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Tony Stark x Higurashi Kagome

Please, don't alert

He smirked as she frowned.

"I really hope you're joking," Kagome narrowed her eyes, "I don't have time to play your perverted games, Stark. You hired me as an intern, not your call girl."

"You gotta loosen up, Higurashi," Tony shrugged, "All work and no play makes you a dull girl," He eyed her with half-lidded brown eyes, "And what's so 'perverted' about my suggestion?"

Kagome huffed, blowing her hair away from her eyes, "Every word of that suggestion is perverted," She said, "Every word that comes out of your mouth is perverted actually."

"Only around you, Higurashi," Tony smirked at her expression, "How can I possibly not be perverted around you?"

"By not talking?" Kagome muttered, placing the folder full of papers on his desk and then backing way quickly before Tony could touch her or something, "If you could have those read and signed by tomorrow, it would really help Potts with her job."

"You're welcome to my home anytime!" Tony called out as Kagome went to leave the room, "The suit and I will be waiting for you, Higurashi!"

"I'm not going to soap down your Iron Man armour in a bikini while you watch, Stark!"




He'd get her soon enough.