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July 15, 2013.

She couldn't be. She read it again. Positive. But how could she be? Jac was lost in these thoughts, in the toilet stall, trying to figure things out. She still wasn't convinced. She decided to take another test; she had bought two, that's how much unconvinced she was, about her being pregnant.

So she took the test again, and waited impatiently for another three minutes on the toilet seat, starting to think that this was all, a complete waste of time. As she waited long enough, she took the stick once again in her hands, and read the result. Positive. Again. But how could this happen? She didn't recall sleeping with Jonny 7 weeks before. It was impossible. It had been a while. They have both been busy, caught up with work, especially Jac, taking care of seven month-Jessica, and working on the GS/CT research project…. Wait…. Oh no. Not the GS/CT conference, it can't be. Just one problem…Jonny was not with her at the conference… Michael was. No, this cannot be Michael's baby. But only the last reason made sense.

Furiously, she got up and walked out of the ladies, slamming the door behind her.

"You bastard!" she yelled out at Michael, who was sitting at his desk, as she barged into his office and slammed the door. She locked it to make sure no one walked in on their private conversation, and closed all blinds to ensure complete privacy.

"Excuse me!" Michael was startled at her entrance, and the way she greeted him.

"This is all your fault, you're to blame!" Jac yelled, furiously, pointing her finger at him.

"Ok, what are you talking about? I'm still clueless," Michael replied once again, confused at Jac's words.

At that instant, Jac took out the test from her pocket in her scrub shirt, and threw it across his desk to reach him sitting behind it. He took it in his hands and read the result.

"You're pregnant?" Michael asked her. However not surprisingly, he was taking it lightly as if his colleague was just sharing this news with him. But he sensed something was not right.

"You don't believe me?" Jac told him, as she took out the second one from her pocket and again, threw it his way. He grabbed the second test, and gave it a look.

"Right, but how the hell has that got to do with…?" he asked her, as she cut him off and didn't let him finish.

"That night at conference…" Jac blurted out.

"Ohh that…. And no offense but, couldn't it be Jonny's?" Michael tried to make sure of things first, before starting to worry.

"A woman knows Michael! I don't have to give details to you! I've had a C-section seven months ago for God's sake! You do know what risk this puts me through!" Jac was losing it.

"Okay. But to be fair, you started it! You kissed me first!" Michael defended himself, as he got up from his chair.

"I was drunk, okay? You know what too much alcohol does to me, you should have resisted! You could have stopped me!"

"Uh, I tried. But you insisted! You were all over me!" Michael raised his voice too now.

"Don't even go there!" Jac didn't want to remember the details of that night again.

"Oh, come on Jac! Admit it, you wanted me as much as I wanted you!" Michael said, as he stepped a pace closer to Jac. They were only inches apart. Even though they couldn't admit it, the sexual tension was rising between them.

"Oh please! Well you know what I think? I think you were just desperate! You've been divorced for two years, you couldn't wait to get the chance to shag someone like me…"

Michael didn't let her finish her speech. He grabbed her by her arms, and kissed her hard on the lips. She kissed him back. With his hands running up her back, beneath her scrub shirt, Jac pulled him close enough, kissing him passionately, hungrily, as Michael sat her down on his desk, sliding documents off the desk, onto the floor. But just as he moved down to her neck, Jac opened her eyes and came to her senses, and she pushed him away.

"Stop!" she told him, as she got down from Michael's desk. "This ends…now!" Jac was trying to get her priorities straight. But they were soon interrupted by a loud knock on the door, after someone had tried to open the doorknob.

"Mr Spence? I'm afraid I left my key inside..." It was Serena.

"Yeah, give me a minute!" Michael called out from inside, as he buttoned again half his open shirt and Jac picked up the documents from the floor. Michael walked up to the door to let Serena in.

"Since when do you lock our office Michael? ... Hello Ms Naylor," Serena said, noticing Jac, as she walked up to her desk and placed a file on top of her many others.

"Oh, we were just having a private conversation about our... project," Michael tried to cover his tracks.

"Well I hope, I didn't interrupt anything," Serena added as she sat down at her desk.

"No, you didn't, I was leaving anyway," Jac said, as she glanced at Michael, turned and left the office.

"Can I have a listen to your chest please?" Sahira told her patient, as she fit the stethoscope in her ears. It was her first day back from maternity leave. It felt good to be wearing that stethoscope around her neck. She loved being a mummy, but she was equally in love with her job.

"Uh, Jonny!" she called out to him just as she saw him passing by, "could you get an echo machine for Mr Robins, I heard a murmur."

She took some notes with her to the nurses' station, and was soon interrupted by Jac.

"So, you started again today? Business as usual?" Jac asked her.

"Yep, business as usual!" Sahira replied.

"Great, listen, could you take a look at the patient in bed 5?" Jac ordered.

"But it's time for my break!" Sahira asked. Jac thought something was up, Sahira never minded giving up some of her time for a patient.

"Can't you take your break in a few more minutes instead?"

"No, I really can't! Why don't you ask Mo?" Sahira pleaded.

"But I'm asking you. Why is it that you can't? What's going on?" Jac was starting to lose it. She already had started her day in bad mood, finding out she was pregnant with Michael's baby.

"It's time for a breastfeed…" Sahira told her as she lowered her voice.

"What do you mean? I don't see Maya anywhere!" Jac asked again.

"Yes, but I still pump and keep it refrigerated until I get home!" Sahira tried to explain.

"Oh god, not again!" Jac exclaimed, remembering of Sahira doing the same thing when she was back to work after having Indy.

"Look Jac, if you prefer formula to breast milk, I don't! Maya is only two months old, I don't need to tell you this, she needs this right now!"

"Sahira, if you weren't ready to come back to work, you should've stayed home! Right, cos not only you want to be the best mum, you want to play the perfect surgeon. We've been over this, you can't be the super-mummy at work too!" Jac raised her voice.

"Jac, what is your problem today? Then again, nothing new, you always had a problem with me, right from the start!" Jac didn't scare Sahira, Sahira was not scared to reply back.

But just as Jac was about to say something else, Sahira's phone went off.

"Excuse me," she told Jac as she answered the call. "Hi! How's she doing? No wonder she's not sleeping at night…" Sahira said through the phone as she walked off. Jac rolled her eyes, she assumed it was her babysitter.


Jac sat down at the nurses' station observing some patient's notes, Jonny soon joined her.

"Hey love, " he said as he sat down beside her, and leaned closer to her, to whisper in her ear.

"I was thinking, do you want to go out to dinner tonight? Just you and me, we could have a little you-and-me time, if you know what I mean…" Jonny whispered and then winked.

"Sounds lovely," Jac replied as Jonny kissed her on the cheek, then smiled, and turned slightly more just so that their lips met and shared a quick kiss. But just as she turned facing the computer again, she saw Michael approaching the desk.

Her smile soon faded, as he reminded her of what happened and what has been going on. He handed over some notes to Ms Naylor, and before Jonny left them, he told Jac, "Oh, uh, and wear something glam yeah? I want this to be special!" he winked again. Michael witnessed everything.

"Yeah," Jac tried to smile but as she looked up to Michael again, she once again felt a sense of guilt.

"Thanks Michael, I'll give them a look later." She told Mr Spence, she tried to keep it formal as possible, as she took the notes and left him standing there.

With the notes in her hands, she entered her office and walked up to her desk and stood there, looking outside the huge window, thinking. She had to tell Jonny, but when? She had to tell him as soon as possible, she couldn't keep it in any longer, but she couldn't do that, that night over dinner. Another question popped in her mind. How was she going to tell him? How was she going to explain how he had trusted her in going to the conference, but instead she had let him down, and slept with her colleague? Then there was another thing. How was she going to explain that this same colleague got her pregnant and she was carrying his baby and not Jonny's?

She was lost in these thoughts with no answers, when she suddenly started feeling a sharp pain across her abdomen. They were like period pains but worse. She thought she'd be fine, but the pain was getting worse. She turned to her desk, and clutched her abdomen hard, in pain, until the room started spinning around her and saw nothing but a big blackout.

"Jac, where's that patient you wanted me to look over?" Sahira said as she opened Jac and Elliot's office door, and stood on the doorway, before she realised that no one was sitting at Jac's desk.

"Oh my God!" Sahira exclaimed as she saw a hand on the floor, from behind Jac's desk. She rushed over to see Jac lying on the floor, almost unconscious.

"Jac! Can you hear me?" she asked her as she touched her face, and felt her neck. Her pulse was weak. She looked her over, and even though the scrub pants were dark blue, she managed to notice a wet stain. After she felt it, Sahira soon realised it was blood. She rushed out of the office, and saw Jonny walking by in the corridor.

"Jonny!" she yelled. "Get a trolley now! It's Jac, she's bleeding!"

"What?!" Jonny was shocked. He had only talked to her a couple of minutes ago, and she was perfectly fine.

"Get a move on, will you? We don't have much time here!" Sahira yelled back at Jonny to act fast. Jonny ran off to get a trolley from somewhere, as he and Sahira helped Jac onto the trolley and rushed her down to OBS/GYNAE.

"Okay, are there any chances she might be pregnant?" the obstetrician asked Jonny, fast. Jac was too weak to speak, she was losing a lot of blood. "This could be a miscarriage…" she told him as she got an ultrasound machine.

"Well…I don't know…but…" Jonny was lost for words. "Yes, she could be I guess…"

The obstetrician soon performed an ultrasound scan, and as she started at the screen, she exclaimed, "Oh my God!"

"What is it?" Jonny asked nervously.

"Definitely pregnant…Ectopic! Okay, lets' get her to theatre now please!" the obstetrician shouted as a nurse helped her rushing the bed down do the theatres.

Jonny still shocked about what has happened, stood there, not knowing what to do. He didn't have any idea Jac was pregnant. Everything happened just too fast. He waited impatiently outside theatre hoping his girlfriend will be okay.