent to her, and climb on the toilet and observe from the top, careful enough to not let herself fall.

It was Sahira. There she was sitting on the toilet seat, crying over something she held in her hands. It was a pregnancy test. Sahira held her head and noticed that she was being watched over, so she got up and got out. Jac let herself down and wanted to know what's wrong.

"Sahira, break's over, we have to continue our shift, come on…..and I'm sorry for you"

"Sorry for what?" Sahira replied, sobbing, as they continued their conversation by the sinks.

"Well, I'm assuming you were trying to get pregnant and you didn't" Jac jumped to her conclusions. "Well on the bright side, I don't have to worry about you going on maternity leave, right?"

"My God! Next time, know your facts, actually you do have to worry about maternity leave!" Sahira burst out the news. "I am pregnant! she obviously wasn't happy about this.

"What? Well, who's gonna run this place, when we're both out of here then? Elliot?! can you imagine?"

"Look, I didn't want any of this, none of it! Wow, even when you're about to become a mother, all you think about is work! And besides when I'm on maternity leave, you'll already be back here as a working mum."

"Well I thought you and Rafi would be happy, I mean this is a good thing, right?... Well unless it's Hansenn's baby, that would be completely different!" Jac still joked about her sleeping with Hanssen.

"This whole sleeping-with-the-boss thing is getting old, okay? … My God Jac you haven't changed at all, think I missed you least of all while I was gone!"

"The feeling's mutual." Jac replied coldly.

As Sahira was about to leave the toilets, she turned around and reminded Jac, "Oh and uh, what we spoke about, stays between us and these four walls! It's early days, I think it's too soon to tell."

"My lips are sealed." Jac reassured her. She wasn't going to blurt out Sahira's secret, just because they don't get along.

On the other hand, Sahira could not believe this news. How could she be? She just returned to her job, and she was already a mother of two adorable boys. With all this, and everything going on at home, she sure couldn't handle this. This was only one of her many problems, she should solve her family issues first, that no one at work knew about yet.