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Chapter 6

Dean woke up in sudden to found he was still in his cozy simple bed, but not at home. So that was a dream, and this is a realty. He live here now, as a slave.

Dean took a deep breath to control his emotion. He wanted to cry again but what for, it wouldn't change anything.

Then he jumped with the key on the door, unlocked it. Someone is coming. Dean has to sigh releaved as the warm figure came in.

"Ah, Dean, you has wake up," Bobby smiled comforting.

"Yes, Sir."

"How's you feeling now?"

Dean bite his lips and head down,

"Much better, Sir."

"Wait, had you been crying?"

Rushly Dean wiped his tears, "No, Sir...,"

Bobby sighed, he know the boy just got the nightmares on his little nap, its all over the monitor. But he didn't want to deal it now, somehow, he had to help Dean to be strong.

"Okay, why don't you take a shower and be ready for dinner."

"Yes, Sir."

And with that Bobby walked out leaving Dean with a warm smile and locked the door back.

Dean right away took a shower and be ready for dinner

Dean's dinner was brought to his room, as he is not allowed to come out from the room as part of his punishment.

The meal was good, with a cochalate pudding, and pie, his favorite . They really treated him so good. Did they treated all slaves good like this? But remember the look off the chained slave on the car's floor made him believed no they treated the slave bad too. This is just camuflase, its all just a fake. And he also knew that something waiting for after dinner, he could sense that as the Lord Master has meet him and a punishment for his action has waited for him. But Dean didn't care anymore. He didn't care for anything more, his life just end since the he entered the juvenile institution

Dean sighed tried to calm as waiting for the next thing. His plate had taken out by Maria the nice maid and he just now waited. But he couldn't help to jump as hearing the door was unlocked, and appeared Sir Joshua. Dean held his breath nervously.

"Hello, boy, how's your dinner?"He asked calmly.

"Its good, Sir, thenkyou very much, Sir."

Joshua nodded, "Good. Now its time, Dean. Master wants to see you now."

Dean couldn't help to gasp nervously.

Joshua watch the sudden face change. But didn't say a word.

Reluctanly Dean offered his wirsts out to be cuffed.

Joshua sighed little and took Dean's hand on the back, and cuffed there.

Dean even nervously.

"Come boy, Master didn't like to wait too long," he gently lead the boy,

Dean just wanted to cry, as he didn't know what come ahead .

As they walk to Master bed room, Dean's heart could stop beating so fast, wondered what Master would do to him. Punish him or taking him. Master Winchester . He was kept virgin, so he might have a good price, and Master Morgan had paid him good, surely for his virginity, so its now, it is the time.., Dean wanted to cry even more.

Then the stopped in front of the large door, Sir Joshua knock it. As heard the answered from inside the chamber, Sir, Joshua opened the door wide for him, and led him in.

"Good evening, Sir, Dean is here,"

"Yes, please, thankyou very much, Josh."

Dean had to gasp with the large chamber he walked in, with the big bed on one side, then cozy couch on the right side. But the he pushed his head down as met the Lord's eyes.

Sir Joshua ordered him to sit by knee on a rug. He felt even nervous as he felt a chain attaching to his cuffed hands and connecting itu to an ring under the rug. Now he was chained on the floor, cannot move, made him even shivered.

There's a silent moment, which he believed Master was staring him. Dean only could see his feet, and the fabric of his silk kimono, waiting for any move, even with worst one, being slapped or kicked.

At the corner his eyes, he could see some strange on right side of the wall. A tiny cage, with something on it.

"Hello, Dean ..." a soft voice distract him made him jumped and back focused to the figure infront of him.
"Master...," he could only said that. He knew he should addressed him with 'Master' but he couldn't.

John sighed with smile.

"Josh, would you release his wirst, please," he asked nicely.

Joshua, "Aye, sir," and rightaway, uncuffed Dean's hands.

Dean sighed in relieve.

"Please, Dean, have a sit on the couch, we will have a nice chat here."

Dean bit lips for taking the words meaning 'nice chats' . Obediently he sat n the cozy couch where Sir

Joshua led him gently. His head remain down.

" You may now leave, Josh."

"Aye Sir," and he retreat with close the door behind.

As Sir Joshua left, Dean felt chills as he was alone with his Lord Master, he didn't want to be alone.

"How are you today, son?" He asked gently

"I'm fine today, Sir, thenkyou," with still head down, not dare to look up on Master level eyes.

"Have any dizzyness today?"

"No. Sir,"

"Any nausea?"

"No, Sir."

"Have a good dinner?"

"Yes Sir, thankyou very much, Sir."

"Good," he sighed relieved.

There's a silent a moment.

"Raise your head, boy," he asked gently full of quite authority.

Dean couldn't move, he was frozen, but he knew it would get him into more trouble.

Obediently Dean raised his head but still eyes down, not daring to look at his master

"And raise you eyes too, soo, let me see your eyes."

Timidly Dean raised his eyes and met his master eyes. A warm , gently, loving eyes starring him, made him flew. He wore a nice and expensive silk kimono

"That's better," John smiled.

Dean didn't answered.

"You look paled. Are you sure you feeling alright, son?"

Dean gulped, the man was toying with him, playing nice until he ripped his's clothes off and thrashed him, then fucked him as well.

"Yes, Sir..," he replayed slowly.

John nodded.

"Well, I had some report today. What happened there?"

Dean gasped in fear.

"Won't you tell me, why you tried to ran away ?"

Dean bit his lips nervous. Master asked him, then punishes him after hearing all he said. Cold sweat runs down. He couldn't help to take a look on the tiny cage on side of the wall that he just realizes theres a boy laid there. To horor him, the boy was blindfolded and naked with chassity belt. He believed it was the same boy that restrain on the car boy seemed to sleep, and not aware he was there. He had a view, by tomorrow he would be ended there like him, strapped on that tiny cage.

He shivered and really wanted to cry.

John caught Dean eyes to laying figure on his tiny cage.

"Ah, you have met Sam before," he smiled. "Ignore him, Dean, dont look at him. He'd been so naughty these days, so I had to put him like that."

"But you dont need to be afraid, coz i wont put you on that, before you are ready."

Dean gulped in nervous.

"So tell me again, what happened? I won't mad, I won't get angry, and I won't put you on that place," pointing the cage. "I promise."

Dean shivered, Master mentioned the cage again. There's a silent moment before shrugged in fear.

"I don't know, Sir,"

"Not good enough, Dean" John's voice was still gentle but firm

"I don't know, Master!"

John raised his eyes heavenwards, "Dean, I wasn't waiting for you to call me master, I was waiting for an explanation as to why you ran away. You do know runaway slaves can be executed if their masters want, don't you?'

Dean showed no reaction.

"Dean I'm not threatening you, I genuinely want to know why you're so unhappy you ran away. And where you thought you'd go to?"

Dean felt his eyes fill with tears, as much at the sympathetic voice as the knowledge he had no where to go.

John gave a smile,

"Dean, I know, you haven't accepted being a slave, pleasure slave at that. I know that's why they drugged you, to keep you obedient for the sale."

Dean's face fell even furthe, if they knew that they'd be trying to break him, fucking him, whipping him, worse than Dalton,

"Sir, I will try to obey, I promise,"

That threw John, he'd been expecting defiance not this dejected attitude, he looked at Dean, for once lost for words.

Dean suddenly realised he wasn't acting the obedient slave, he scrambled off of the couch to kneel at John's feet,

"Dean, get up, son, get back on your bed and we'll talk,"

Dean started to shake, Dalton had always said "we'll talk' before mentally and physically abusing him…

"Please sir… I'm sorry… don't… don't…"

"Don't what…?' John was getting confused"

"Don't … fuck me… please!" he sheepishly like a 5 years old boy.

John suddenly realised Dean thought he wanted sex, he fought to keep the smile off of his face.

"Dean, I have no intention of, 'fucking' you tonight, not before your acceptation. Now get off of your knees and onto the couch, I want you to tell me what is worrying you."

Astounded Dean did as he was told, John thought how young he looked with his knees drawn up under his chin… arms clasped round them

He let out a sigh

"Now why did you run away this afternoon? And tell me the truth"

"I thought, I thought you were coming tonight to fuck me and made me like that…," he glanced little to the cage, and I was scared, I just panicked."

"What on earth made you think that?"

"Sir Joshua said you were coming to see me tonight, it made sense, you bought me as a sex slave, …" Dean let the sentence trail off, John gave him a gentle smile

"Yes, Dean, I bought you as a sex slave and also as a pleasure slave, and that means your pleasure as much as anyone elses, and for my pleasure as well. But I don't `fuck' my slave and made him like that on the level he hasn't accepting as my slave." He then turned to his submissive slave on the cage with smiled,

"Sam is my great sex slave, Dean. How he looked now, is by his willingness. He's ready for having those treatments, he accepted to be a slave and submissive under my control. But you …, you haven't accept it I believe, son, so wouldn't make you one like him, before you are ready."

Dean bit his, not understanding what His Master said. Dalton said, Slave are meant to do whatever he was told weather he like it or not, and he was a slave now.

"Dean, let me explain this, you are my slave and I bought you with a good price, sure I have full authority on you that I have spent a lot money on you, but I do prefer to have an happy slave, so I will make sure you happy here before we do what I want to do."

Dean bit his lips.

"Yes, I'm sexually active. I can be gentle master or I can be a harsh master if that necessary, but I would never-never hurt the feeling of my slaves, because I took a loving relationship between a master and a slave for granted than to be a mean and beast master. Slave is still human, and I still keep that.

"I used to have slaves, but at the moment I only have one, it Sam," he directed to the lying figure on the cage.

Dean turned to the cage, and the slave inside still curled in deep sleep.

"I love him dearly. He had been my single slave for couple years, then I decide him have a partner, that's why I bought you, Dean."

Dean was stunned,"But, I'm not…" the word stuck in his throat, "gay"

"I never thought you were, Dean, love and attraction is the same no matter what the gender. I merely provide an environment in which these relationships can flouris, there are no female slave. If one of the slaves I select really cannot be attracted to another male then I find them another home. No one is forced."

Dean nodded.

"What I need to know from you now Dean is whether you will accept education, to be my kind of slave. Because if you won't there is no point in us continuing. I'll find you another master, someone who is kind."

Dean bit his lip.

"You're scared Dean, that's understandable. You're wondering what kind of `education' you will be subject to. I have no idea what that bastard who tried to `break' you did but I don't believe in breaking a person. You may find my ideas hard to understand, you will never be punished for that."

Dean felt the tears running down his face.

John pulled out a clean white handkerchief and gently wiped them away, the first time he had touched the boy since the compound.

"I know he put you through hell Dean. I try not to. One day I hope you'l be able to tell me what he did so I can truly understand your sadness but I won't force you. I will not make anybody to have sex with you. I want you ready for that. Your sexuality ripe for picking so it truly is a special moment, both for you and whoever is lucky enough to have the honour. He will just show you some of the endless pleasures you can get from your body…and not be struck dead for… Trust, like love has to be earned, I have to earn these things from you. Will you accept the chance to learn…?'

Dean thought, what choice did he have…? Slowly he nodded.

John smiled, "Excellent, you are intelligent as well as beautiful. Now I know why you ran today, we have to discuss the matter of your punishment, I would be a bad master if I neglected to punish you for things you did you knew were wrong, and I'm can be quite strict on my slave."

Then surprised, he heard a rattle voice and a jerk shocking movement form the tiny cage, bumped his head, waking up the slave inside. To Dean realized, it was from the shocking collar on that slave.

Dean paled. He waited for another movement, and another shock came. As there's no other shock, reluctantly the slave curled back and back to sleep.

Dean's shuddered in fear and paled.

"No, Dean, I will not put you in his position yet, not before you accepting your place."

Dean bit his lips still not sure what he heard.

"Tonight I'll put you on a solitary room for two days, to give you time for thinking of what you are now, then you may start you education."

Dean went paled again.

John knew how afraid Dean to hear 'solitary room and education', he wanted to comfort him, but somehow he had to teach Dean to handle his fear. By the end, the will know slavery he created was not always fearness. Dean had to learn that.

He sighed than pushed the button on calling Joshua.

Dean gasped as the big guy Sir Joshua come appeared.

"We finish here, could you take Dean to Solitary Room, please? He will spend there for two days."

Joshua looked at the boy who sat on couch nervously fear.

"Aye, Sir," with nodded.

He approached the boy, "Come, Dean,|

Wordlessly Dean stood up with pulling his hands out, ready to be cuffed again.

"No Dean, no cuffed to be need," Master John voice jumped him.

Dean bit his lips, "Thank you, Sir," he said timidly.

John nodded and watched the poor boy being led out.

As the door closed, John turned to the tiny cage. He pressed the botton twice, made Sam jerk in shock twice and stayed alert.

"You hear that, boy?"

"Yes, Master."

He approached the cage and opened the door's cage. He cupped the face and found the blind eyes were wet.

"Are you crying, Sam ?"

"Yes, Master…," he replayed timidly.

"Why you cry ?"

"Poor Dean, I can't imagine how it felt to be forced to be something I don't want to be."

"Yes, but it happened, he has to try to accept it. You are gonna help him, Sam."

"But what If I can't and what if he couldn't love me, back?"

"Trust me, son, he will. It takes time, yes, but he will accept and he will love you back," he rubbed that wet cheek.

"Now, come out, let's get this thing off," as he led the boy from the tiny cage, and led him to the bath room .


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