Needless to say, Emma and Regina avoided each other as much as they could for the entirety of January. Thanks to Ruby, it was also common knowledge amongst the town members that the two had kissed at midnight.

"I actually kind of enjoyed it, Rubes. She's got really soft lips." Emma muttered to her friend on their night out at the end of the month.

"I don't wanna hear about it, Em!" Ruby laughed. "If you wanna kiss her again, go do it! She's over there!" Ruby pointed out the Mayor, sitting solemnly with Kathryn and sipping at wine. As Emma turned to look, Regina looked up. They caught each others gaze and both women instantly looked away.

"I dunno. She's avoided me the whole month."

"Probably because she wants to do it again and thinks you don't want to."

"You think so?" She risked a glance toward Regina, who was staring at her fiddling hands.

"I know so."

Emma downed the rest of her beer and stood up abruptly.

"Will you just get up and go kiss her?"

"I will do no such thing, Kathryn!"

"Oh, please, you're staring at her as if you're trying freaking mind control!"

Regina sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened them, Emma was looking right at her. She quickly looked away again.

"I don't know... She's been avoiding me since it happened."

"Probably because she wants to do it again, and thinks you don't want to."

Regina sighed and started fiddling with her hands. "I don't know..." She smiled a little as her favourite slow song started to play.

"Regina." The Mayor looked up at the sound of the Sheriff's voice.

"Can I help you, Sheriff Swan?"

"Yeah. Dance with me."

"I beg your pardon?!" Kathryn and Ruby watched intently from their seats as everyone else in the bar watched with wide eyes.

"Dance with me. C'mon." Emma grabbed Regina's hand and pulled her onto the small dance floor.

"Miss Swan, this is completely inappropriate."

"Is it, Regina? Is it really?" Emma pulled Regina against her and brought both hands down to wrap loosely around the woman's waist. On instinct, Regina's hands came up to the blonde's shoulders.

They swayed slowly and Regina kept her eyes on Emma's, forcing herself not to look at the crowd of citizens that were staring.

"Remember that thing we did at the New Years party?" Regina nodded a little. "I'm gonna do it again, right now. Tell me no if you don't want to kiss me."

Emma slowly leant in and the brunette hesitated before leaning up to meet soft lips with her own.

As they kissed, across the room Ruby looked at Kathryn and lifted her glass. The blonde mimicked the action and they sipped their drinks at the same time, both smirking.