"Emma!" Regina called through the huge house.

The blonde came rushing in. "What is it?! Is the baby coming?!"

The brunette rolled her eyes. "I don't even have a bump yet. Anyway, I want ice cream. Go get some."

"We have ice cream."

"But not the kind I want! I want mint chocolate chip!" She pouted up at her 'baby-daddy' from the sofa, using her best puppy-dog eyes.

The Sheriff sighed. "Fine. I'll be back in like five minutes. Call me if you need anything else."

"Congratulations." The ultrasound nurse said as she put the scanner away. "You're having twins. Two girls, from what I can tell."

"Emma!" Regina called from her spot in bed.

The blonde came stumbling through the bedroom door. "What is it?! Are the babies coming?!"

Regina rolled her eyes. "I'm only six months along. I want a sandwich."

"What kind?"

The baby-mama seemed to think for a moment. "Marshmallow fluff, nutella and... Hot sauce."

Emma made a disgusted face and disappeared again.

"Emma!" Regina called from the kitchen.

Emma came in. "Are the babies coming?!"

"I have a whole month left. I dropped my phone, can you pass it?"

"Why can't you get it?" Emma bent down and picked up the iPhone.

Regina pointed at her enormous belly, the huge bump preventing her from bending over.

"Emmaaaaa!" Regina screamed from her spot on the sofa one evening.

Emma ran through from the kitchen, still holding her empty mug from being about to pout coffee into it. "What is it?!"

"The babies are coming! Get me to the hospital!"

The mug fell to the floor and luckily didn't smash. She helped Regina towards the sleek black car they'd bought for her - if they were going to be a family, Regina had banished the yellow bug to the local junkyard - and started the car, glad that Henry was staying a friend's house that night.

"Breathe, like they told you to!"

"You did this to me!" Regina screamed as she held Emma's hand in a vice-like grip.

"Push!" The midwife shouted.

"I hate you!"

"No you don't!"

"Miss Mills, Miss Swan... Your baby girls." The midwives handed both babies - one wrapped in pink and the other in a light purple - to Regina. She held one in each arm and looked between them lovingly.

Emma leaned over, one arm around the brunette's shoulders, as she looked down at the children - their children.

The little girl in pink had wisps of blonde hair visible, and obviously had Emma's chin and nose, much like Henry. The purple-wrapped girl had seemingly thick black hair poking out of her blanket, and even as a newborn, Regina's cheekbones were visible, along with her chin and nose.

"Do you two have any names picked out?" The midwife - Chloe - asked.

"This little one," Emma stroked the fair-skinned cheek of the blonde. "Is Levina May Mills-Swan. And this one..." She repeated the gesture on the darker-haired girl. "Hadria Lyla Mills-Swan."

Emma and Regina shared a look and, for the first time since their heated night of passion nine months ago, they kissed, with the blonde stroking the brunette's cheek as fondly as she had the children's.