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Title: Welcome home!

Genre: Romance

Pairing: Lavi x Lenalee Lee

Summary: Lavi and Bookman have left the Order some time ago. No one knows if they come back but Lenalee still believes in their return. In a rainy night she can't sleep and thinks that she has seen Lavi…



Welcome home!


The raindrops pattered against the windows. A strong wind surrounded the Black Order.

It was nighttime and everyone already lay in bed and slept well –except Lenalee.

The young exorcist rolled over in her bed.

She clutched her blanket closer and trembled a bit.

Her eyes were closed but the young woman listened carefully to the 'Pitta-Patta' of the rain.

She opened her violet eyes and winked for a few times.

Darkness welcomed her and Lenalee started to shiver again. She felt lonely.

Immediately her eyes watered. She sat up and rubbed them.

"Don't cry! I-I can't!" she sniffed. But even when she said so the tears didn't stop.

"I have to be strong… I can't cry! He never wanted to see me cry…" she sobbed. Her voice trembled.

An image of a certain redhead appeared before her eyes -A redhead who was always cheering and smiled most of the time.

The darkgreen-haired young woman felt the pain in her chest. She felt it since he and Bookman had left the order and traveled around the world… leaving all their friends and comrades behind. And no one knew if they would ever come back.


He had been one of her best friends. He had been the one who supported her and who she loved.

But until the moment he left, she couldn't confess it. She never told him about her feelings and meanwhile she regretted it.

"Why haven't I told you? Why haven't I say that you should remain here with all of us? Why haven't I told you that you must come back to us… to me?" she sighed.

Lenalee wiped away her tears and got up. She walked to her window and looked outside.

The first thing she could see were raindrops. They fell down the glass and resembled hundreds of small diamonds.

Or tears, she thought.

The girl shook her head and stared at the scenery. Because it was night, she couldn't see much but she recognized the forest before the order and the small path which led to it.

The stars and the moon were hid by clouds.

As she wanted to go back to sleep, the clouds were gone for a moment and the moonlight shined down on the path.


Lenalee frowned.

She could see two persons walking towards the building.

It was just a short moment –maybe five seconds –but Lenalee was sure that she had seen him.

The clouds hide the moon again but she seemed to be electrified.

The girl opened her mouth without letting a word escaping her lips.

Suddenly her eyes watered again and she smiled a little.

"Lavi…!" she whispered. "You're back! You're finally back!"

Lenalee whirled around and ran towards the door which she slammed open.

She stumbled out of her room and rushed towards the direction of the entrance.

Her long, now-open hair waved behind her and she had to hold up her nightgown so that she wouldn't stumble over it.


Lenalee breathed heavily when she arrived at the entrance.

"No output until tomorrow morning!" the gatekeeper said.

She gasped for air.

"But! He's here! He must be outside! Lavi… he's finally back! I have to see him! Please…" she begged.

"No output until tomorrow morning!" the gatekeeper repeated.

The girl frowned.

"B-But!" she tried again.

"No output!"

The young female exorcist's hopes started to fade away.

I can't see him? I can't say ''Welcome back''? I can't tell him that I missed him? That I… love him? she thought and sighed.

"Please? Just open the gate for a second… I just want to know if he's there…" Lenalee tried a last time but the gatekeeper stayed silent.

She bit her bottom lip and cried, "Let me go out here! Let me see him! Let me be with him! Open the gate…!"

She was already in rage. As the gatekeeper didn't responded again, she screamed, "Open it! Open it already and let me out!"




"Lenalee? What are you doing there? Hey! Stop it! Calm down!"

The darkgreen-haired young woman turned her head and saw Allen.

"What are you doing?" he repeated his question.

She winked. Then she took a deep breath and started to sob.

"He's here, Allen! He's back… But the gatekeeper doesn't want to let me go outside!"

Allen frowned.

"Who is back?" he wanted to know.

"Lavi!" Lenalee cried.

The white-haired exorcist sighed heavily.

He mumbled, "He's with Bookman, Lenalee. What should he do here?"

The girl balled her hands into fists and shouted, "Why don't you believe me? I have seen him!"

Allen shook his head.

"I never said that I don't believe you, Lenalee. I just think that it's impossible. Maybe he will never return…"

Lenalee fell down on the floor. She hid her face in her hands and cried.

""He's there… I know it, Allen," she whimpered.

The young boy kneeled down and patted her back.

"If you really believe it that much… Let's go and ask Reever-san and Johnny if someone appeared at the screen," he smiled.

He helped her to get up and they headed to the office.

Allen knocked at the door and opened it.

"Reever-san? Johnny?"

Moans could be heard and Reever yawned sleepily.

"Allen? Lenalee-san?" Johnny mumbled –sleepy as well.

The young male exorcist waved and smiled.

"Did someone appear before the order?" he pondered.

Johnny tilted his head to the side.

"A person? At this time? Not as much as I know…" he answered and yawned.

Reever shrugged his shoulders.

"I was asleep for a while but can't remember seeing someone. But the gatekeeper wouldn't let go people inside at this time if he doesn't know them… Why? And why are you both still awake?"

Allen sighed. "Timcanpy has gone missed since a few hours. I look for him."

Reever looked at Lenalee. "Is everything alright?" he yawned.

Lenalee closed her eyes and nodded lightly.

"I'm okay. Sorry for the bother… Goodnight!"

As she wanted to leave the office, Allen called out her name.

"I'm sorry!"

Lenalee smiled a little.

"It's alright. You don't have to believe me… Bye!"

With that she left them behind.

"What happened between the both of you?" Johnny wondered.
Allen shook his head.

"That's a long story… Maybe I'll tell it you later. I'm going and search for Tim. See you!" he adopted and left too.




Lenalee sighed. She opened the door of the bibliotheca and walked in.

The huge room was dark as well.

The girl sat down on one of the sofas and touched the material gently.

"I have seen you. It wasn't a dream, right?" she mumbled.

A tear fell down her cheek and landed on the back of her hand. Other followed and she started to sob again.

Why don't you believe me, Allen?

She lay down and closed her eyes after she had wiped away the tears. A moment later she fell asleep.




"Taking naps in such a place and in such an outfit…"

The girl heard a light giggle and felt a warm hand touching her cheek.

She mumbled sleepily.

This voice… that's…

The darkgreen-haired young woman opened her violet eyes and winked –still sleepy.

"Lavi? Is it you?" The female exorcist looked at the face before her.

Red hair surrounded the kind smiling face. A single green eye seemed to sparkle with happiness.

She sat up and stared at the young man before her. It took her a while before she finally recognized who it was.

"Lavi?!" she wondered. "LAVI!"

Lenalee threw herself into a hug.

The redhead caught her and fell backwards on the floor. He laughed.

Lenalee cried, "Lavi! It's really you! I knew it! I knew it the whole time! The gatekeeper let you pass! You're back! You're finally back…"

Lavi laughed again. He hugged her tightly and smiled at her shoulder.

"I'm home, Lenalee!" he whispered.

Again tears started to build in the female exorcist's eyes. She pulled at the young bookman's jacket and nodded while trying to hold them back.

"W-Welcome home…" she answered.

"Yeah… Thanks…"

Lenalee closed her violet eyes for a moment.

"I missed you. I wanted you to come back so badly…" she admitted.

Lavi winked in surprise. He pulled her away and looked straight in her face.

He pondered, "You did?"

The girl nodded and blushed.

"But you should have known that someday I could leave the order. I'm a bookman. We don't belong somewhere…"

Lenalee shook her head. She placed her finger at her lips and showed him to be quiet.

Lavi frowned.

"You don't have a place where you belong? Don't be stupid, Lavi! You're home now! That's your home… All your friends are here. I'm here…" she said and smiled.

"Lenalee," mentioned the redhead but the female exorcist interrupted him.

"Doesn't a person belong there where people love this person? Where someone hopes to be with that one person from the bottom of the heart?"

The young bookman tilted his head to the side.

"Lenalee, what?" He seemed to be confused.

Lenalee showed him a bright smile before she leaned in and kissed him.

When she pulled away, she giggled. Lavi winked in surprise. His cheeks were flushed in a deep red.

"I love you, Lavi! Please don't leave me again, okay?"

It took some time before the redhead realized what she had said. He tried to give a response but couldn't say a sentence. So he just nodded.

Lenalee smiled a beautiful smile and said, "The others will be happy too!"

Again Lavi could just nod.

For him it seemed as if he had found his precious things again –his home and his 'family'.

And his most precious treasure –his beloved Lenalee…




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