"Love is weakness, Regina!" Maleficent droned in a mockery of Cora's voice. "Love makes you weak!" Trust her to have already started drinking before it was even dark.

Regina laughed a little, but stepped right up in Maleficent's face. "You dare bring my mother up again this evening and I'll send you to meet her." She growled.

Morgana stepped up and placed a hand on Regina's shoulder. "Sweetie, you're getting married in two days, this is your hen night and now is not the time for death threats."

Regina took a breath and nodded, grabbing her coat. "You're right. I should be having a good time. Let's go."

Regina, Maleficent, Morgana Le Fay, Ursula and Gothel all piled into a cab that would take them to Storybrooke's best nightclub.

"Time for body shots!" Morgana shouted, lifting her shirt up to uncover her abdomen.

Regina laughed, spilling her vodka and coke slightly. "We're not doing body shots off you! No matter how much you want us to lick you." The group of girls laughed.

"Then a drinking game!" Ursula piped up. "Every orange teenage girl we see here, one shot. Two shots if she's wearing bright lipstick. Three if she has insanely high heels."

"Two shots if you see someone you think is attractive, three if you'd have them in your bed!" Gothel added.

"First one to pass out makes our coffee in the morning." Maleficent threw in.

"Deal!" Regina smiled. "Seal it with a shot!" All five downed a shot at the same time.

Later that night - or early the next morning, really - Regina and her friends were walking drunkenly around the streets of Storybrooke.

There was a loud bang behind them and they turned to see Ursula lying on the pavement, out cold, a metal trash can rolling around.

They broke out in a fit of giggles. "What do we do? Do we leave her? We can't carry her!" Gothel asked

Dawn was beginning to break, and around the corner Regina could see the Sheriff's patrol car heading towards them. She stepped to the edge of the road, waving her hand out. "Sweetie! Over here!"

Emma pulled up and stepped out. "You are absolutely hammered, you know that right?"

Regina just nodded, turning to point at her passed out friend. "Ursula passed out and we can't carry her. Will you take her back to Morgana's and we'll meet you there?"

Emma sighed, nodding. "You wait here while I take her back, I'll come back for you guys."

"You are such a good finance, do you know that?"

"Finance? Okay, I'll be back in five minutes. You're drunk as a skunk."

Emma got into the car, Ursula already in the back, and pulled away, hearing Morgana shout "Skunks don't get drunk!"

When Emma arrived back, Morgana, Gothel and Mal were standing protectively in front of Regina, who was sitting up against the wall, obviously fast asleep.

When Regina awoke, on Morgana's sofa, she saw in front of her a glass of water and two aspirin. Looking around, she saw the same objects set in front of every one of her sleeping friends.

'I don't remember who, but someone is a saint.' She thought.