Emma stepped into the large ballroom that she never knew City Hall even had. Nervously, she ran her hands down her dress, pretending to smooth it. 'I can't believe Ruby managed to get me into this thing. I'm not even supposed to be here. It's New Years Eve, I should be at home. Drinking.' She thought, running her hands through her now dyed-red hair.

The dress was white and floor length, with a long slit that was less than an inch from indecent exposure. Her mask matched it, and covered her eyes and part of her nose. On her lips, she wore a deep red lipstick.

'Masquerade balls are so weird.' She thought.

Stepping further into the large room and heading straight for a champagne flute, she spotted a woman she was sure was the Mayor.

'Oh, great.'

Emma couldn't fail to notice that the woman looked absolutely stunning. Shocking, yes, but stunning.

Regina wore a leather corset that hugged the figure Emma never knew she had, with a black skirt that concealed her feet. Nevertheless, Emma was positive that there were black boots under there.

'Reminiscent of a certain Death Eater…'

Emma turned around, taking in the large buffet table.

For a moment, she could feel eyes tracing down her back. She turned half around, and the strange sensation stopped.

Emma decided she'd spent a while just strolling around the room. She got the occasional compliment from a passing male, but their words meant nothing to her. She wanted a compliment from the woman who's eyes had been on her since she'd entered the room.

Later that night, when Midnight was creeping closer and the countdown began, Emma spotted the dark woman heading towards her.


Regina was impatiently pushing the crowd out of her way.

Four… Three…

She reached the red-headed goddess as the crowed cheered 'Two!' and pulled her into a kiss a moment after 'One!'

Emma was in pure shock. Regina… was kissing her…

She got over her shock quickly and leant into the kiss.

When they pulled apart, Regina smiled widely.

"May I remove your mask?"

Emma nodded. Regina's hand reached up and pulled the white affectation up into the red hair. Her eyes widened instantly and she snapped her hand away as Emma smirked.

"Happy New Year, Madame Mayor." Emma said, strutting away to tell Ruby all about her midnight kiss and leaving the Mayor stood there, dumbstruck.