Hermione awoke, feeling cold metal wrapped around her wrists, her arms outstretched either side of her and the tips of her toes only just touching the floor. The room was dark, lit only by a flame torch hung on the opposite wall.

Her vision was blurred, but she could see that she was in a dark, dank cellar.

She tried to think back to any memories of falling asleep, or anything, really, but couldn't.

She heard a very familiar cackle, and her brows furrowed in confusion when Bellatrix stepped out of the shadows.

"Bella? What are you-"

"Quiet, little mudblood."

"Bella! You promised me you'd never call me that again!"

Bellatrix repeated Hermione's words in a condescending tone, adding "Oh, shut up!"

Tears began to fill Hermione's eyes. "What is this? What's going on? Who's making you do this?"

"No one, Muddy!"

Hermione started to sob. "Bella… Please… I love you! Don't do this! You told me you love me!"

"Love is weakness. Mudblood."

Hermione let her head roll forward, her tears freely running down her face, sobs racking her chained body.

"No… No!"

Bella rushed forward, cupping Hermione's cheek in her hand. Hermione pulled her face away. "Don't touch me! Don't fucking touch me!"

"Hermione, I'm sorry… I…"

"Fuck you!" Hermione shouted, right in Bellatrix's face. "How dare you! How dare you lead me on like this! You made me love you and then you do this to me!"

"Hermione, it's… it's April first…"

The younger witch ground her teeth together, growling. "Let me out." When Bella didn't move, she screamed it at her. "Let me out! Get me down from these fucking chains!"

As she dropped to the floor, a door opened and light flooded into the cellar.

"You thought this was how to pull an April Fools prank? This?!"

"Hermione, I'm s-"

"No! No! Don't you dare say it! Don't you dare say you're sorry! Sorry is not enough, Bella!" Hermione stormed towards the door, and up the stairs, shouting back over her shoulder "I'm never going to forgive you for this! Never!"

Bellatrix hid her face in her hands. She'd royally fucked up this time.