Emma limped into Granny's diner for her lunch, taking a seat at a booth and groaning when she leaned back against it, deciding sitting up would be better for her back.

Ruby came over to take her order. "Why are you limping? Do you want some painkillers?"

"No, I'll be fine, I'll just have a grilled cheese and a hot chocolate."

"Coming right up."

Emma heard the bell on the door chime and the click of familiar heels strut towards her.

"Miss Swan." Emma groaned. "May I ask why you aren't at the station?"

Emma looked at the Mayor in disbelief. "It's lunch. I'm hungry. People know where to find me if they need me."

"And you can't eat lunch at the office?"

"Look, Regina, I can't walk properly. My back is killing me, and I'm going to sit here and enjoy my lunch."

Regina smirked upon hearing of Emma's injuries. "Henry will be along in a minute. May we join you?"

"Uh… Sure."

Regina took the seat opposite Emma just as Henry exited the restroom. Ruby came to take their orders.

Almost immediately after receiving their food, Regina began to run the tip of her heel up and down Emma's leg.

Emma nearly choked on the first bite of her grilled cheese.

Throughout the entire lunch, Emma tried her hardest to focus on what Henry was excitedly talking to her about, only to be distracted by Regina's foot sliding up and down her leg, and by the woman constantly making sex eyes at her.

Later that day, back at the Sheriff's station, Emma was visited by a very happy Regina.

"So, why are you injured?"

"Oh, I think you know why."

The older woman cocked her head to the side, a smirk on her face. "I don't remember. Enlighten me."

Emma sighed. "I pulled a muscle in my thigh because you shoved it too hard to get me to…" Regina raised an eyebrow. "Spread em, as you so nicely put it. And my back is killing me because you tore it open with your damn nails. I had to get Mary Margaret to put this cream stuff on it, and when she asked me how I did it, I had to say that I fell backwards onto the pavement."

Regina gave a small laugh, a victorious smile lighting up her face.

"And not to mention that my right arm is tired out!" Regina laughed even more. "You are a god damn animal."

Regina stepped forward, her hands on Emma's shoulders. "Damn right I am. And you love it."

Emma leant down for a passionate kiss, grabbing Regina's waist and pulling the brunette towards her forcefully.

"I could never deny that."