Having only just recovered from that episode, I wrote a reaction fic to 4x03 I dread to think what an emotional wreck I will be next/this week

The meeting at work had gone well, he was getting to know everyone at the office so wasn't Kurt feeling elated? Sighing heavily Kurt sunk onto his bed, his phone falling out of his pocket in the process. Eleven missed calls it read, Oh that's why.

Kurt had been so swept up in his colleagues' conversation earlier that he barely batted an eyelid when he had pressed ignore when his phone went off. But now that he was alone and could concentrate all his attention on this one task, Kurt noticed that every single one of the calls had been from Blaine. He felt like such a horrible boyfriend.

As an isolated incidence this would not be the end of the world Kurt reasoned with himself. Yet this wasn't the first time that he had ignored Blaine was it? In the past two weeks they had only Skyped a handful of times. And how many of those conversations had resolved around Kurt? The boy who was now lying face down with his head buried in a pillow groaned. No this could not be happening. Blaine was his world. Was? Was that the operative word? Was he no longer the centre of Kurt's universe? No of course not Kurt chided himself. Blaine was…is the love of his life. He was nothing without Blaine. So why had he ignored him.

"Oh God Kurt what have you done?" He moaned aloud. Rachel who had been getting ready for her date with Brody came over and sat on the bed next to Kurt stroking his shoulder as Kurt sobbed. What was wrong with him? This was exactly what Blaine had been afraid of.

After what seemed like hours of moping Kurt got up sadly and left the apartment leaving Rachel and Brody space. (Well the boy hadn't arrived yet, but Kurt didn't feel like being a spare wheel) Having had instructed Rachel to text him when it was safe for him to come home, Kurt slumped to his new favourite coffee shop, he would have to bring Blaine here he thought every time he had walked in the front doors….if Klaine still existed he thought miserably.

His phone had been suspiciously quiet ever since he had got home. Kurt wondered if Blaine had given up on him. I wouldn't blame if he did Kurt thought bitterly nursing his medium drip. Ever since he had got to New York Kurt had missed Blaine so much that his taste for Non-fat mochas had just disappeared. Feeling terribly sorry for himself, Kurt tried to convey a message to his boyfriend (if he could still call him that) that didn't seem overly whiny and pathetic . He finally settled on:

I'm sorry that I wasn't able to answer your calls earlier I was in a meeting :( I love you so much, I'm so proud of you honey. K x

He hoped that Blaine wouldn't ignore this, even though he knew he deserved it. Hitting send Kurt relaxed into his seat feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Hundreds of miles away Blaine's phone vibrated signalling that he had received a new message. However this went unnoticed as the newly appointed School President stood on the make shift stage in Breadstix singing a duet with Sam.

The only text that Kurt got that night was from Rachel, admittedly a lot sooner than what he was expecting

Kurt you can come home now. Guess who just showed up? Rachel x