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Title: A hot summer night.
Genre: Romance, Drama
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. They belong to J.K Rowling.
Summary: Both Harry and Draco are fantasizing over each other. But both are already in a relationship. What should they do about it? Read and find out.

A hot summer night.

It was a warm summer September day. The new school year just started and the students from Hogwarts were enjoying their free weekend. No lessons, Quidditch practice or studying. Most of them reached for the nearby lake to cool of.


I was enjoying myself at the lake with Ginny in my arms when my attention was suddenly somewhere else. I watched the group Slytherins passed by. 'O god there he is again.' I hold my breath immediately; I feel my heartbeat rising fast. There is a knot in my stomach and I have difficulty swallowing. I'm sweating like a pig. Why do I always feel this way when he's around? It doesn't matter whether I can see him or not; my body reacts instinctively at his presence. I see him even in my dreams. He's the only one I'm dreaming about. It's hard to hide; but I try not to look at him without success. It's like if an angel is walking by. I can't help it but stare at this beautiful creature. His slim but muscular body, silky white skin. I always wanted to thatch that skin to see if it is really that soft as in my dreams. Or is my head playing tricks on me? I watch the group sitting down. My heart is painfully beating in my chest case when Draco pulls off his white T-Shirt exposing his skin to the sunlight. A wave of jealousy washed over me when he gives his new girlfriend; whom I cannot remember her name, a kiss. He stepped into the water and goes under. I search for where the tall blonde one comes up. A small smile across my face when I see him again. He strokes a hand trough his hair; to remove the water. Beautiful blonde hair shining in the sunlight. I sighed slightly; this caught the attention from Ginny.

"Harry, something wrong?" with some protest I took my eyes off of the Slytherin and look down to the red haired girl in my arms and give her a smile.
"No not really." I answer and shook my head a little. I placed a kiss on her forehead.
"Are you sure? Because you haven't spoken ever since we came here." I can hear some concern in her voice.
"Yes, I was just thinking, lost in my thoughts. Nothing to worry about." I folded my arms firmly around her. This seemed to calmed her down; again she laid relaxed in my arms.

My eyes again on the Slytherin. He is on his towel now with his girlfriend in his arms.
For a second I could swear he's looking at me too. I was certain of it. Our eyes met; green ones into icy grey. Icy, cold but beautiful like the rest. I wish that I could have him for myself all is it just for one day. I'll just delete that moment out of his memory afterwards like nothing happened.


"Hi Drake wanna go to the lake?" I hear my girlfriend Marcy asking. She wrapped her arms around my waist.

Marcy is an amazing girl. Tall blonde hair with clear blue eyes and a beautiful slim body. She's from a pure blood family like my own. My friends were talking my head of about her; they thought that we would be a good couple. I knew she had a crush on me because she was flirting with me ever since she first saw me. I agreed to this relationship three months ago; so that my friends would shut the hell up. I was done with them interfering with my life. Don't get me wrong she is a great girl and suitable for someone but not to me. My feelings for her aren't going that deep, not that way. I see her more like a sister I never had and soon I would need to break her heart. Only one person would suit me. But that would never happen. It was just wrong to even think at those things. He sure hated me. We were meant to be; to hate each other since the day we were born. I never hated him really. How could I hate him? He probably just saw me with my mask on which everyone knows. A bully whom picked on everyone which in my eyes were nothing compared with me . A son of a Death Eater. A Malfoy. I hated it. No one ever knew the true me without the mask. I'm not that bad as many would think.

"Drake?" I hear her asking again. I look down to the girl around my waist.
"Yeah I'll come." I answer slightly protesting. I knew that the Gryffindors will be there too. I saw them earlier this day during a walk.

We left the school and made our way towards the lake. I could see them from far. I just knew that they were there. Harry with that red haired Weasly girl all around him. As we approach the Gryffindors I held my head up and looked at something else. I shiver slightly when we passed them; I could feel the brunet's eyes staring at me. They were branded in my back and in my head. We already have been so close to each other; eye in eye that it is just impossible to forget those emerald green eyes. I think no one could live without those eyes; I could look at them all day and drown loosing grip at all reality. At first I wanted to look back and shout something hurtful to him but I didn't. We sat down; I tossed my towel to the floor and pulled off my T-Shirt.

"I'm going to take swim." I tell Marcy and give her a kiss before I step into the water. I stayed under till I really needed some air. I stroke a hand trough my hair to let the water out then I went back to my towel. I pulled Marcy in my arms; at first she tries to push me away because I'm still wet. But soon she realized that I was to strong for her. We messed around for a little and again I feel the Gryffindor staring at me. But this time I did look back. Green into grey. I feel my heart beating faster and faster and faster it almost hurts. I hold his eyes and I try to sneer at him a grin on my face. 'What are you staring at Potter, what's on your mind?' I think to myself.

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