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Chapter Two- The other 2 members

"A-KI-RA!" Hikari hugged Akira. "Good Morning!" She added.

"Good Morning." Akira replied.

"Jun, is Megumi and Ryuu coming today?" Kei asked jun.

"I think so." Jun replied.

"Who are those two?" Akira asked Hikari.

"By 'those two' you mean Megumi and Ryuu? They are also SA members." Hikari replied.

"Why are they not here?" Akira looked like she really wanted to know.

"I think because of their work. Megumi is a singer and actress and Ryuu is a workaholic guy." Hikari said. "Where is Tadashi?" Hikari asked Kei.

"I don't…" Kei stopped when the door opened.

"I'm here. Sorry." It was Tadashi who opened the door.

"Goodmorning." Akira greeted Tadashi.

"'Morning." Tadashi said then sits down. He placed his bag down and began to sleep.

"Is he always like that?" Akira asked Hikari while pointing her fingers at Tadashi.

"Always." Hikari replied and Akira was shocked.

Suddenly someone slammed the door opened.

"We're back!" A green haired guy appeared.

"Oh God, Ryuu. You don't have to slam the door." A girl with a long wavy brown hair also appeared.

"Ryuu, Megumi. We missed you!" Hikari ran towards Ryuu and Megumi and hugged them.

That's Ryuu and Megumi? Akira thought to herself.

"Akira! This is Megumi Yamamoto, Jun's twin and Ryuu Tsuji, their childhood friend." Hikari introduced the two.

"Hello. I'm Akira Toudou." Akira bowed her head.

"You're the new student that Jun mentioned to me. Hello." Megumi shake Akira's hands.

"Tadashi also mentioned you. Anyways, where is he? While Ryuu is on his way to Tadashi's sit Akira thought something. Tadashi mentioned me?

"Tadashi!" Ryuu woke Tadashi up and put his arm around Tadashi's neck.

"Oww! Stop it!" Tadashi yelled. They are so close. Akira thought.

"They're close, right?" Hikari said to Akira while observing the two.

"Yeah. Tadashi's really happy." The two girls just stared at them.

"OK. Class sit down." The teacher arrived and Akira opened her book. She was shocked when she found a letter.

"Meet me later at the back entrance later at dismissal."

Who would send me this kind of thing? Akira thought.

"-kira, Akira!" Hikari patted Akira's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. What is it?" Akira shakes her head and looked at Hikari.

"We're going to talk later at lunch about some things. SA is now complete so we should have a proper introduction." Hikari winks at Akira.

"Hanazono and Toudou!" The teacher scolded them.

"Yes!" Both replied in sync.

"Please listen."

"Yesss." The two again replied in sync. They both giggled and laughed silently.

(Lunch time)

"OK. Let's start with our introductions." Hikari said then clapped her hand. "I'm Hikari Hanazono, soon to be owner of the Hanazono Inc." She introduced herself.

"Kei Takishima, heir of the Takishima Group." Kei was the next.

"Ryuu Tsuji. I'm already the owner of Tsuji Group. That's why I'm always absent."Ryuu said then he laughed.

"I'm Jun Yamamoto. I'm a violinist." He sips in his drink after he introduced himself.

"I'm Megumi Yamamoto. I'm a singer and an actress. I'm absent because of debuts and shoots." Megumi said then smiled.

"Tadashi Karino. Son of the school's principal." Akira's eyes widened when she heard that he's that hot principal's son.

"Your that hot woman's child?!" Akira asked loudly.

"Ah. Yeah. And she's not hot." Tadashi replied with a what-the-hell face.

"Ok. I'm Akira Toudou. I'm Heiress of the Toudou Airline." Everyone was shocked except Hikari.

"Toudou Airline? The biggest Airline in Japan?" Ryuu asked then coughed.

"Ah..yeah." Akira replied like she was cornered by a lot of question.

"Why hadn't you told us?" Jun added.

"Well you never asked." Akira scratched her head.

"You should've mentioned it to them. Look at how surprised they are." Hikari points at them.

"Well…." Akira stopped because Tadashi asked something.

"You don't look like an Heiress or something." Tadashi said while staring at Akira.

"As long as I have all that satisfies me I don't need any more than that. Food, clothes and loved ones." Akira replied while staring at her hand and smiling. Everyone was amazed by her answer.

"I'm accepting you to our group." Tadashi smiled at Akira.

"What?" Akira looked left and right.

"That was your test, whether you are worthy of being one of us. I was sure that you would pass but I did not expect you to have such an answer." Hikari patted Akira's back.

"Thank you for accepting me." Akira bowed and was about to cry but she stopped.

Minutes have passed.


"It's time to go back." Hikari extended her arm and Akira grabbed it.

"Y-yeah." Akira stood up.

"Let's go." Tadashi left and the others followed him. They went back to their classroom.

When Akira was passing by a group of girls she was shocked because they were looking at her with fiery eyes. She looked at them again but they were already looking away. That's strange. Did those girls just looked at me with disgusted eyes? Akira thought.

(Dismissal time)

"Akira! Let's go." Hikari waved at Akira.

"Uh.. No. I have some business to attend to. Bye!" Akira left Hikari.

"Hmm." Ryuu gazed at Akira as she ran through the hallways.

"What is it Ryuu?" Hikari asked.

"There's something strange." Ryuu replied then he sighed.

"Strange?" Hikari raised an eyebrow.

(At the back entrance)

"You came." A girl pushed Akira to the wall making Akira cornered. Then some girls arrived

"You were the ones who sent the letter?" A sweat dropped from Akira's head.

"HAHAH. Yes. And you're totally fooled by it. You're just hanging around the SA to get some money!" They laughed.

"So what are you going to do to me now?" Akira asked like she was not scared or something. She even smiled.

"Oh. You're not scared. Let's go girls. Let's teach her a lesson." The girl walked in front of Akira then slapped her left cheek.

"Is that it?" Akira asked while smiling.

"Wha..? You b*tch!" This time the girl slapped Akira's right cheek and there's a scratch because of the girl's long nails.

"You're done?" Akira was purposely annoying the girl.

"Girls go!" She ordered the girls to beat Akira up but they stopped because they heard a cough.


"Akira! You're here. We've been looking for you!" Hikari, Ryuu and the others were smiling sarcastically. She grabbed Akira's hand. "What were you doing to Akira?" She asked the girls with a smiling face. The girls were relieved because they thought that Hikari was not angry.

"Oh. We were just about to wipe the blood from her face and ask about what happened." The girl replied with a sweet tone.

"Really? How nice of you. Your face must have hurt Akira. Let me wipe the blood." Hikari wiped the blood on Akira's face and the girls were sweating. "It will trouble us if the heiress of the Toudou Airline got hurt." Hikari said loudly so that the girls can hear it.

"Toudou? She's the heir of Toudou Airline?" The girls are starting to get nervous.

"Oh yes. That is why she is special. Who would did this to her? I really thank you for trying to treat her face." Hikari hugged the girls.

"Of course! She's special, right?" The girl replied while quivering.


Hikari slapped the girl who slapped Akira. Akira has no idea of what's happening. Tadashi and the others were just staring at Hikari. They know that Hikari is really mad about it.

"Ouch. My face!" The girl cried."How dare you…?!" She added.

"What? You think you can fight me? You know what I can do right? I can kick you out of this school this instant!" Hikari said angrily to her. "Kneel to Akira and say sorry."

"No… Its okay, Hikari. No need." Akira stopped Hikari.

"But..! Okay. Remember this you low class girls, Try to hurt Akira again, I WILL SEND YOU TO HELL!" Hikari fiercely said to the girls. They ran as fast as they could. Hikari sat down on the floor. "Akira, you okay?" She sighed.

"Yes. Thank you for saving me." Akira replied with a smile.

"Damn. You're so brave. You didn't cry." Ryuu said with such amazed eyes.

"A thing like that wouldn't make me cry." Akira replied then laughed.

Everybody laughed.

"Let's go?" Akira asked while handing her hand to Hikari so that Hikari could stand up.

"Sure." Hikari grabbed Akira's hand and stood up.

"Akira!" Tadashi called Akira. "Good job." He patted Akira's head and Akira blushed.


~End of chapter two~