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Unlimited Dreams


All human beings are also dream beings, for dreaming tie's all Humans together (Jack Kerouac)

A dream you Dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality ( John Lennon)

Throw your dream's into Space like a Kite, and you do not know what you will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love. (Anais Nin)

If one dreams, he has hope, if one attains that dream, then it was never a dream at all, but a reality. (Unknown)


The vying swirling darkness, it's always the same. It is always the same, or so it starts out that way. The darkness would stay that way for… how long? It is unknown, it's just there until that happens.

Yes, the darkness begins to fade, and what now takes its place is light. Light without form, light without purpose, light that is simply… there.

That is… until she comes along.

A woman, no taller than a girl in her late teens. She comes into the light, wearing her long pink gown and her equally pink nightcap, both adorned with many brightly colored blue and red ribbons. Her oddly colored hair is perhaps one of the more striking features she has, not many normal people have bright violet hair like she does.

Then, then the next stage happens. She would turn to me, half hidden, but it is alright, for it is always graced with a small smile, like she enjoys being in that light. It always got wider as she would look at me, starting to shine like the light she stayed in.

Then she would motion me over, her hand outstretched to mine. I don't know when I would get there, but I would always take her hand and she would wrap her fingers in with mine, as I would do for hers.

She would always then turn to the light and point her free hand at it. Then, then the light would bend, warp and reshape itself, something to her design. But they would always be circle's, circle's with stars, octagons, squares, triangles, few and many, one or hundreds.

It would be a magnificent display, then, she would lower her hand and look to me, her face still half hidden, but still smiling with expectancy, waiting for me to do something as well.

I would then raise my own hand and shape the light to my own will, bending and warping, changing its form. But they would be different from hers, whereas as her would be shapes, mine would be colors, hundreds of thousands of colors blending and forming into new colors.

I could never make the shapes; they are too structured.

I don't know why, but she knows she could never do the colors as well, we would both be fascinated with the other's skills, and then, we would both lift our hands, and it would neither be shapes nor colors, but both blended together into a beauty that neither one of us could do alone.

But then it would come to an end, we would both be sad, I know because I would feel a longing ache after the light would vanish.

Then she would turn to me and smile and release my hand, vanishing back into the darkness, not to be seen until the next dream.

But her smile is always in my mind, along with the shapes she can make with the colorless light.

Xx ? xX

"Andrew Radek! I Think I have told you 100 times already what would happen if I caught you sleeping in my class again!"

The older man, who was the teacher of the class of 40, stood over a sleeping young man in his late teens, close to his twenties.

His long dirty blond hair obscured most of his face, but his mouth was hanging wide open, making a rather loud snoring noise.

The fact that the young man didn't wake up when he yelled caused the teacher to start busting a few blood vessels in his head


Andrew quickly jolted to wakefulness, not from the loud yelling, oh no, he could sleep through even a fire alarm.

No, it was the fact that the teacher kicked his chair, causing it to scoot a few inches away from his desk and causing his head to fall off the hardwood that did the trick


Andrew bolted right up, his light gray eyes standing fully open and awake, the rest of the class started to giggle at the display of a forty year old man getting so worked up.

Andrew turned his head this way and that, not really quite aware just yet before he turned his eyes to his teacher.

Andrew looked him up and down a few time's, not really paying attention to the angry glare he was receiving from the man's hard black eyes. The young man then smiled at him and raised his hand in greeting

"Oh… good morning Mister Harrison… Has class started yet?"

Harrison gripped the bridge of his nose in sheer annoyance while the rest of the class started laughing out loud.

The grizzled old teacher, after gaining control of his emotions, let out a very loud sigh,

"Class has been in session for about 40 minutes. You even answered a question not but 20 minutes ago!"

Andrew blinked his eyes a few times, not quite sure if he had heard right or not.

"I did?... huh… Oh well, I'll *YAWN* I'll stay awake this time…"

The teacher started to tap his foot impatiently,

"Forgive me if I don't believe you… God, how you manage to get straight A's in Psychology even though you sleep through the whole class is beyond me…"

Andrew smiled up at his teacher,

"Guess I'm just good at it"

Mr. Harrison rolled his eyes yet again,

"You better be thankful that you are or else I would have chewed you out long ago… Now let's get back on topic class…"

Andrew watched as the older man walked back down the steps and continued on with his lecture, leaving him to yawn yet again and look back down at his notebook, his brow twisting slightly in thought as he examined his paper

"Huh… I don't remember writing any of that…"

Sure enough, there were some words on the paper that were not a part of the lecture and definitely not English. It looked more like it was in Latin.

Andrew blinked a few times before he shook his head.

"Huh… I wonder if my dream girl did it? He he… maybe"

Andrew picked up his nearly abandoned pencil and started to write down what the teacher put on the board.

After another 25 minutes, the class ended and Andrew put his stuff away, letting the rest of the students leave before he even got up.

That left him as the last one in the class to get up.

Mr. Harrison, however, stopped him as he was heading to the door

"Andrew, one moment if you would"

The dirty blond boy turned his head to the teacher and shrugged his shoulders,

"What is it?"

"First off, you're not in trouble if that's what you're worried about"

Andrew waved his hand at the teacher with a smirk on his face.

"I've hardly ever gotten in trouble before, and I didn't plan on starting today"

Harrison leaned up against his podium, a serious look on his face.

"I know. That in of itself is a good thing, yet at the same time, it is also something of a problem"

Andrew cocked his head to the side in confusion, not quite sure where his teacher was going with this, "shouldn't a student stay out of trouble?"

"yes… that's partly true. But most people get into trouble because they are doing something they consider fun, you know, with other people their age"

Andrew's face quickly fell, he knew where this was going. It's the same thing that Mr. Harrison would talk with him about after every lesson.

"I don't need to hang out with other people my age. I'm quite happy socializing with people like you. Plus, I do have one friend my age, remember?"

Harrison pushed himself off his podium and crossed his arms

"Yes, I know of your writing buddy Elva, but you need a larger circle of friends. Even she has five or six people she hangs out with, while you only have her as a friend; that's not healthy."

Andrew sighed out loud, "So what do you want me to do, go out and talk with other people? You know I can't socialize on the same level as most people, Professor"

"Can't? or won't? Most people who say they can't are simply making excuses to not try, what's your excuse?"

Andrew, who had always treated the professor with respect, rolled his eyes at the man.

"My excuse is… complicated. Now if ya don't mind, I need to head on and you have another class to teach in a little while. We'll talk later if you so wish about my little social problem at a later date"

Not even giving the professor time to retort, Andrew left the classroom and went to another part of the school at his own pace. He traveled a few flights of stairs until he hit the 3rd floor and took a right the moment he left the staircase. He then proceeded to walk at a slow pace, letting his mind wander.

'huh… I don't like making friends… I already have Elva, I don't need any more then that… well, I guess I do have one more friend; my dream girl… he he'

Andrew chuckled to himself as he went down the hallway, stopping at about the 8th door on the right and opening it up.

"Hello Elva, sorry I'm late"

A younger looking girl peeked up from behind the book she was reading, her light bright green dyed hair covering the front of her face and her many silver bracelets clanking together as she moved her hands in greeting.

"Oh! Hi Andrew. Don't worry, you're not late at all; you're actually kind of early, but that's ok too"

She placed her book down and sat up in the chair, smoothing the school skirt out from propping her legs up on the armrest.

"So, did you bring it?"

Andrew smiled at her and reached into his bag slowly, as if to draw out some slight dramatic effect in doing so.

"Of course, I never go a day without writing, and I know you love my stories, so why deprive you of them? Here you go"

Andrew pulled a thick stack of papers that had to have been over 300 pages long from his backpack and handed it to her.

"Hope you enjoy it; the tale might be a little odd in places, but just circle those and I'll fix them when I get to it"

Elva quickly took it from his hands and started to read with great enthusiasm.

Andrew was happy to see her excited expression and sat down in the chair across from her, leaning his face into his hand and letting his mind wander as he watched her.

"He he… your funny Elva, you know that?"

The girl turned her attention up from the manuscript to the young man sitting across from her

"Huh? What do you mean?"

Andrew simply shrugged his shoulders, "I don't know… I just find you funny sometimes is all… I think I'll go ahead and go to sleep. Wake me when it starts turning 5, alright?"

Elva nodded her head, "Alright, going to visit your 'dream girl' again?"

Andrew pushed his legs up on the armrest and put his head on the other one, slightly grinning to himself.


Elva let out a heavy sigh "Your lucky… I wish I had something like that growing up. I mean, 18 years and you have had the same dream over and over again? It's pretty cool if you ask me…"

However, she was talking to empty air, Andrew had already drifted off to sleep, his arms across his chest and his head leaned back in a peaceful position.

Elva looked over at him for a second before she shrugged her shoulders.

"Have fun…"

Xx ? xX

There he was yet again, standing in the darkness; his silhouette displacing the shadows around him, and yet, looking just as much one with it as a spot of darkness.

She knew this dream, it's the same one she had for many years now, but she secretly enjoyed them, this stranger in the darkness.

But there will be no more darkness, for the light always comes, always calls to be reshaped by her hand, and so she would change it, to bend it to her will, to impress him, to get him to show her his spectacular magic.

She would show off her own, to show that she too had such ability with the arcane, something that he could enjoy.

But her favorite part was when he would take her hand without hesitation, though his hand would be dark, it was always warm to the touch, and she loved it greatly.

Then the little show would begin, she would always start it off, displaying the many seals and magical formulas that she knew, and he seemed to enjoy the order that it brought with it.

Then he would start his turn, showing her the wild and dangerously beautiful magic of his type, a chaotic beauty.

Then it would come to them both, to mix and mold the two together, Order and Chaos, bringing them together to create a beautiful balance.

But then the dream would end, and she would be forced to go, but he would always raise his right hand and wave her goodbye, the promise of their next meeting the one thing that would show on his shadowed face, a kind and loving smile.

Xx Scarlet Devil Mansion, Viola xX

Patchouli Knowledge felt the heavy dredges of reality on her person, the dark room, the smell of year's old tome's, the feel of knowledge filling the place, it would always be the one familiar thing she felt after her waking.

"Ugh… Koakuma"

Suddenly, the devil appeared right above her mistress, her devils tale swishing back in forth, waiting to complete her mistress's command.

"Yes Milady Patchouli?"

Patchy managed to sit herself up in her chair, still trying to throw of the heaviness of sleep.

"Go and get me some green tea… make it strong this time around…"

"Of course, Milady"

And with that, the devil was off.

Patchouli lightly shook her head a little bit, bringing herself to full wakefulness.

"That dream again…"

'that dream of the odd magic and the one who wields it, such an odd dream… even more so due to the fact that I have seen it for 18 years now… what could it mean I wonder…'

The magician simply leaned back in her chair, looking up at the massive ceiling of her library.

Patchouli let out a sigh, causing the few stray strands of hair on her face to flutter in front of her face.

Oddly enough, she felt that she would like to go back to sleep soon, of all the things that she truly enjoyed. The people of the mansion, her books and magic study, this one thing made her feel complete; she wasn't sure why, but she couldn't even imagine having a day without that dream.

Patchouli lightly smiled to herself "I wonder if I can go to sleep faster if I drank chamomile tea…"

"Why in the world would you want to go to sleep faster? You've been sleeping a lot more recently, Patchy"

The violet haired girl quickly whipped her head around and spotted her friend and closest confidant, Remilia Scarlet.


The short vampire walked over to the middle of the room and pulled up a chair, seating herself across from the librarian.

"Greetings to you as well. So tell me, What's with all the sleeping recently?"

Patchouli, though greatly trusting in Remilia, wasn't sure how the vampire would react to her telling her that she had been dreaming of a faceless male for about 18 years now. At first, she didn't sleep this much, but she had been drawn more to her dreams in more recent years, hence why everybody in the mansion started to notice it.

"Nothing really. Just my illness catching up with me is all, so I require more rest"

Remi slowly scratched her chin, as if this explanation seemed to make sense, but felt wrong in some way.

"Have you been visiting Eientei recently? I'm sure that Eirin has some medicine that could help your symptoms"

Patchouli nodded her head as she looked at her desk, finding the book she was reading before she had drifted off to sleep.

"Yes, I went just yesterday, I have my usual dose in my desk here, you don't have to worry about me"

The Scarlet stared the librarian down, as if trying to peer into her words and pick them apart, trying to find any falsehood.

"Hum… fine. I was just curious as to why you were sleeping a lot more in the past few months. I was kinda afraid that you had started having fantastic wet dreams or something and kept wanting more of them"

Despite the fact that it went against her very nature, Patchouli had to do a spit take at that.

"E-excuse me!?"

As if taking that as an invitation to continue, Remi kept on.

"I mean, I'm sure it must get very lonely in this library, and since you really couldn't go about 20 feet without winding yourself, I just thought that normal sexual activity with a male you might like in the future would have left you feeling rather upset with yourself, so your subconscious would take care of that need for you"

Remi huffed with pride at her explanation of her friends supposed problem, not finding anything wrong with her own logic.

Patchouli, however, had her mouth open in shock,

"That theory is so full of holes that I'm not even sure where to begin on that… and the fact that you consider my physical health to be at such a state leaves me a little miffed. And my sub-conscious is not seeking some kind of sexual release. What books have you been reading recently to even think of coming to such a conclusion?"

Remi pulled one out of her dress, and from the looks of it, Patchouli could only guess it was some romance novel simply from the overly sexed cover on it,

"This one, it's quite an interesting read…"

Patchouli could only shake her head at her friend's serious lack of knowledge.

"First off… romance novels should not be used as a reference for psychological problems. Second, there is nothing wrong with me, I'm just more tired recently, that's it"

Remi twisted her mouth this way and that, as if contemplating the words of her friend. Patchy had to admit, when Remilia wasn't acting like a queen of the night, she could have easily passed for a young girl.

After a few more minutes of internal debate, the Scarlet vampire got off her chair and simply shrugged her shoulders

"Alright then… However Patchy… if you do feel the need to tell me anything, just call me up. I'm just upstairs and I can always make time for anybody in my service… well… except for the fairies"

Patchouli looked her friend over a few seconds before she nodded her head.

"Alright, thank you Remi"

The little vampire nodded her head in understanding and went on her way, passing the librarians familiar as she came into view.

"Lady Patchouli, I have the tea you wanted"

Patchy, who had gone back to reading her open book, didn't even look up.

"Thank you, put it on the desk if you would"

Koakuma did as she was told and stood by her mistress when she was done with that task.

Patchouli, feeling her throat to be somewhat parched, reached over and grabbed the small cup of green tea, experimentally sipping the contents and thus the temperature. She was about to take a few more sips before she came upon a thought,

"Koakuma… is this green tea decaf by chance?"

The succubus, a little surprised by the question, thought it over for a second before she shook her head.

"No, I don't think so"

Patchouli examined her cup for a little while before she put the cup back down on the saucer,

"I changed my mind. Go and get me some Chamomile tea if you would"

Koakuma blinked her eyes in confusion for a second before the words of her mistress set in.

"Chamomile? But doesn't that put you to sleep milady?"

Patchouli looked up at her familiar with a stoic look.

"Yes, thank you for that fun fact, but I am well aware of what that tea does. Now please go and get it for me"

Koakuma however, didn't quite hop to it like her mistress wanted. Instead, she stood there for a second before she started to fidget uncomfortably.

"um… Milady… not that I am one to question or disregard anything you say… but…"

Patchouli, having been interrupted from her reading for the second time in the past ten minutes of being awake, started to feel a small tic growing in her temple. Though she was doing a good job of not showing it,

"What Koa? Spit it out"

The devil started to fidget even more when she heard her ladies voice, but she got to the point,

"Well, I think that you might be spending a little too much time sleeping instead of researching magic. I thought that was the main goal of all your research. I just find it a little odd that you spend much more of your time in the dream world then in the waking world"

Patchouli raised her eyebrow at the devils observation.

"I can see your point of view, and I find that your concern for me, though misplaced, to be oddly satisfying. But when I sleep and when I wake are not really of anybody's concerns, not even yours. Now if you would please go and fetch the tea I asked for…"

Koakuma, having known her mistress for many years, knew that she wasn't going to ask a third time, and if she did, Koakuma would find herself in a world of hurt.

The devil quickly bowed,

"Y-Yes Milady!"

Koakuma quickly took off and flew down the ever expansive hall of the library, being careful not to hit some of the taller stacks that had yet to be sorted. By the time she had reached the door, Koakuma had slowed down considerably, and when she did open the door, let out a loud sigh as she shut it behind her.

"Milady sure does get testy whenever I say anything about her sleeping…"

Koakuma took off once again, this time in the general direction of the kitchen. She started to let her thoughts wander as she drifted lazily along

'I wonder what in the world she dreams about… whenever I ask her, she would normally just reply with a stare, as if it was none of my business… but she seems so happy when she sleeps… I don't ever see her smile like that when she's awake… maybe she really is dreaming about a guy…'

The succubus, seeing the door to the kitchen, landed gently by the door and entered, instantly setting about looking for the Chamomile in the upper shelves of the tea closet.

She pulled a new pot off the shelf and quickly set a magical fire burning under it, pulling water from the tap and pouring it in the heating pan.

Now it was something of a waiting game for her, and she let her mind wander again,

'But if it really is a guy, then I wonder what he would look like? Mistress has never expressed an interest in males before. Sometimes, I think she might even be more interested in girls, but what do I know? Even having been so close to her in all the time I've been summoned, she has never shown any romantic interest in anything except for maybe magic…'

Not even needing to check and see if it was boiling, Koakuma quickly set the tea leaves in the boiling pot, turning the temperature down with an unconscious wave of her hand.

'I wonder if there's a spell that would allow me to see into her dreams while she was sleeping… no no no! bad Koakuma! She would probably set me on fire if I did that! But… would she be able to tell if I entered her dreams?'

She quickly stirred the water around a little bit in unconscious thought, simply going by motor memory as she started to get the kettle and a new cup ready,

'well… it would be useless anyway since I don't know any dream reading spells… wait a second'

Koakuma stopped in her tracks, a memory coming to her mind

"I don't need a spell to see into her dreams! I'm a succubus! I can do that on my own! You're a genius Koa!"

The devil, suddenly forgetting the repercussion of what would happen if she got caught peering into her masters privet thoughts, was starting to get excited about solving this dream mystery. She quickly poured the contents of the pot into the kettle and put the other necessary items on the tray with great, if not efficient, haste.

After making sure everything was in order, Koakuma took the tray and speed down the hall in her flight, being careful not to fly like a madman or cause any problems for anybody else. After a short flight, she managed to make it back to the library door without incident and made it in without much hassle.

After finally making it through the towering shelves and into the center of the library, the devil was surprised to see her mistress laying down on the desk, using her arms as makeshift pillows, and already heavy into the throes of sleep.

Koakuma placed the tray on one of the few empty spots on the desk and looked down at Patchouli's sleeping face. Her steady breathing did indicate that she was fast asleep, but it was the pleasant smile on her face that caused the servant to feel joy.

"Yes! She's already down for the count! Now… to see what she's dreaming about"

Koakuma gently moved over to her mistress's side and leaned down quite close to her face, actually feeling the soft release of her breath as she exhaled.

The devil then placed her forehead on her Lady's head as gently as possible and muttered a few soft words,

"Regina somnia, patitur me transitum ad mundi de somno" (Queen of dreams, allow me to cross to the world of sleep)

The moment the words had left her mouth, her body quickly slumped on top of the desk, though her hand was still on her mistress's body to keep the mental connection well and open between the two.

Xx Dreamscape xX

The first thing she noticed was all the darkness, which caused her a little confusion based on the fact that she wasn't sure what was up or down.

Koakuma started to flail her arms around for a little bit, as if to right herself in case she was falling,

"wah wah wah wah!"

However, she didn't have a feeling of vertigo, or of tumbling, or hanging upside down.

In fact, other than the feeling that she was floating, she didn't notice much out of the ordinary.

"Huh… must be one of those floating dreams… but what's with all the darkness? Has the dream not started yet? Or is this what she dreams about?"

Koakuma started to scratch her chin in thought, heavily debating the implications of such a dark dream.

"Huh… well… thinking it over isn't going to help, so I guess I should just try to find Lady Patchouli's dream self. Maybe I can get an answer if I watch that…"

The succubus nodded her head in agreement with her own statement and then started to float around, not really sure where Patchouli's dream self would be located. After what felt like forever (Or was it only a few minutes? Time tends to get skewed in the subconscious) Koakuma noticed that something started to change around her.

The darkness of her lady's mind started to shift and warp in on itself, making strange shapes and patterns before the darkness turned into light

"That's new!"

She quickly started to look around, as if trying to find the source of the new change in the dreamscape.

She didn't find it, but she found her original quarry.

The devil lit up in excitement when she saw her lady,

"Ah! There she is… who's that?"

She just now noticed the human shaped darkness that started to float toward her mistress, it's hand outstretched and taking Patchouli's offered hand.

Koakuma could only observe from a distance, pondering on this new development.

"What is that? I wonder if I could get closer to them…"

She was busy thinking about doing such an action before she noticed her mistress raising her hand and pointing at what appeared to be the source of the light.

Koakuma could only blink in shock when she saw what happened next.

Hundreds upon thousands of pentagrams, magical circles and formulas materialized from the light, constantly shifting, morphing and changing by her designs.

Koakuma was stunned to say the least, because she knew quite a few of those seals and formulas, some even being the catalyst to high magic, something that Koakuma knew her mistress didn't show to anybody, not even Lady Remilia.

But, her surprises weren't done just yet, no.

What happened next opened her eyes even wider.

Patchouli stopped using her magic and lowered her arm, the fellow next to her doing the opposite. In the next moment, the light started to swirl, but, instead of taking shapes, the light took on colors, no defined form, no shapes, just colors.

And it was a brilliant display, matching even her mistresses in grandeur and magical play.

"Who… who is this? This can't just be a dream… this is some unknown magic… I've never even heard of something like this before…"

Koakuma let her mind try to figure out this oddity while she observed them both for a little while longer, she was surprised when they started to mix the magic's together, but at that point, it was the dark humanoid shape that she was interested in.

"Maybe… after mistress wakes up, I can go after it? See where it takes me…"

Thinking this to be a good plan, she nodded her head and watched them for a little bit longer, letting her mind flow with the grand performance of magic they where displaying together.

Xx Andrew xX

The same ritual, the same person, the same beautiful magic. It was a cycle, but one he never got bored of.

Her smile, her hand, her powers, everything about her was grand, and it was something he enjoyed greatly.

The real world be damned, if he could stay asleep, Andrew would have so as to never leave this joy.

But all good things that have a beginning, must come to an end, and it was that time again, when the both of them knew that it was time for either one of them to wake up.

The violet-haired woman once again removed her hand from his and she smiled at him once again, her face though hidden, the smile always radiant in his eyes, and then she vanished.

But this time, the boy didn't wake up.

This was odd.

This was not part of the dream, not part of the ritual of things.

The boy looked around, and saw something that had never been there before.

A tall figure, obscured by darkness with small wings coming out of the top of where it's head would be, flying at him.

The oddity of this was so baffling, that Andrew wasn't sure what to do in this situation, and so instead, let the strange thing come close to him.

However, he felt a sharp tug on his body, the usual sign of him starting to wake up. Much to his growing surprise, the Blob of Darkness launched itself at him and crashed into him just as the dreamscape started to dissolve into his subconscious.

Xx Andrew (awake) xX


Andrew sat ramrod straight in his chair, his sudden shout causing Elva to slightly jolt out of her reading.

"AH! What the heck Andrew?!"

The male blinked in surprise a few times, feeling as if somebody had slammed into his chest and started to rub it in wonder at the odd feeling.

'What the heck!? Where am I!?'

The sudden sound of a voice caused Andrew to turn his head to the only other person in the room, and that was his writing partner Elva.

"Huh? What did you say?"

The green haired girl stared at him with mystified eyes.

"Huh? I didn't say anything"

Andrew blinked in confusion yet again before he heard the same voice again, this time much louder

'Why is it so dark!? Where is Voile!? Why am I not back in the Library! LADY PATCHOULI! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!'

That last shout sent headaches across his mind and forced him to clutch his head in pain,

"Stop yelling! I'm standing right here!"

Elva looked at Andrew with something akin to 'what the hell' on her face,

"Andrew… are you feeling ok?"

Andrew shook his head, feeling something like a buzzing in the back of his mind,

"I'm… not sure…"

Suddenly, the buzzing got stronger and the strange voice that he knew didn't belong to anybody he knew started to cry pathetically

'Lady Patchouli… where am I…*weep* *Sob*'

'god… what is that noise? Who's crying?'

Andrew noticed that the buzzing got gentler and the crying stopped suddenly,

'h-Hello? Who's there?'

Andrew blinked in confusion for a second, some small amount of understanding starting to dawn on him.

'Wait a minute… is this in my head? Hello? Who's crying?'

The silence that filled the room was thick, leaving both people present blinking in confusion.

Elva was the first to break the long moment of silence

"Andrew… are you feeling alright?"

The youth shook his head a second, as if to see if he wasn't still sleeping

"I... Think…"

Elva looked over at the clock on the wall since she didn't have a time piece on her person.

"It's about 4:20. I think you need to head home. Try to stay active or something. I think all this sleeping is doing something to your mind"

Andrew pulled himself up off the chair, shaking his head as he felt the slight buzzing again.

'D-did somebody call me? Hello?'

Andrew was about to reply, but decided that he should perhaps get out of the room first. Elva didn't need to see him trying to look so weird as he tried to figure out what the heck was going on with himself,

"Sure… yeah, that sounds like a good idea… I'm going to head on home Elva… you can keep the story for now, You can give it back to me when I come to class again this Thursday…"

Without waiting for a reply, Andrew pulled himself off the lounge chair and grabbed his bag of stuff, pushing his way out the door and down the hall, the voice in his head starting up again,

'Am I hearing things in the dark? I think I'm going crazy… oh why did I enter the stupid Dreamscape! What was that saying again… let sleeping cats lie?'

'Actually, it's let sleeping dogs lie. Cat's aren't that dangerous when they wake up'

Somehow, Andrew knew that the voice in his head had jumped at his reply.

'There really is someone there! Show yourself! I warn you! I… I'm really good at Danmaku!'

Andrew momentarily stopped and thought about that.

'The heck is a Danmaku?'

The buzzing in his head diminished for a few seconds before it started to flare up again,

'What? You know! Danmaku! Magical flying bullets! The ones you use for spell card battles! The everyday problem solver in Gensokyo!'

Despite the fact that nobody could see it, Andrew still cocked his eyebrow in confusion.

'spell card battles? Magical bullets? Gensokyo? I'm sorry whoever you are, but you lost me'

The buzzing was silent for a little while, leaving Andrew to wonder if it had vanished, but it quickly started talking again.

'How do you not know about Gensokyo! It's where we are! Full of youkai and shrine maidens and witches and other magical stuff! We're standing in it right now!... I think'

Andrew, who had resumed his pace, could only shake his head.

'I'm sorry, but none of that makes any sense to me, and the place we are standing in right now isn't Gensokyo; it's called earth. It does sound kind of interesting… though, but let's discuss this later voice-in-my-head, for now, I need to head back to my dorm room'

The buzzing quickly flared up at the slight insult.

'I'm not a voice in the head! My name is Koakuma! Familiar to Lady Patchouli and book keeper to the magical library to Voila and a succubus!'

Andrew had to think about that for a second, but smiled slightly as he continued walking.

'Really? Now that's sounds interesting… you and I have a lot to discuss later… Koakuma'

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