CHAPTER 4: Serene is to Chaos

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Niou Masaharu spent his vacant periods on the rooftop; he loved the silence in the rooftop. He loved watching people walking around from up there. He loved how the sun shone on him, how the wind seemed warmer, how the sky seemed closer. But what he loved the most about the rooftop, was, it was the only place where he could be free to dream about things, people, pranks, tennis, without anyone disturbing him.


Or so he thought.

"What do you want Yaaaaaaaguu?" He purposely distorted the other boy's name.

"Did I disturb you?" Yagyuu asked noting the irritated tone of Niou's voice.

"Yah think?" was the response.

"Sumimasen. I just wanted to ask you something." Yagyuu reasoned out.

"What is it that you want to ask that you have to invade my happy place?" Niou leaned on the fence and crossed his arms.

"About what you said the other day after the Kantou finals." Yagyuu started.

"So? Interested in playing doubles?" Niou asked.

"I've considered it, and I think I'll take that offer." Yagyuu adjusted his glasses.

"We can start training soon, but since you're not in the regulars yet, we can't compete in tournaments yet." Niou explained.

"I understand perfectly Niou-kun." Yagyuu nodded then began to walk away.

"Yagyuu, can I ask you something?" Niou called out.

"Absolutely Niou-kun." Yagyuu turned towards the boy waiting for his next words.

Niou thought for a while before speaking up, "Never mind." Then turns his back on Yagyuu.

"Iiyo." Yagyuu confused, then walked down from the rooftop.

Back in his silence and alone time, Niou went back to sightseeing, when he spotted a familiar purple head walking out of the library. Unconsciously he smiles, and for some unexplained reason his heart was lighter.


Yagyuu Hiroshi loved to read, but when he was not reading, he would observe people. He didn't need silence or alone time to do that, his eyes would dance from one person to another closely monitoring their movements and facial reactions. He could tell your life story just by observing you move from one part of the room to another. He didn't mind being disturbed in his observing; he welcomed everyone with a smile.

"Yagyuu-kun." Yanagi called out.

"Yanagi-kun, nande?"

"I wanted to go over some things for the tennis club with you."

"Sure, what is it about?" he willingly offered his help.

He rarely rejected any one who asked for his help. He was happier that way, being helpful and approachable.


"Kirihara-kun, can I help you with anything?"

"Ano, Yagyuu-senpai, I need help with my English home work." Akaya replied scratching his head a bit.

"I thought Yanagi-kun helped you with English?"

"Ano, Yanagi-senpai is a bit busy today, do you mind helping me out with this?"

"Of course Kirihara-kun, here let me see that."

He was the gentleman, and to that nickname he perfectly moved to every rhythm.

"Yagyuu, can you do some extra errands for me today?"

"Hai, Watanabe-sensei."

"I need to finish checking these papers, so can you facilitate the student council meeting today? I don't think I'll make it."

"No problems sensei."

Yes, indeed he enjoyed living his life that way. But in the middle of all that, there was something bothering Yagyuu, a certain feeling he was unsure of, triggered by a certain purple head that he often bumps into in the hallway.


Suzuki Mayumi was used to being ignored; she was used to being invisible and unnoticed. She was the complete opposite if her cousin Yukimura Seiichi, who was popular, admired and loved. She was contented being in the shadows, because she believed her life was easier that way. But her world changed when one silverette decided that she would be the target of his "affection", a.k.a. his favourite pranks target.


"Argh! Goo again." She cried.

She was so used to that abnormal attention she was getting, she felt abandoned when he suddenly decided his new favourite target would be Kirihara Akaya, leaving her back in the shadows.

"Suzuki-kun, ohayou!"

"Ohayou Yagyuu-kun!"

"Did Niou-kun bother you today?"

"Iie, arigato for asking Yagyuu –kun."

Then there came the gentleman, who showed her concern and attention, without the pranks and tricks, just plain attention and friendship. But then again, he was friendly and a gentleman to everyone, not just to her. Being so, she felt she had no right to own that attention.

Something inside her felt uneasy. She would smile whenever she sees the gentleman, but her heart would beat fast when she sees the trickster. She became confused. And now her silent happy world was a mess.




"Going home?"

"Hai, you?"

"Tennis practice isn't over yet."

"Demo, why are you here?" she asked confused.

"Just walking around." He continued to stare at her.

She felt uncomfortable being stared at by the trickster, "I-I'll be going on ahead then Niou-kun, gambatte ne?" she begins to walk away, then stops and turns around, "And, Niou-kun omedetou for winning the Kantou finals, I heard your opponent didn't even score a point."

Niou smirked, "Be careful going home Suzuki." He turns and leaves.

Mayumi stared at the tricksters back, she was more confused. Why did he become so nice all of a sudden?

From somewhere a pair of eyes hiding behind oval spectacles watched, grasping his tennis racket tightly.

"Something you want won't come to you if you just stare at it from afar." Yukimura suddenly spoke.

"Yukimura-kun." He turns surprised.

"How long are you going to stare from afar Yagyuu? I see Niou has already made his move." Yukimura steps up beside the other boy watching the trickster walking back to court and the purple head girl standing near the school gates staring at the silverette's back.

Yagyuu clear his throat, "What do you mean Yukimura-kun?" he tries to deny.

"Yagyuu, why don't you even try?" Yukimura smiled then patted the other on the shoulder before heading back to the court, "If you're not even going to try, then you best stop staring."

Yagyuu turns around to look at the demigod walking away, then turns to look at the trickster who had a smirk on his face, then back to the purple head who was now walking out of their school gates. He sighs then walks back to the courts.



Mayumi lifted her head to find Yagyuu smiling at her holding his bento.

"Do you mind if I seat here?"

"Iie, go ahead." Mayumi replied closely watching Yagyuu who was settling in across from her in the cafeteria.

"How is your day so far?" Yagyuu gladly asked as he opened his bento.

"It's okay I guess." Mayumi replied uncomfortably.

People passing by couldn't help but look at the two seated in the farthest corner of the cafeteria.

"Ano, Yagyuu-kun, daijabou?" Mayumi asked the boy who was quietly eating his lunch.

"Hai. Nande?" Yagyuu stopped eating and stared at the girl.

"Ano, you usually eat with the guys from the tennis club, but now you're here with me." She shyly explained.

"Don't you want me to eat lunch with you?" Yagyuu adjusted his glasses.

"Iie, iie, I was just surprised."

"Iiyo, I can leave if you want." Yagyuu offered.

"Mind if I join you two?" Niou appeared holding his bento.

"Niou-kun?" the two said in unison.

Niou had already settled himself in on the table.

Awkward silence followed, only the sound of chopstick on their respective bentos could be heard.

From across the cafeteria a pair of blue eyes was watching happily.

"Yukimura, what are you doing?" Sanada asked with a frown as he too was watching the events that were happening.

"I'm eating lunch." Yukimura replied innocently.

Sanada crossed his arms and stared at Yukimura.

"Nani?" Yukimura asked with a mischievous smile.

"What's with the staring competition?" Yanagi asked the two as he arrived with Akaya carrying their respective bentos.

"Sanada's being impenetrable again." Yukimura replied to Yanagi.

"Genechiro, you need to learn to lighten up." Yanagi stated as he sat beside Sanada.

"Oi minna!" Marui greeted the group as he arrived with Jackal.

"What's with the strange atmosphere?" Jackal inquired.

"Sanada-senpai has been staring at Yukimura-fukubuchou since we arrived Jackal-senpai." Akaya explained his mouth half full with lunch.

"Akaya, don't talk when there's food in your mouth!" Sanada reprimanded then went back to staring at Yukimura.

"Oh, Niou and Yagyuu aren't here yet." Marui noted the two's absence.

"Oh their here." Yukimura replied playfully.

"Where?" Akaya turned his head from side to side.

Yukimura pointed to the other end of the cafeteria.

The regulars turned towards the direction that Yukimura was pointing and noted Niou and Yagyuu seated in a table with Mayumi.

"What are those two doing there?" Marui asked.

"Having lunch with my cousin, you got a problem with that Marui?" Yukimura replied dangerously.

"Iie, no problem at all Yukimura." Marui replied slightly hiding behind Jackal.

"Yukimura." Sanada said firmly.


Sanada's eyes narrowed.

"They're just having lunch Sanada." Yukimura reasoned out.

Marui, Jackal, Akaya and Yanagi looked at each other, they were confused at what was happening but they had a pretty good idea what was going on.


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