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Chapter 1

Sapphire blue eyes shined brightly in the darkness. The moon hung overhead, red and ripe like an apple.

For the past one hundred years a great war was being fought, one that seemed to never end. It was considered the bloodiest war that had ever taken place. Disorder ran through the cities as the advancing troops of the dreaded Nation marched on their lands and took and destroyed and rapped without mercy. In the opening of the war, thousands were brutally murdered. The war itself was a testament to their trust and faith in the power of the celestial being that was chosen through the cycle of the four elements that the people controlled.

The Fire Nation, the strongest and most technological among the four elements did as their element did; they spread like a wildfire. The people of the Fire Nation controlled the element of fire and were able to bend it to their will through the art of Firebending, a dangerous and deadly art of combat. This single nation went and challenged the rest of the world, first taking out the Air Nomads; a peaceful group of Airbenders. The reason they were hit first was because of the cycle of the Avatar, who, after dying, would be reborn as an Air Nomad. They were whipped out in a single day.

From there they moved to the Earth Kingdom, striking hard and fast against considerably the strongest Nation. They were able to drive them to their knees, but this nation was strong and for the last one hundred years had put of a valiant fight against them. Their last bastion of hope resided in the great city of Ba Sing Sa. But even this great city was being attacked by tactical minds so far above them that they were fearful that it would collapse. They were in luck after the famed Dragon of the West lost his son and also lost his reason for fighting.

When the war had first started no one really came to help. Treaties were assigned, but the Avatar, a wise, spiritual, and powerful man gifted with the ability to bend all four elements and speak with the spirits, was the real cornerstone to all of this. Nations spoke out, rose up, and challenged him or her because they wanted to fight and take land that didn't belong to them. The Avatar was tasked with fighting these advances off by any possible means. But with the previous Avatars' death, the Fire Nation was able to run amok, striking at the next nation to have him.

The Earth Kingdom got very little help from anyone. The people of the Northern and Southern Water Tribes were isolated by vast oceans and were slow to respond, near causing the defeat of the Earth Kingdom in several areas. But taking soldiers from their main cities had also cost them. The Fire Nation had planned on this and attacked without mercy against them as well. It took time, but the Northern Water Tribe was soon brought to their knees and their fabled Waterbending, an art of combat, was lost. No more Waterbenders lived in the Northern Water Tribe.

The Southern Water Tribe was a different story. They didn't get attacked day after day. It took time for the Fire Nation to get to them. Spread too thin, the element of surprise was lost and they could do nothing against them. Water was the natural enemy to fire. They could do nothing but sit back and poke at them from time to time.

After decades of fighting, the face of the war changed to the faces of the young. They were manipulated into believing that the war they were fighting was for peace and to share their greatness with the world. The sad truth was that the Fire Lord that had started the war truly saw it as that. He wanted to share their greatness with the world. But peace was not without danger and misunderstanding. He started the war, using the idea of sharing greatness and peace as a way to take better land and minerals and food.

But as the face of the war changed, so too did the tactics.

Mercenaries, soldiers that didn't like the way the battles were being fought, kids that lost their families to the war, adventures and bandits, all created groups that would work for money or whatever they could get their hands on to fight the good fight, some siding with the Fire Nation. Guerilla warfare became the norm. These mercenaries that had no combat training fought in ways that both annoyed and frightened everyone that had to deal with them. These groups were able to deal crippling blows to the Fire Nation, tripling their supply chain by cutting them off at keys points, destroying munitions factories and other key things that they had set up. They did the jobs that no General wanted to send his soldiers on.

Among all the groups that fought against them, Assassins were the most feared. Silent, deadly, precise, and had a base of operations that no one knew of, they were the real threat in the night against anyone. They took jobs on both sides, mostly siding against the Fire Nation. They worked in pairs and small teams, capable of doing what no ordinary soldier or bender could do. They took back towns, pushed back advancing lines, and killed political figureheads that stuck their heads out too far. In less than a year they had done what no other organization could achieve; total fear of all nations.

But they were always at risk with other things. A war always had rules. The world itself was based on rules. But these rules were never heeded. A rule to not kill healers on the battlefield was easily ignored just as killing innocent civilians was. Assassins may have been feared, but they were hated on both sides for one very important reason: they pinned the blame on others, innocent villagers and anyone else to cover their tracks. Morals were thrown out the window and stomped on by them. Assassins had no morals.

"I'm taking out the target," the sapphire eye teen thought.

"I know. How many times must we go over it?" His companion replied.

The sapphire eyed teen gave him a hard look and then looked back down at the village.

Morals were about to be broken again.

The Fire Nation had taken over this small little fishing village as a means of bringing in their forces and supplies that would then be transported via their tanks and other supply routes. This small fishing village had been taken over recently after the Earth Kingdom was forced to pull out. What few people remained were loyal only out of fear. This supply line itself was too strong and shortened the distance traveled to their siege line at Ba Sing Sa. This supply line had to fall or the walls of Ba Sing Sa were going to crumble in a matter of months. However, attacking them and killing the main set of guys in charge would lead to questions and speculations. This would then force them to turn their gaze upon the only people to do this: the people of the small town.

"Morals are a thing of the past, Naruto, easily forgotten during war but always remembered at the end of it."

"Be silent, Zentrai," Naruto hissed at him. Though they were connected mentally through his mental link, Naruto felt the need to silence him. Having someone in his head, and no Kyuubi, was always strange. He had enough voices in their already at times. He could go without anymore. "I'll have this done in a matter of minutes. Just standby and get ready to evacuate after he's dead."

Naruto emerged from the shadows and glanced up at the metal ship that sat anchored to the dock. It was a large and ugly thing, but it got all the jobs down they were slated with.

Naruto dropped into the water after taking a breath and began the slow process of swimming towards the entry point. All reports said that thing was manned by a crew of twenty. They'd be changing shifts for the night and perfect for boarding and assassination their target.

With the Avatar still dead, some saying that he had died when the Fire Nation destroyed all the Air Temples, it fell to the rest of the world to take up arms and stand against this treat. Some believed that he was alive, but Naruto doubted it. With the information network that they had they would have found him by now and he would be doing his job. This was his mess as far as Naruto was concerned. Even here there was no such thing as peace.

He emerged from the dark waters and shoved down on the water like he was pushing on solid earth. His ability to use Ninjutsu was shot. No longer could he use his Rasengan or the Senjutsu skills he had learned. His ability to walk on water and on stick to all objects remained, along with his famous Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, but the latter could only create a few. Henge was still possible, but he very seldom needed it. All other aspects of his chakra worked in enhancing his speed, endurance, and strength. So with him in the blind-spot of the ship he was easily able to not only stand on top of the water but also walk up the side of the ship without being detected.

Reaching the top, he looked around and spied only two guards with their backs to him. They were talking about something concerning the supply line when Naruto got behind them and slit their throats. He jumped over the edge of the boat and slowly took them down in the water that would now be their graves. Once he was topside he began climbing towards the bridge of the ship where the Captain was. He was a late worker from what their information said.

It didn't take Naruto long to find him. He was talking to one his men at the moment. It took ten minutes but he was eventually alone. Naruto took that moment to strike. It was very clear that the Captain saw him as he appeared behind in his final moments. Naruto was dressed like a shadow figure. He wore a white set of robes with a leather belt to hold it all together, long sleeves covered by thick leather armguards protected most of his forearm. His face was almost completely concealed by the small hood that covered his head. Were it not for his present angle the Captain might have never gotten the chance to see the face of his killer.

In the blink of an eye the knife was planted in his throat and yanked sideways to cut his jugular and throat wide open. He gurgled once, tried to hold it closed, but the deed was already done. A second strike, one to his heart, finished the job and he collapsed to the ground dead.

Naruto dropped the knife, leaving it as evidence to accuse the villagers. He didn't feel anything anymore. He'd been doing this for years. Anyone could grow used to anything.

Leaving the same way he came in, he felt the touch of Zentrai's mind in his own. "Job's done. Let's get on the boat and get moving."

"How much are they paying us for this? Why don't we just kill him when we get there?"

"I'd rather not die before the war ends. And someone just as evil would take his place. Now saddle up. We've got a boat to catch and a Fire Lord to meet."

Naruto gave the dead Captain one last look before he jumped out the window and began the long trip towards the docks that were thirty miles away. Their next job could very well be their last. Years of working for the Fire Nation and killing them was about to pay off. No one got a job to work for the Fire Lord, but they were recommended by famed Generals that had hired them for things that they wouldn't have their own men do. They were now given a chance to either end the war or continue letting it go just to get closer to the Fire Lord and end him.