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Unlimited Dreams

Chapter 3

Andrew sat down on the Library Chair with as much exasperation as was evident on his feature's, and in this case, that would be a lot.

"How many do you have left?"

The small voice in his head started to buzz nervously,

'only four more to check! Don't worry!'

Andrew's eye twitched at those words,

'I'll believe that when you get it right finally… and don't grab the one that controls my bowels again… I'm still feeling the effects of that…'

'alright… said I was sorry… but here is the next one!'

Andrew braced himself for what was to come, his legs ready to dart in case she grabbed one that did something to his internal bodily functions.

He had been right, to a degree.

He felt his lungs seem to expand slightly, though it was somewhat painful to feel, he felt that he could take deeper breaths. That or hold his breath longer.

'lungs, no go. Try again'

Koakuma buzzed lightly in thought,

'so only three huh… I'll try two at the same time then!'

Andrew jolted up in fear and surprise at her statement,

'no wait!'

The next thing he knew, his eyes where ablaze with pain, even more then he had felt in the whole process of trying to pinpoint his nerves.

Andrew threw his hands over his face, the intense burning leaving him rubbing them furiously and hissing in pain.

'Yeow! What the Hell was that?!'

Koakuma could only shrink in shame and panic,

'I-I'm sorry! Does it hurt?'

'despite the constant stinging, it's not that bad, but damn does it burn!'

Andrew pulled his hands away from his face, blinking a few times. However, he blinked a few more times after he saw that something was wrong,

'uh… Koakuma… what did-'

'I don't know, but I'm seeing it to! Do you normally see things like this?'

'no… not at all'

Andrew blinked his eyes in both wonder and confusion.

The world around him looked like it had taken on several shades of gray and black, making everything look like an old black and white film. However, those films didn't have multiple colors floating around the area like windows screensaver mist version.

'Oh wow… am I currently high or something?... nope, doesn't feel like it…'

'Well… I guess on the bright note, I managed to find the one that allows me to see out of your eyes… let's take a look at that book then shall we?'

Andrew however, didn't really want to look at the book right now and instead pulled out a piece of paper and a pencil,

'hold up a second… let me write this down… I had a really good idea for a book I have going on…'

'what?! Oh come on! I want to go home! Can't it wait?'

'no way'

Was the response he gave her, and her own response involved a great deal of sighing.

As Andrew started to write, he quickly glanced around him and noticed that the 'magical' book the library attendant had given him had no such color on it at all.

It was just like the background. Black and white.

He wouldn't have considered this anymore if he hadn't decided to take a look around. When he had opted to look around the area, he noticed that the colorful mist was really heavy up on the second floor in one spot in particular.

Andrew tapped his pencil on the paper a few times before he put it away, getting a curious buzz out of Koakuma,

'What are you doing?'

'I'm pretty sure you see it as well, but I'll tell you anyway. I'm going to where that mist is the heaviest; and it looks like it's on the second floor'

'what? Why?'

Andrew shrugged his shoulders as he chuckled to himself,

'because curiosity killed the cat'

Koakuma was now moderately confused, but kept her questions to herself. She was dealing with an odd human after all.

Andrew pulled his backpack up from the ground and slung it over his shoulder, the excitement of his new eyesight starting to kick in. Sure colors where kinda skewed right now, but this was interesting dammit!

Andrew quickly made his way up the flight of steps, taking the stairs two at a time before he got to the second floor in which he made a hard right and practically jogged to the fourth row on the right.

The colorful haze was so thick in here that it was kinda hard to make out where it was originating from, but little hiccups hadn't stopped greater men!

Andrew turned to the little plank on the side of the bookshelf and noticed for the first time what section he was at.

The Religious section.

'huh… well that's odd… wonder what could be up here then?'

Koakuma hadn't bothered to answer, the faster his curiosity was sated, the faster he got back to reading that magical book.

Andrew took several cautious steps forward, not wanting to bump into anyone who might be in the Mist. After a few more steps forward, Andrew had pretty much hit the heaviest part of it, and from that, he could guess that the source was next to him.

'Hey, Koakuma. Let go for a second, but keep your hands close to the strands alright?'

He got a confirming Buzz out of his head. In the next second, all the colors vanished, and his eyes felt like they had seized up for a moment, causing him to blink small tears from them,

"Ouch… well now let's look at what section where in now shall we…"

Andrew glanced to his left, most of the books there where about Taoism and Buddhism and all the other eastern religions and lack thereof. He then glanced to his left and saw that the stuff there was all about the western religions.

Andrew took a moment to appreciate the irony of the setup but quickly shook his head to focus,

'Alright then Koakuma, only grab one of the strands this time, since we still don't know which one does which, I want to see if doing it one at a time allows for a different effect.'


Andrew felt his eyes sting again, but not as badly as it had the first time around. This time, there was no colors, but he felt like he could perhaps see just a little bit better.

'Religion? We're in a section about religion?'

'yeah, the Irony is Kinda funny when you think about it, but now let go of that one and see what grabbing the other one does.'

In the next moment, the enhanced eyesight disappeared and in the next one, it felt like someone put a grainy film over his eyes. It wasn't nearly as prominent as when it was both of them, but Andrew could make out a slight haze of color over everything.

'Alright, that's good, keep it like that for a moment.'

Andrew looked over to his right, the haze was strong, but it didn't look like anything on that side was the source of it.

He then turned to his left, and he then felt like he hit the bloody jackpot. One book, on the lower shelf, was pretty much a beacon. It had more color over it than anything else around him.

'Effing jackpot'


Obviously, she had never heard the term before,

'means I found it. Hold on a moment'

Andrew reached down and pulled it off the shelf, telling Koakuma to let go of whichever strand she had a hold on so he could read it. Andrew, his eyesight restored, quickly found an empty lounge chair and sat there, turning the book over in his hands a few time's.

It was something of a new book, that much he could tell. It had a simple blue cover with what looked like a few Markings running up the side with an English translated text next to it.

Andrew squinted to read the narrow text and raised his eyebrows at the title,

"The confines of Religions in small places? By Taito ZUN… what Kinda name is Zun?"

Koakuma could only buzz her own confusion at the title.

He felt his eyes sting again, and knew that Koakuma had started to look through his eyes. The both of them where silent for a moment before he felt Koakuma pipe up,

'Hey! That's in Japanese!'

'really? Now that's interesting… but it has an English translation on the pages from the look of it… so Thank goodness for that'

'English? Egh… I can't read English for the life of me…'

Andrew didn't pay that much mind until he actually thought about it for a second.

'Wait… you can't read English?'

'not a word of it'

'can you understand English?'


'can you speak English?'

'Negative. Why do you keep asking? Is there something wrong?'

There was a long silence between the two, Andrew thinking while Koakuma was buzzing in curiosity,

'If you can neither read, speak, nor understand English, how have you been able to understand the words coming out of my mouth?... thoughts I mean.'

Koakuma started to buzz around in confusion,

'English? You're speaking English? I thought your where speaking in Japanese! It sounded like it anyway.'

'The only other languages I can speak are Greek, Irish, and Latin; and only barely for those three. So… does that mean you've been talking in Japanese this whole time? Sorry, thinking in Japanese.'

'Yeah! I thought you were thinking in Japanese as well! Now I'm all levels of confused…'

Andrew started to scratch his head, this new found discovery leaving him curious,

'you and me both… but for now, let's just figure out why this book was glowing with more mist then the rest of the area…'

Koakuma could only buzz in agreement, this mystery having been put second on the list to figure out. Andrew started from page one and started to skim across the book. It wasn't very big, only about 240 pages. But the more he read, the more he continued to cringe.

This continued on for a few more minutes before Even Koakuma in her disembodied state could feel his emotion,

'what's wrong? There is a lot of discomfort going on in here. Is something wrong with it?'

Andrew nodded his head,

'Yeah, way too many things wrong with it. For starters, it looks like someone got stoned from drinking, snorted about two pounds of Cocaine, stuffed a bunch of word magnets down there throat and vomited them back up on a piece of paper and thought it looked Ok as writing material. It's an English Majors nightmare. How it even got published is beyond me.'

'… Interesting analogy…'

'that's not even the worst part! The material! From what I'm reading, this thing is stating that several religions in one spot might make for a good community goer! It's like putting Catholics and Muslims in the same room and expecting them to listen to a sermon about Jesus! There's bound to be blood!'

'ummmmmm… O…K?'

Koakuma had no idea what any of that meant, but from what she could gather, it didn't sound pretty.

Andrew turned the book over in his hands a few times before he shrugged his shoulders,

'I don't get it… why was it glowing…and for that fact, what did that glow even mean? Perhaps it was a BS detector… try doing that again with both strands. Let's see if anything different happens.'

Koakuma could only comply with the request, it's not like she had anything better to do anyway,

'There, now what?'

Andrew didn't answer immediately, instead, wincing from the incredible pain he felt from the connection of the two nerves.

The moment it let up, he quickly stared down at the pages. Oddly enough, the mist had receded from the pages, revealing the words that made up the page. That wasn't the oddest thing about it though. From what Andrew could see, it looked like the words where covered in multi-colored paint, taking on new shapes and symbols,

'what the heck… You know, now I'm about up to 35% certain that someone slipped me a drug when I wasn't looking.'

His words fell on deaf ears though… I mean thoughts.

Koakuma was radiating a high amount of curiosity and excitement,

'Hey! I know those symbols!'

'You do? It looks like moon ruins to me'

'Well… maybe not those one's in particular, but I know this kind of style! This is in Magicians code!'

Andrew tilted his head in curiosity, and confusion,

'Sounds interesting, but I have no idea what that means.'

'You probably don't know this, but most magicians are actually very greedy about the spells they know and construct, My own Master being one of those said jealous mages. So many of them, in order to keep their secrets safe, construct hidden codes and symbols that mean nothing to other's. It's kinda like a secret Language, only in Magic, then they put it in books that look a lot like this one and leave them on the shelves until they need them again. It's normally called Magicians code.'

Andrew nodded his head, the explanation having cleared up his confusion. He turned the pages over a few times, noticing many of the strange symbols and ruins on all the other pages.

'Can you read it?'

'If it was Lady Patchouli's Code, then yes, but I'm afraid that I can't.'

'Then is it possible to decipher it?'

The devil hummed for a second before she gave him an answer,

'we could… if you give me a little time. You're going to need to be my eyes and hands though, a lot of this is going to be trial and error. Not that I'm suggesting we should do it! I really want to go home! And doing this is not helping me go home!'

Andrew, however, quickly put the book under his arm and went to the Checkout desk,

'Hold up a second there Koakuma. Imagine for a moment, this book, a Magical book I might add, was just sitting in the middle of a Campus Library. Lord knows how long it's been since the real maker of the book actually lost it. Then you and I just pop up one day and BAM! We just so happen to find it? It has to be Destiny!'

'Or a really convincing Coincidence'

'Oh, don't be such a pessimist. This book might have the key we need to figure out how to send you back to Gensake!'


'Whatever, Point is, are you just going to let this opportunity pass us up?'

Andrew could feel the Devil waver in his mind, she could see the Logic.

So Andrew quickly proceeded to check the book out. After a few more seconds of Internal-internal debate (what do you call someone that think's within the confines of another person's mind? THOUGHTCEPTION!) Koakuma sighed,

'Oh fine… but I swear, if it doesn't I will never let you rest until you get me home!'

'Scouts honor!... though that's kinda useless since I never was a boy scout…'

Again, Koakuma could only feel herself getting both frustrated and slightly hopeful at this new prospect.

Xx Bamboo Forest of the Lost xX

Patchouli Knowledge, the Unmoving Great Library, master of the Seven eastern element, and (in her opinion) Second in terms of magical skill Only To Mima of the Eternal Spirit, was currently very pissed.

Now, there were several things that contributed to her very bad mood.

First off, the weather.

The hot muggy days of spring would play her lungs like a fiddle and she would end up having to use precious magic to try to keep herself from hacking and coughing every twenty minutes.

Another thing that added to her mood was the fact that the sun was shining bright in the sky, causing her to sweat ridiculous amounts. She had hardly ever gone out on her own, and the few times she did, it was during the autumn or winter months and the occasional party that Remilia would drag her to, so the heat was playing havoc with her body.

And lastly, the main culprit to her bad mood.

The three fairies.

At first, she had expected the search for Eientai to go smoothly with them in tow.

That had been a train wreck of an idea.

The three fairies had pretty much whined and moaned about their current situation the entire hour and a half that they had been looking.

Now not much would get to Patchouli, but that was only when she had a good book in her hand or a magical topic to discover.

She had neither one with her at the moment.

"I'm telling ya Star, it's in the other direction!"

Star, who was still tethered in place and floating above Patchouli like an overly large Compass, stuck her tongue out at Sunny,

"Says the one who can only refract light! Who's the one with the detection ability? Not you that's for sure!"

Luna slowly shook her head at the blue clothed fairy,

"Says the one who's lead us into a fox den, sparrow nest, bear cave, tiger den, and need I mention it? A lake full of carp. You haven't gotten it right yet. Face it, we're clearly lost"

This was another thing to add to Patchoulis bad mood.

She thought the fairy would have had enough in the way of brain power to figure out how large a group of living sentient creatures she would need to determine to find Eientai.

This had clearly not been the case.

At this point, regardless of the interest the three fairies powers had to her scholarly mind, she was debating blowing them up to silence them and going on her own way, timetable be damned!

She started to rub her temples at the thought,

'no… regardless of the sheer amount of annoyance they are bringing me, these three fairies are still my best bet in finding Eientai… perhaps they simply need a little more… direction.'

Bringing herself out of her thought's Patchouli glanced up at the fairies, the debate between them starting to grow more heated.

Sunny pointed in a more westward direction,

"I say we go this way! And since I'm the leader, My word goes!"

"I believe that while you may have been the leader a little while ago, I'm pretty sure you lost that title when I caught you three. So, despite the fact that I somewhat detest the thought, I am the current leader of this group. Is this agreeable?"

The three fairies stiffened at Patchouli's words.

It was phrased as a question, but the hidden meaning was saying 'shut up before I blow your heads off. My word is law'

They quickly nodded their heads and unanimously said,

"Yes Boss lady!"

"Good. Now… Star was it? I believe that you are somewhat going about this all wrong… tell me. To what extent can your power detect living things?"

The fairies confused expression left Patchouli sighing in frustration,

"Range, types of living creatures detected. Can you detect each and every living thing and tell what it is or does it all look like one big blur? Specifics."

As if suddenly being enlightened by something, the three fairies all let out a unanimous,


Patchouli resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

Star started to think long and hard on the things she knew her ability can do, and after a few minutes of doing this, she simply shrugged her shoulders,

"Well… I can see the size of living creatures…"

Patchouli nodded her head in understanding, her inner scholar finally finding something useful,

"Yes… and what else? How far does your ability extend to?"

"Umm… I can't tell you exactly, but I can see a family of fox's really far away from where I am now"

Patchouli looked around,

"Can you point to the general direction?"

Star obliged by pointing behind Sunny.

Patchouli took a few breaths and extended her own mind out into the forest, using her magical sight to find what the fairy was talking about.

She was surprised when she actually did find the family of foxes.

It had been over 240 yards, give or take a few meters. It was a long range,

"Alright then… that's a good range, we're finally getting somewhere… now tell me, what did that family of fox's look like?"

Star thought about it for a second before she nodded her head,

"Well, at first they looked like small blobs, or they did until I started to focus on them, then I could see them in detail"

"Good… so focus can add attention to detail then…"

Patchouli thought about it for a moment, her thoughts running around in her mind a few times before she started to come into the general idea of a plan of action.

"Alright… here's what you're going to do from here on out. This time, I want you to try to shape your ability into a forward search area of 100 X 100 with more attention to detail in the overall pattern."

However, the fairies simply looked confused by this,


Patchouli felt a tick growing in her eye. This is why she hated dealing with those of lesser intelligence's.

The librarian could only breath in to try to relax herself,

"A. Big. Square. Right in front of you that goes to the very edge of your range."

Another unanimous understanding from all three.

Patchouli started to feel her nerves frying, but at this point, if they got it, then it was all she currently needed.

Patchouli let the fairy get her bearings, allowing her at least 5 minutes to get set up before she called them to her attention,

"Are you ready yet?"

Star slightly jolted from the sudden surprise, but quickly nodded her head at the Librarian


Patchouli, though not showing it, felt relieved that they would once again be underway,

"Good, now follow my instructions."

The detecting fairy nodded her head along with the other two and the group quickly got underway.

However, though there was an effective method in place to locate Eientai, the mental capacity of the said fairy doing the wide spread search could have been held in a thimble. Twice she had to stop the search just to ask Patchouli just what exactly she should be looking out for.

The second time she asked, the Librarian made it a point (in subtle wording) that if she asked again, the librarian would 'seek new dishes that involved fried fairy wings when she got the chance.'

There was no more questioning after that.

Finally, after what had to have been an eternity searching (which was only about an hour and 27 minutes 59 seconds precisely) Star finally started to detect large amounts of movement.

Excited by the new discovery, the fairy lit up and came to a halt, forcing the other members of the group to stop as well,

"Hey! Listen!"

Patchouli felt herself twitch,


"I think I found it!"

Sunny, however, felt the need to interject with her own words,

"Yeeeeeeeaaaahh… that's what you said last time and where did we find ourselves? A big ol tiger den! Good job on that one."

Before it could escalate into anything else, Patchouli tugged on the white ribbons of energy that the Fairies where tethered to, causing each of them to flip over on themselves,

"If you found it, then less talking and more guiding, else I'll make you three walk the rest of the way while I drag you behind me in high speed flight"

The two fairies quickly shut their traps while Luna simply nodded her head in agreement.

After a few more minutes of making their way north, Patchouli was greeted with a sight that left her sighing in relief.

The outer walls of the palace of Eternity, Eientai.

The three fairies, despite the situation they were still in, felt a surge of pride at finding the location,

"AW yeah!"

"found it!"

Luna, unlike her two partners, still remembered there situation and looked to Patchouli, nervousness in her voice as she spoke to her,

"sooooooooo… since we found where it is you were going… can you let us go now?"

Patchouli looked down at the hopeful fairies before she shook her head, a slight smugness on her face as she did,

"I do believe I said I would let you go… when my task was completed. As of now, it is not"

The shock was so stinging for them, that Sunny actually turned blue from it,

"You gotta be kidding me! That's not what you promised!"

Patchouli simply shook her head at them, pulling them along as she floated forward,

"Believe what you will, I said I would let you go when the task was completed, it is not complete. And do you really have the luxury to try to escape me?"

She lifted the proverbial and physical leash that had them bound to her and smiled to herself at the dismay on their faces. She was normally never the one to take enjoyment in others dismay, but sometimes, it just felt good after a long day of nothing going right.

Of course, life and Karma in general sometimes know when to give you the bitch slap when you deserve it, and sometimes when you don't.

The moment Patchouli walked through the entry way of the outer wall, she was assaulted by… a barrage of flying pies.

The time that it took for her mind to process the fact that several pastries where coming at her took far too long.

By the time she did, it was too late.

Out of the large amount, only about four hit her, one in the shoulder, one in the chest, one on her lower body, and one square in her face.

The three fairies, used to such pranks and antics, had quickly moved out of the way, avoiding all of them.

"Holy Crap! It actually worked! Who knew the oldest trick in the book would turn out so well!"

"What did I tell you guys! Never doubt Tewi! The master of pranks!"

Standing at the head of a small group of rabbits was a short girl with floppy rabbit ears, a large mischief making grin going up to the edge of her dark and curly hairline.

However, where the rabbits where celebrating their recent success in pranking, the object of their prank, Patchouli, was standing stone still.

Now the three fairies, having only known her about 3 hours, where already aware that somebody was fixing to hurt.

A lot.

Luna and Star looked over at the leader, Sunny with worry,

"is she fixing to kill us to?"

Sunny could only nod her head,

"Yup, I'm pretty sure we're fixing to die, it was nice knowing you two."

The sheer amount of energy that started to radiate off of her body instantly incinerated the pie cream and filling and sent the tin pans flying right back at the group of rabbits, actually hitting one of them and sending her flying.

The rest of the group looked back out at the gate.

The terror was instantaneous.

Now standing before them was a crackling being of pure energy, the magic flowing from her eyes in pure white streams as she slowly made her advance,


The smart rabbits tried to make a run for it, Patchouli however, was smarter.

When they tried to run, blasts of blue lightning materialized out of a clear blue sky and struck in the places they had been trying to flee to, sending them back in a small tight circle shuddering in fear like the little herbivores they were.

Her advance was still slow, but since the rabbits had nowhere to go, it looked like the shadow of death was on them.

The only one who didn't look like she was pissing her skirt was the leader of the group, Tewi. In fact, she looked quite cheerful,

"Hey! If it isn't the Bookworm! How ya been? I thought you weren't scheduled for another visit for at least another two weeks"

Despite the fact that she felt the need to roast each and every one of the rabbits with her most powerful Fire spell, the true reason that she was hear surfaced to her mind, and when it did, her anger and power quickly receded,

"Ah… yes. I am well aware of that, however, something of great importance has brought me to Eientai. One of great urgency, so if you don't mind, I would Like it if you went and informed Doctor Yagokoro of my arrival"

The rabbit and her curious nature tilted her head in mild interest,

"Oh? Something wrong with the meds she gave you? Well… I guess that's between you and her, so I'll go and let her know. Head on into the clinic and she should be with you in a little bit. Thankfully, we haven't had many visitors today"

And like that, the rabbit girl was off down the hall.

The rest of the group however, stood stone still in case they managed to attract Patchoulis attention again.

The Librarian made her way past them, but gave them a deadly glare as she did, causing each of them to flinch in turn.

The three fairies could only give the rabbit's sympathetic looks, but deep down, they had thought it was the best prank ever.

Patchouli made her way inside the clinic, opting to stand rather than take one of the bamboo seats that dotted the small waiting room.

The three fairies, for their part, simply opted to look around in high curiosity. They had never been inside the clinic before, and since it was a first, they simply wanted to touch and see everything they could.

They would have done this in greater detail, but the Librarian kept them close to her and her wandering eyes on them told them that she would broke no idiocy.

It only took about 13 minutes, but the door to the back opened up, revealing yet another of the rabbit's that made their home here.

However, this one was taller than most of the rest of them, and her long light violet hair swayed back and forth as she moved out of the door way, her deep red eyes looking out past her glasses and into the room,

"Um… Ms. Knowledge? Lady Eirin is ready to see you"

The librarian made her way past the attendant, dragging Sunny, Luna and Star behind her. The moment she passed the door, she was greeted by a tall woman with blindingly silver hair tied into a large braid behind her head. Her Half red and Half blue clothing made her stand out as the most colorful thing in the room since it was clean white in there, the Black constellations on her clothes giving it something of a strange feeling. Her dark gray eyes, though heavy with intelligence, had a professional look with her smile,

"Hello there Ms. Knowledge. Tewi informs me that you have an emergency of some sort?"

"Yes… but not one of my nature. The emergency rests with my assistant, Koakuma"

The Lunarian raised her eyebrow in curiosity, pulling a pen and paper from her desk and examining Patchouli with the look of a trained doctor,

"Could you describe the symptoms or other such strange phenomena that are happening around her? In detail if you would please?"

Patchouli got to work explaining what she did, how she had found the devil, and the things she had tried to rouse her. She actually had to stop once in order to get the three fairies to sit down and behave so that they would stop touching all the things in the room.

After a few minutes of explanation, Eirin gently stroked her chin as she went over the notes until she let out a sigh,

"I'm sorry Ms. Knowledge, but as far as I can tell, she has slipped into a coma of some sort. But that's all I can guess from the information provided. I would need to see the subject herself in order to make an accurate estimate. And it would need to be here, where all of my equipment is located."

"Can you simply not move it?"

Eirin shook her head, "I am afraid not, much of it is either to delicate or too hard to move in order to be taken out of the clinic."

"Well I'm sorry, but I can't risk moving her in fear that it may cause even more serious problems to occur to her."

Eirin steepled her hands together before she shook her head,

"I'm afraid this is not a thing to debate Ms. Knowledge. My equipment can't be moved. This is simply fact. So either you're going to need to bring her here or you can hope that whatever she has will simply fade in time."

"Then I am afraid that we have come to an impasse Doctor. I will not move her in fear that she might worsen, and you cannot move your equipment because of delicacy issues even though I feel that your assistance is absolutely needed…"

The both of them were silent for several long minutes, each trying to evaluate the word of the other. However, having been silent the whole time, the three fairies, namely Sunny, decided to point out something,

"Hey… boss Lady, can't you just… you know, use magic? Shrink the stuff down or warp it to where you want it to go? You're that strong aren't ya?"

Patchouli raised her eyebrow at the suggestion, as if the fairy had just now grown a brain,

"Well… I will admit, that despite the fact that I am not feeling my best right now; that does sound something of a good idea. Tell me Doctor Yagokoro, would this be an ample solution to the problem at hand?"

Much to the surprise of the Librarian, The doctor shook her head,

"I'm afraid it is not. My Machines and other instruments, as I have said already, are far too delicate to be tampered with. Magic will simply play havoc with the mechanics and instrumentation. However…"

To the surprise of the Youkai librarian, the doctor got up from her seat and snapped her fingers,

"Reisen, if you would please go and get the newest of items in the assembly…"

The rabbit girl who had invited Patchouli into the room peeked around the corner and nodded her head in confirmation, the twin set of ears flopping up and down a few times as she did,

"Understood Lady Eirin"

The rabbit quickly vanished, the sound of the clinic door closing indicating that she had stepped out.

Eirin for her part, started to gather up several pieces of medical equipment that Patchouli had no name for and gave the doctor a questioning look.

Eirin looked back and noticed the Librarians moderate confusion,

"Forgive me, I suppose I should explain. Now, I know I said that I couldn't move most of my larger equipment, correct? However, due to the constraints this puts on me as a doctor, I decided to enlist the help of the Kappas in making smaller, more portable versions of my medical machinery."

The doctor stuffed several more things in a large brown sack, hauling it to her side and finally turning to face her visitors,

"However, this will be the first time that they will be put to practical use, so I am not sure what to expect out of them when we arrive. This will be a test case, however, if all goes well, it will be similar to my lab and I should have most of everything necessary for my examinations. On another note… this is your assistant. If you don't feel comfortable with me using experimental-"

"I do not care. I simply need to know what is wrong with her and if there is a way to help her as quickly as possible. I'm willing to use nearly any means necessary."

The doctor nodded her head once in confirmation and then walked past Patchouli,

"Very well then, let us get underway. Reisen should be on her way back as we speak and it would simply be easier to meet her in the hall then have her lug them back outside."

The two intellectual's made their way out the clinic door, Patchouli pulling the three fairies along rudely as she did, and having the bands of energy attached, they had no choice but to comply with the order, despite the shiny objects calling to their little fairy fingers.

Luckily for the Moon rabbit, the moment her Master had rounded the corner was the moment that she knew she wouldn't have to go all the way to the office and back, and much to Patchoulis surprise, the girls arms where loaded down with all kinds of unnamed pieces of equipment that simply left her baffled in their use.

However, Reisen was dismayed once again when the good doctors words left her mouth,

"Since we have no idea of the nature of the ailment, I suppose we shall have to bring all of it."

The poor moon rabbit looked as if she was about to cry at that.

Patchouli, not in part feeling any kind of sympathy for the rabbit, pulled the three fairies leashes and pointed at all the medical items in the rabbits arms,

"You three, assist her in moving all of that, and for the love of the arcane, don't drop any of it or I'll fry each of you several times and ways before I'm satisfied."

Sunny, Luna and Star all looked at each other and then back to the Librarian, poor puppy dog looks in their eyes.

Reisen, feeling a little sad for the three fairies, started to speak up in defense,

"Um… it's alright… I can carry it-"

Patchouli, however, glared over at the moon rabbit,

"I don't care if you want to carry it all yourself or not. They have been doing nothing most of the time and need a good lesson in work. I also don't have the time or the current patience to deal with you having to slow down your flying to make sure none of those items break"


Eirin, for her part, quickly interjected,

"Please do as she asks Reisen. I also would rather not slow down so as to make sure you don't drop any of that. It cost me a pretty penny, and I'd rather you not destroy any of it in an attempt to white knight your way into helping three fairies."

The three fairies of light each scowled at the two intellectuals when they weren't looking, but quickly got to work when Patchouli glared at them stoically.

Though Reisen had been trying to help them, she was relieved when they helped to remove some of the more burdensome of the equipment, namely the long wires and heavy packs.

Thankfully, Patchouli was one who was fair and helped to divvy the items up amongst the three of them equally based on their muscle proportions.

Eirin nodded once at the handy work and quickly motioned for them to follow,

"Very well then, now that we have that under control, let us be under way."

Xx Back on Earth xX

"Oh. My. GOD! Have we made any flippen progress yet!?"

Andrew threw his hands into the air, the pencil in his hand flying across the spacious room and clattering onto the hardwood floor as he started to furiously scratch his head in utter annoyance.

'Why the heck are you the one getting frustrated! I want to scream my lungs off! I hate this thing!'

Koakuma, equally angry, started to buzz around in his mind like a hive of angry hornets, simply adding to his anger and irritation.

Andrew pressed into his temples, an action he knew would simply have a placebo effect, but felt some small comfort in doing so.

He then proceeded to try to ignore Koakuma and glance back down at the stacks and stacks of papers on his desk and the book he had laid out before him.

Much to his surprise, when they had started, Koakuma had said that she would mostly be the one to attempt the translation.

He couldn't fault her for that, since he had no idea how any of the real life magic's worked.

However, he did have to write the characters out place them in the order that Koa asked of him.

However, this magicians code was turning into more trouble than it was worth.

They had been working well into late afternoon, but had simply made no progress. This had continued on well until 7:30, in which they were now frustrated beyond belief.

Andrew leaned back against the computer chair and spun it around a few times, not really thinking much of anything for a while.

Koakuma for her part, had gone quiet.

Attributing this to simple depression, Andrew simply shrugged his shoulders and started to think to himself until a thought struck him

'Hey… Koakuma.'

'Huh? Yeah?'

'You said you were a succubus right?'

Andrew could feel the curiosity of his question etching itself across the back of his subconscious,

'Yeah, I did. Why do you ask?'

'Well… it's just… I hadn't thought about it until now, but since you mentioned that you are some kind of devil, I felt that this might be a once in a lifetime chance for me to gather real info on a real creature from myth. What would you say to a little Q&A session? it might help you take your mind off of the book for a little bit.'

Koakuma would have tilted her head in mild confusion if she had a physical body, but the best she could do was radiate curiosity in the back of his mind.

'Um… sure. I don't see any harm in it'

The flood of joy that came from his body was almost infectious to the little devil. He had apparently really wanted to do this.

Andrew quickly stacked all the work papers off to the side, pulling out a new notebook and a pencil, hovering the tip of the Graphite over the white page.

'Alright! Um…now… first question… which should I ask first… oh so many questions!Um… uh… well… I guess I'll just start off with the most common question first…'

Koakuma was a little confused at the hesitancy of the first question, but it eventually did come out,

'Sorry if this seems very rude for a first question, but do Succubus really need to have sex in order gather power?'

There was a temporary pause, but where he was expecting embarrassment, or even anger from such an invasion of privacy, Instead, Koakuma simply laughed,

'Ha Ha Ha! Already trying to pry into a woman's love life? Ha! You don't have a lot of tact do ya?'

Andrew felt his face flush from the teasing,

'Um… sorry…'

'Don't be. I don't mind really. But yes, Succubus do get nourishment and energy from Semen'

Andrew quickly jotted down that little bit of info, though he still felt a little embarrassed about it,

'Alright… um… can you also get energy from woman?'

Now Koakuma was a little surprised, if not wholly amused,

'Now THERE'S an interesting question. Not to many people would ask that kind of thing… but, in answer to it. It would be harder for Female succubus to gain energy from woman, but the answer would be yes, we can. Though the energy gained would be very small in comparison to getting it from a male.'

'I see I see… now I just noticed, but you just said female succubus correct? Am I right in assuming that there are also male succubi? Also called incubi?'

'Yes… though let's not talk about them right now…'

It was very hard to notice, but since she was in his mind, Andrew felt something close to… Regret? Anger? He really couldn't tell, but he knew it was a negative feeling.

Thankfully, the questions afterward didn't the same kind of reaction in her and the session continued on for what had to have been an hour of time.

Through that time, Andrew eventually ran out of questions about Succubi in general and decided to go with questions about Koakuma herself. She hadn't been opposed to any of it, and the both of them ended up simply chatting.

By the time Andrew got done with his interrogation, it was already 9 at night.

"Oh wow! I wasn't aware that we had been talking for so long!"

'Really? What time is it?'

'About 9 at night actually. I hope you don't mind, but I think we might need to pick up where we left off for tomorrow. I have some studying to do right now and some homework to finish for Mr. Harrison.'

'Ah… alright, but don't forget about sending me home okay? I want to get back as quickly as possible'

Andrew nodded his head at no one and pulled out several books of material for work,

'Don't worry, I won't Koakuma.'

And with that, the both of them fell into silence, Koakuma going over the things she had seen in the book that day while Andrew went over his work for school in general, eventually turning in for the night.

As he felt the darkness of sleep mull over him, his last thought to himself revolved along the lines of,

'What an interesting day this has been… I hope it's just as interesting tomorrow…'