"Okay, now you crack an egg. Do it with a fork, side of the bowl makes a me-" Regina sighed. "So you do it on the side of the bowl."

Emma just laughed. "What? It's fun!"

"Henry's birthday cake has to perfect. I don't know why I even agreed to let you bake with me."

"Because Henry asked you to let me." Emma smirked.

Regina rolled her eyes. "If his cake isn't perfect, he'll be upset!"

"Regina, stop." Emma set her hand on Regina's to still her frantic stirring. "Henry's going to love it just because we both baked it."

"You're right. But you are not touching the decorations. He wants Captain America, he's getting Captain America. Not Captain Smudge."

"That has got to be the worst insult to ever come from you." Emma laughed as the Mayor bent over to put the cake batter in the oven. She couldn't help herself when her eyes were drawn to the fine, curvy shape of Regina's derriere. 'Holy fuck I really shouldn't be staring… Ah screw it.' She tilted her head with a smirk on her face, quickly getting lost in thoughts of what she'd like to do to the older woman.

"Like what you see, Miss Swan?"

Emma shook her head. "Huh? What?" The blonde panicked – she'd been so lost in thoughts of the dirty things she wanted to do that she'd been caught.

"I said, do you like what you see?"

"Pssh! No! Fuck, no, I mean-"

"Language, Em-ma." Regina drawled, stepping closer.

A slight whimper escaped Emma's throat at the way her name sounded in Regina's voice. "You're a v-very attractive woman, M-Madame M-Mayor."

"I know." Regina continued to advance on the blonde until she was pressing her against the counter.

"I-I-I think you're really hot I mean pretty. You're really pretty."

"What was that first one?" She tilted her head, looping her fingers through the belt loops on Emma's tight jeans.

"Hot. You're so… hot." Emma pushed Regina backwards and against the opposite counter, quickly lifting her up onto it.

"Oh, Sheriff. How very forward of-"

Regina was cut off with a rough kiss, a kiss that she moaned into as she wrapped her legs around Emma's waist.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time." Emma muttered against soft, plump lips. She quickly slid her hands under the Mayor's pencil skirt and pressed a thumb against wet lace panties. "Looks like you have too." She smirked smugly.

"Fuck me, Sheriff."

"Ask me again, and use my name this time."

"Fuck me… Emma."

"Gladly." The blonde easily pushed the lace panties aside to slip two fingers into the waiting wetness. Hearing Regina's resulting moan was like music to her ears. She pulled the fingers back out and brought them up to her mouth.

"Hm. Half-expected you to taste like apples."