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The air was thick with the stench of them: the newly ghouled; the drunken slobs that usually inhabited the Ninth Circle at this time of night. Then again it was always night in the Museum, Charon thought as he stood silent and watchful in his usual spot for another night. The sleazy ghoul behind the bar counter flashed his damn ugly grin at the petite ghoulette (who had some of her actual hair left, a murky brown colour) that had stumbled up to the bar, before he turned to Charon and nodded at the drunken ghoul (obviously her companion) who was trying to get up to follow her.

Charon sighed inwardly, though his stony exterior never changed as he swiftly carried the barely, struggling ghoul out of the Bar and into the main hall of the Museum of History.

He had just left the ghoul slumped against the wall whimpering, and had his back turned to go back into the bar when he heard the main museum doors open and a hush fell over the lobby.

He didn't look to see who it was, and stepped back into the Ninth Circle, but his mind wandering with possibilities and suspicions about the mysterious stranger.

I took a quick glance round at the Museum from beneath my hood at the scene that had slowed to near silence upon my arrival, but in my own time strode forward to shake the hand of the ghoul in a blue-ish jumpsuit who came out to greet the visitor.

"Welcome Stranger. You are free to come and go as you please, just please try not to kill anyone while you are here," He said, shaking my hand once then letting go.

"I did not intend on it, I'm just looking around." I chuckled and the Ghoul smiled.

"Names' Winthrop if you need something." He said peering up and squinting a little to see my face. I decided to help him out a bit and reached up to tug back the hood of my cloak. There was a visible 'oh' that formed on his lips that he fought to control but I merely chuckled at this attempt and patted him on the shoulder.

"Aye, that's about what I'd expect," I said before asking where the nearest drinking hole was. He smiled again in that crack lipped genuine kind of way that only ghouls can do, and pointed me towards the balcony to the left and a bar called the 'Ninth Circle.' I nodded my thanks and left him, slowly wandering up the stairs and along the balcony, all the while taking in Underworld with all of its inhabitants. Despite its name I had to admit I quite liked it here, no-one seemed to ask too many questions so far and that's the way I preferred it. Sure, people stared at me as I walked slowly towards the bar, but that was probably because her white as white hair was about as stealthy as a super mutant in the Citadel. I would have preferred to keep a low profile but I had a feeling it wouldn't really matter here, these people weren't the kind to rat you out to hunters or slavers or the like, they looked after themselves and the outcasts who wandered by from time to time to trade.

Secrecy was unfriendly and I was in dire need of some friends at the moment. Three Dog was already howling about that rescue up near Old Olney, and I had not intended on it becoming such swift news, my arrival here was meant to be secret. But at least I was not top news. Oh no, that honour was for this 101 kid he kept piping up about. I needed to find this Three Dog at some point and this vault dweller too…

But first I need a drink…

He soon found out who caused the uncharacteristic silence in the lobby. That hair was hard to miss especially in a place like this when it was hard to find ANY hair whatsoever. Three Dog's description on the radio had been pretty accurate it seemed, though the information was minimal, Charon thought.

"… A mysterious Stranger has appeared ladies and gentlemen and she is her to fight the Good Fight. Appearing recently from God knows where, this gal managed to save an entire group of settlers from the horrors of Old Olney all by herself! Hey 101 looks like you have competition! So remember kids, if you see 101 or a mane of White just remember, they are here to fight, the Good Fight.."

He knew it was her straight away with that white hair that spiked up on her head, long strands hanging over the front of her shoulders and a long plait dipping down behind her cloak, which prevented you from seeing the rest of her. She strode confidently up to the bar and took a seat, leaning on the bar with one arm as she spoke to Azhrukhal, the sleazy bastard giving her his most 'charming' smirk.

After a few minutes and an exchange of caps she was handed a bottle of (fairly watered down) scotch. She took a long swig of it then placed the bottle down giving Azhrukhal a quick flash of a grin before swinging round on the stool and standing up.

Then her eyes flicked to his. Keeping her gaze he stared back with his stony gaze into those eyes of such pale blue as he had ever seen before, but they glinted in the light that reminded him of a wild animal. 'Eye shine' He remembered calling it, and it suited her well. The eye-shine became suddenly almost playful when she winked at him and turned back to the sad little ghoul who was trying to get her to come back to the bar. She spoke only two words to which Azhrukhal blanched then turned for the door. The sleazy ghoul quickly replaced his terror with rage and shouted at Charon to grab her.

As Charon strode forward, gun swiftly pulled from his back until it pointed straight at her forehead from mere inches away, she just stood there calmly, eyes closed, one hand in her pocket the other still by her side. She opened her eyes and gave him a sideways look before placing her forehead against the end of the shotgun, head bending down to do it. He almost blanched himself, did she have no fear? Or did she have a death wish?

She grinned that almost animal like grin and just before Azhrukhal could finish his 'never mess with me' speech she pulled her hand from her pocket and held up a very familiar piece of dulled, yellow paper and held it up between her two fingers.

She nodded once at him as a smile crept to the edges of his mouth and he lowered his shotgun.

"Hey! That belongs to me! Charon! Retrieve it!" Azhrukhal screeched. But when it was clear that he was not moving anywhere, the ghoul lunged for the contract.

Charon had never seen someone move so gracefully, slipping away from the outstretched fingers and in the blink of an eye and slipped through Azhrukhal's defence and had him held up by his collar, his legs and arms trying to fight against her.

Her beady eyes glared at her as she tilted her head towards him and spoke in a tone that stopped him dead, with eyes wide.

"I came here for a drink, and you served me slop and took my money. So I am giving you something instead. I am giving you a lesson. Slaves are only slaves until someone frees them and then they have their own chance to 'thank' their masters."

She then lowered him to the ground and let go of his collar, and bent her head down so her face was inches from his face. "Do not make me come back for you."

He had paled to a sickly green by now and Charon was delighted and also a little concerned about the nature of his new employer…

She straightened back up to her towering height, nearly a head above Charon who was by far the tallest person to have ever come to Underworld. She turned to Charon.

"Come find me when you are done saying your 'goodbyes' we have a lot to discuss I think," she said before donning her hood and exiting the bar.

The bar remained quiet as he turned to his former employer who was doing his best to compose himself, turning to Charon with barely concealed anger behind that damn sleazy grin.

"Well Charon, have you come to say goodbye?" he asked, his old attitude returning.


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