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Alpha & Omega

:Follow the Leader:

Garth hadn't bothered to stop running, he was too busy panicking for his life. He hadn't even had the chance to turn around and see if Humphrey was trying to fend off Eve, or had just stopped for a breath.

'Almost there,' he muttered to himself and dashed through the western pack main grounds.

Just up ahead was the one place he felt he could hide away and be safe from Eve's wrath. Just up in the den, he knew he would find his mate and she would be able to help him get away unscathed from the vicious wolf.

Getting closer, Garth saw a small glint of white walking down a path that led towards the mouth of the den. He knew there was only one wolf in their packs that had such a feature.

"Lilly!" He shouted and ran towards her.

Lilly stopped at the base of the slope and looked up. "Garth!" She yelled and ran towards him, wagging her tail happily and smiling widely.

Lilly and Garth ran up to each other quickly and only stopped when they were mere feet apart.

"Garth, you're back!" Lilly said excitedly and went to hug her mate.

Garth willingly returned the gesture and nuzzled her back. "I missed you too, Lilly," he said, thankful that he hadn't been caught by Eve yet, but still feeling the need to be cautious.

"How did things go with mom?" Lilly asked curiously, still clinging onto him.

At the mention of their mother, Garth twitched and looked around hurriedly. "Is she here?" He asked, looking to and fro. He had been late for their meeting, and from the way Eve had pinned him down earlier he wasn't sure if she had quit yet.

"No silly," Lilly giggled softly. "Just my dad and Tony."

Feeling it was time for her plan to come into action, Lilly backed up slightly and released her grip from Garth. Though she didn't want to, she knew it would turn out for the best of their situation.

Though Garth had wanted to stay there with Lilly, he was curious as to why they were called to separate meetings.

"Uh-Lilly?" He started, ensuring that he got her attention.

"Huh?" She turned to face him so quickly that some of her hair flopped over.

Garth chuckled at the occasion and took a step forward. "What did they want to talk to us about?" He asked Lilly as he nudged the fallen hair away from her eyes.

No matter how many times he had done that for her, it never ceased to amaze him how beautiful of a color her eyes were, and she never stopped him.

Lilly smiled widely and giggled a little. "Oh, that," she said nervously and looked towards where Garth had just come from.

Garth looked onward and saw Humphrey talking to Kate about something. Kate was walking towards them, but Humphrey seemed less enthusiastic about something from what he could see.

"We have to talk to them about it first." Lilly said cheerfully. She truly wanted to have Garth get along with Humphrey, but with their personalities it would take something drastic to turn them around.

"Alright," Garth nodded and walked towards them with Lilly by his side.

"Really, Kate?" Humphrey asked grimly as he trailed behind her.

"U-huh." Kate said boldly as she strode ahead.

"But-" Humphrey stammered out and quickly ran up to her "He started it!"

"And he'll apologize too." Kate called back, just low enough not to reach Lilly and Garth.

Humphrey didn't want to apologize for something he didn't start. He tried being friends with Garth almost as soon as he became Kate's mate. But every time he tried to, something went wrong.

'If it were up to Eve, she'd just throw us in a hole until we worked things out,' Humphrey thought to himself.

"Lilly!" Kate called out up ahead to her sister, seeing her walk with Garth over towards them.

Lilly smiled back and continued to walk alongside Garth until the four finally met face to face.

Deciding to take the lead on the situation Kate was the first to speak up.

"So, I'm guessing you two don't know why mom called you over then, huh?" She asked, focusing her question on Humphrey and Garth.

The two looked at each-other and shook their heads.

Lilly nuzzled up to Garth, she hated being the bearer of bad news. Garth looked down at her lavender, glossy eyes; he couldn't say no to her.

Having caught his attention, Lilly proceeded to tell him what was going on "It's because you tw-"

Kate sighed; she wanted to solve the problem quickly.

"Mom and Dad said you two are getting on each-others' nerves." Kate said bluntly, not letting Lilly take over. She was getting a little impatient, she had other things she had to do; her way, she knew, was for the best.

Garth and Humphrey awkwardly stared at Kate, and then towards one another.

"Oh, come on," Humphrey said sarcastically and walked up to Garth. "This guy's got nerves of steel, look." Humphrey sat next to Garth and started making faces at him.

"Can you stop with the faces?" He asked sternly. Garth, though somewhat annoyed with the gestures, refused to move as it might upset Lilly.

While Humphrey was busy mocking Garth, Lilly slunk over to Kate and tapped her on her shoulder.

"Kate," Lilly asked. "What's wrong with Humphrey?"

Kate took one look back at him and smiled. Her plan to get them to make up for lost time had to work, she couldn't stop now. "Mom scared him," she said back without even attempting to tell Lilly her true plan.

Lilly still didn't believe it. She had known Humphrey from a pup, and he just didn't look like his old happy self. "I mean why's he-" Lilly began.

"It's nothing, Lilly," Kate whispered, cutting her off. "We just have to get them to get along, remember."

"Humphrey, stop!" Garth yelled, making Humphrey stop in the middle of one of his 'faces' with his tongue touching his nose, and his paws opening his eyes wider.

"So what can we do?" Garth sighed, since they were right, he and Humphrey were not the best of even acquaintances. From what he knew about Lilly, he needed to have the chance to work things out, since Humphrey was a childhood friend of hers.

"Well, they gave us the day off." Kate said happily.

"Finally," Humphrey broke away from his 'mockery' and looked towards Winston's den. "Kate, you really could use some vacation time, stress really makes you cranky," he said nonchalantly.

"I'm not cranky!" Kate yelled back, proving Humphrey's point. Realizing she fell into his antics again, she shook her head as well.

Lilly, seeing the situation fall apart more and more, knew it was her time to act. "I have an idea." She said

"Really, what?" Garth responded first, he was curious to see what she had to offer for a solution to their problem.

She turned to see both Humphrey and Kate wore similar looks of curiosity on their faces. Lilly felt a bit bolder about her plan "I think we should go somewhere as a group."

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