'I'm not calling this Red Swan Queen, simply because I'm kind of a little weird about three-way-ships, but I'll do this as though Swan Queen is unestablished and Emma is doing a favour for both Regina and Ruby. I hope that's okay?'

Emma sat patiently in the waiting room of Storybrooke's own dentistry, waiting for both Regina and Ruby to leave their respective rooms.

There was a loud bang, followed by a high pitched giggle and a door opening. Emma looked up to see Regina falling against the wall across from the door and laughing.

She slowly pushed herself away from the wall and looked down to her feet, holding her arms out to balance herself. She reached another closed door as she stepped through the hallway, which opened to Ruby, who also fell out.

Crashing straight into Regina and sending them both to the floor.

All they did was laugh.

Emma stood up, smiling, and walked over to them helping them up. She held Regina to her and made sure not to let go of Ruby's arm.

"Let's get you guys to the car."

As Emma drove, all she could hear was two sets of giggles from the back seat, and all she could see in the rear-view mirror were Regina and Ruby falling over each other as they laughed at nothing.

Emma shook her head, smiling, and pulled up outside Ruby's place. She helped the slightly younger woman out of the car and into her home, telling her to just sleep and to call her when she woke up.

When she got back into the car, Regina leant forward, through the gap between the front seats.

"Emma…" Regina said in an over-dramatic whisper. "I need to tell you a secret!" She made a 'come here' gesture with her finger. Emma leant in, smiling. "Come closer! Closer!" Emma leant even further in, so much so that Regina's lips were practically pressed against Emma's earlobe. The feeling sent a shiver down her spine.

"I… have the biggest crush… on…" Regina was interrupted by her own giggle. "No! I can't tell you!"

"Regina, you can tell me anything. Come on, spill. I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Regina leant in again. "I have a huge crush on the town Sheriff. Shhh! Don't tell her!"

Emma's eyes widened as Regina sat back again, her eyes falling closed and her breathing soon becoming deeper.

Emma turned back to the steering wheel, trying to fix her thoughts on getting Regina back to her house.