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Title: It's question time!

Genre: ?

Pairing: No set pairings, I think

Summary: It's time to ask our beloved exorcists some questions!


16. It's question time!

Lenalee: *Knocks at the door* Can we come in?

Fantasy: …

Lenalee: Uhm… We will come in. *Opens the door and enters the room*

*Allen, Lavi, Kanda, Miranda and Crowley are following her*

Fantasy: *Puts down her earphones and roses up an eyebrow* What are you doing here? I don't want to make the interview anymore!

Allen: Why?

Lavi: Eeeeeh?!

Fantasy: It seems like no one is reading this collection anymore so why should I do anything now?

Miranda: B-But we thought you are having fun? Y-You can't stop writing just because we haven't got many reviews lately!

Fantasy: *Sobs* B-But if no one is reading the stories why should I keep writing them?

Lavi: *Pats her head* It's alright. Here- a pie for you! *Hands over a pie*

Fantasy: *With shining eyes* A p-pie? YEAY! Thanks!

Allen: Can I have some too?

Fantasy: *Glances to him* NO! My pie! Okay… so we will make the interview!

Kanda: Tch! We don't have any questions!

Fantasy: *Stops cheering, sobs* You're right.

Lenalee: However! We will make the interview! Have fun everyone! *Smiles*


Question 1: What do you thing about the HQ?

Lenalee: It's my home. All my friends live there and I want to protect my home!

Allen: I have to agree with Lenalee.

Kanda: Tch! Do I have to answer the questions?

Lenalee: Kanda!

Kanda: Tch! Okay, I can't say ''No'', can I? It's alright to be there, I think.

Lavi: Huh~ So you like living with us, Yu? Aww~

Kanda: Do you want to die, stupid rabbit?

Lavi: Eeh? What's the problem? You just don't want to admit that you enjoy living in the HQ.

Kanda: *Pulls out Mugen and glares at Lavi* I swear I'll kill you…

Fantasy: STOP! Kanda, I'll get angry! Do you want me to get angry, huh? *Roses up an eyebrow*

Kanda: As if I would be afraid of you!

Fantasy: *Smacks him on the head* Stop screwing around with me! *Clears throat* Sorry, everyone! Okay… Lavi, Miranda, Crowley! It's your turn!

Lavi: The HQ is quite a nice place to live as long as it doesn't get attacked by akuma. Though, maybe I will have to leave it someday.

Miranda: T-There are many nice people in the HQ. I hope I will get along with them.

Crowley: It seems to be like a home for the most of the people there.


Question 2: Do you like someone?

Allen: They are my comrades. Of course I like them!

Lavi: I think it's meant in a romantically way, Allen.

Allen: *Blinks surprised* Love someone? Uhm… *Blushes* I'm not sure if I should tell you about such things.

Fantasy: Come on! Otherwise I will tell everyone about it! *Smirks*

Allen: B-But it's nothing other people should know about!

Fantasy: *Rolls eyes, grins* So I'm allowed to tell it! Yeay! Okay… that's how it should be; Lavi x Lenalee, Allen x Road, Crowley x Miranda and Kanda with…Uhm, wait… Kanda and? I'm quite not sure. He's an antisocial person. Errrm… Ah! Maybe Alma?! But I'm quite not sure.

Kanda: Hey! Wait! You can't just put us together like you want it!

Lenalee: Kanda is right. I'm sorry but what if someone doesn't love the person you ship him or her with?

Fantasy: Huh? Dunno. But I also don't care about it. I like these pairings. Why shouldn't they be together?

Allen: But why Road?

Fantasy: Because she loves you and Lenalee should be with Lavi!

Lavi: Do you think that Lena and I like each other?

Fantasy: Yup!
Lenalee: B-But…

Fantasy: *Sighs* Fine… So you don't want to get paired up with someone. You want to tell by yourself who you like?

Everyone: …

Fantasy: Doesn't seem like it. Whatever! So we don't know how everyone is feeling~


Question 3: What do you think of the Noah?

Allen: They are our enemies but… sometimes it seems like they care for something.

Lenalee: Road cares for Allen a lot but she also likes hurting him from time to time. I'm not sure what to think about such things.

Allen: *Blushes lightly* I don't know why she likes me…

Lavi: Ah! What about that Tyki Mikk? He seems to care for his human friends but he can be really cruel.

Miranda: Maybe it's something they can't control?! I mean, they can be caring but also be brutal…

Fantasy: That doesn't make sense. Uhm… but I don't know about it either. *Smirks* There is one thing I know, though.

Lenalee: Huh?

Fantasy: I know that Tyki is hot!

Allen: WHAT?!

Fantasy: *Laughs*


Question 4: What do you like about each other?

Allen: They are all great comrades. Lenalee is caring, Lavi is someone who cheers up other people, and Miranda is very kind. Crowley is the same as Miranda and Kanda… is just Kanda.

Kanda: What do you mean with that, beansprout?

Allen: Nothing. Just that you are how you are.

Kanda: What's your problem, beansprout?

Allen: *With twitching eyebrow* Like I said it's nothing, stupid Kanda. I don't know what you want to hear.

*Allen and Kanda starts glaring at each other*

Lavi: Seems like we have to continue. I think Allen is a trustful person who cares for everyone. Lenalee is cute and charming. Miranda is a little bit clumsy but has a pure soul. Crowley seems to be naïve sometimes but he can be serious too. And Yu doesn't want to admit that he cares for others but can't hide it properly.

Lenalee: *Blushes* T-Thanks, Lavi... Allen is really nice. He doesn't want other people to get hurt and it's important for him to save the soul of an akuma. Lavi is cheering but sometimes you can't be sure if he tries to hide his feelings. Miranda and Crowley are such nice people. And Kanda seems to be antisocial but he also cares for his comrades.

Miranda: I-I think the others already have said everything.

Crowley: So we don't get a chance to answer the question anymore?!


Question 5: Do you like each other, Miranda and Crowley?

Miranda: *Blushes* W-W-What? About what are you talking?

Crowley: Isn't it the same question as some time ago?

Miranda: I-I don't know what to answer.

Crowley: …Miranda is quite nice.

Miranda: *Blushes again* I-I-I… Thanks. You a-are also quite nice.

Fantasy: Awww~ How cute!


Question 6: What would you do if you wouldn't be an Accommodator?

Allen: Huh? What I would do if I wouldn't be an Accommodator? I think it would depend on whether Mana would still be alive. If he would still live I would travel around with him, I think.

Lenalee: I think I would live together with my brother. And I wouldn't have to remember the time when I first came to the HQ because I wouldn't have to go there.

Miranda: I would still be that clumsy and hated woman who can't do anything right…

Crowley: I'm not sure. Maybe the people would still be afraid of me. And…I think I never would have met Eliade…

Kanda: Tch! How do I know that?

Lavi: I think I would travel around with the old man. After all I'll be a Bookman someday.


Question 7: How would Komui react if he would find out that Lenalee has a secret relationship with someone?

Lenalee: W-What? I don't have a boyfriend so why are you asking such things?

Fantasy: Because I can!

Allen: I don't want to imagine such a thing. So you have a secret relationship, Lenalee?

Lenalee: No, I don't have one! I don't get why someone would be interested in such information.

Lavi: Because everyone knows you, Lenalee and you are well protected by your crazy brother.

Lenalee: Lavi! You can't say such things about my brother. He is just a little bit overprotecting.

Kanda: Sure, he is "just" overprotecting. This man is mad!


Question 8: How would you react if I would tell you that Komui has heard everything you just said?


Fantasy: *Laughs* Yeah.

Allen: *Sighs relieved*

Lavi: That was scary…

Kanda: *Mumbles* I want to beat you.

Fantasy: What have you just said, Kanda?! *Smacks him* Shut up!


Question 9: Do you miss anything in your live?

Allen: I miss Mana a lot. He was special to me.

Lenalee: I would like to remember more about my parents. I was still young when they were killed.

Kanda: Sometimes… I miss Alma because… Forget it! Why am I telling you such things?

Miranda: I don't know. My old live wasn't better than this one.

Crowley: Eliade… *Sobs*

Lavi: I'm not supposed to look back… And I'm quite not sure if I would miss anything.


Question 10: Anything you want to tell the readers?

Allen: *Smiles* I hope everyone will continue reading this collection.

Lenalee: And please review because Fantasy would like to know if she should continue writing OS.

Kanda: No need.

Miranda and Crowley: Thanks for reading!

Lavi: We hope to see you again! Have a nice day!

Everyone but Kanda: *Waves*

Fantasy: Kanda! You must say goodbye too!

Kanda: I don't want to.

Fantasy: *Smacks him*

"Kanda: Tch! Fine! Goodbye. *Walks away while muttering something*




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