"Miss Swan?"

"What do you want now, Regina?" Emma sighed into her phone. She'd had a tough day trying to bring suspects in without handcuffs - somehow, they'd gone missing.

"I was just wondering how your day has been."

Emma raised an eyebrow. "What do you care?"

"Well it can't have been good, having to work without cuffs."

In her private study at her home, Regina was turning from side to side in her swivel chair, spinning the handcuffs on one finger, smirking to herself.

"How the hell did you know I haven't had my cuffs today?!"

"Oh, Sheriff, who do you think stole them?"

"You can't just steal my handcuffs."

"What are you gonna do, arrest me?" She laughed.

"Will I be getting them back as soon as possible?"

"You can have them back on one condition…" Regina paused for a moment. "You come and get them." She hung up.

Emma was just about to knock on the door of the Mayoral Mansion, only for it to be opened by Henry.

"Hey Emma! What're you doing here?"

"Your mom called. She has something I need to pick up. Where are you off to?" She asked, noticing the bag over his back.

"I'm going to a sleepover. Nicolas invited me." He waved past Emma and she turned to see the older boy waving from Michael's car. "Later, Emma." He ran past her, turning back half way down the path. "Oh, and I think mom's in her room."

Emma stepped inside, closing the door and heading towards the stairs. "Regina?" She called.

"I'm in my room!" Was the distant reply.

Emma headed in the direction of the voice, opening the bedroom door and stopped, staring at the sight before her.

Regina smirked, seeing Emma rake her green eyes over her body.

Regina's hands were cuffed above her head, around one of her bedposts, the other two pairs of cuffs connecting her ankles to the bottom corners of the bed. The ring of keys were between her teeth.

She released them, letting them fall onto her chest, just between her bare breasts.

"Still want them back as soon as possible, Sheriff?"