written as an entry on another site. i thought i would share it here as well. no fights with the armors just a summer setting over the course of a few days.

Drift Away

It has been a year since the battle of the Inferno armors in Africa and Yuli looks forward to seeing the guys again. He looks up at Mia as she stops the jeep in the driveway of the beach house. "It sure was nice of your Grandfather's college friend to let us use his beach house while he is out of the country."

"Yes it will be nice for everyone to get together for some fun under the sun."

"I hope there won't be anymore fighting with the armors. The guys deserve a break."

"After last year they certainly earned it." She looks over at Yuli before getting out of the jeep. "I wonder if any of them will recognize you."

"I haven't grown that much in a year." He gets out of the jeep and walks to the back-getting out their bags to take into the house.

Kento walks around the side of the house. "We were wondering when the two of you were going to get here. Everyone is already down on the beach." He stops looking at Yuli then grins slyly at Mia with a slight wink. "Wait who's this kid-I thought you were bringing Yuli with you."

"Aww, Kento you know its me."

"What happened to the little squirt that used to follow us around in battles? You look like you could give the dynasty soldiers a run for their money."

"I'm not that big yet."

Kento helps him carry the bags inside. "Come on lets go trick the others. I bet we can get them to believe you brought along a friend." He turns to Mia. "You coming?"

She looks down as White Blaze who quietly slipped in nudges her hand with his nose. "Just a moment I think an old friend wants to say hello." She kneels down as Yuli follows Kento out the sliding glass doors that lead out onto the balcony which overlooks the beach. "Hey there White Blaze. Have you been keeping Ryo in line?" She laughs as the tiger rolls his eyes seeming to indicate that is an impossible task.


Outside on the beach Ryo and Cye are handily beating Rowen and Sage at beach volleyball. As Ryo sets the ball Cye taps it down on the other side of the sand which brings their total after winning the last set to match point.

"This is why I prefer books." Rowen picks up the ball.

"Don't worry we'll find you a how to book on beach volleyball maybe that will help improve your game."

Rowen tosses the ball back under the net with some power to Cye-causing him to grunt from the force of catching it. "Funny Cye. You must be taking comedy lessons from Kento."

Sage laughs at that as Cye tosses the ball to Ryo who's turn it is to serve. "Good one Rowen."

Ryo takes the ball out of bounds. "Come on Cye-lets put these two out of their misery." He could probably end it easily by serving the ball to Rowen but he sends it to Sage instead as he rockets it over the net.

Sage punches the ball up letting Rowen set him up for a spike over the net.

Ryo is able to dig the ball and pops back up quickly as Cye sets the ball up for him this time. He is able to bury it to Rowen's left just inside the line winning the match.

They all turn as Kento applauds the final play. "If you two are finished slaughtering Sage and Rowen come meet Yuli's friend."

"Yuli's friend?" Rowen turns to look at the kid following Kento. "You mean someone didn't run away screaming after meeting White Blaze?"

"Now who's taking the comedy lessons from Kento?" Cye passes under the net sweeps up the ball and stuffs it into Rowen's arms before he makes his way over to Kento with the others.

As he draws closer Sage does a double take at the boy even briefly brushing away the hair that covers one eye for a better look. "Yuli? Is that you?"

"Yuli?" Ryo takes a good long look at the kid standing by Kento. "It is you!"

White Blaze confirms it by leaping off the balcony and playfully tackling Yuli to the ground.

Yuli laughs at White Blaze. "I've missed you too White Blaze."

Mia stands up on the balcony looking down at the guys. She says a silent prayer that this get together will just be a nice relaxing vacation for all of them. Its not lost on her that trouble always seems to follow when the guys get together. She looks up out over the ocean taking in the view and spots what from far this off distance appears to be a dolphin with its tail slipping down under the waves-but something about it doesn't look like a dolphin at all to her. She turns her attention back to the guys and calls down to them as it disappears underwater. "Isn't it beautiful here?"

White Blaze roars his approval.

Cye turns to look out at the water-draw to it as if it calls him. What he sees surface from the water appears to be anything but a dolphin. Its a girl with indigo hair skinny-dipping out in the ocean he thinks at first-but then he sees her lower half as she leaps out of the surf and dives back under. He stands there in awe as he wonders if he really saw what he thinks he just did.

"Earth to Cye."

Cye turns to Kento shaking himself out of his trance. "Huh?"

"I said how about another game of volleyball before chow time?"

"Think I'll sit this one out." Cye turns his attention back to the ocean."

"I'm out too." Rowen looks out to sea wondering what Cye finds so fascinating only to see waves breaking in the surf before he heads up the stairs to go inside and find a book.

Kento looks down at Yuli and points to Ryo and Sage. "You and me against these two?"


"I'm going to get started on dinner. I thought we could try grilling out tonight."

At the mention of dinner White Blaze bounds up the balcony steps.

Ryo watches White Blaze follow Mia inside. "I think he's related to you Kento."

Kento glances up at the tiger. "What by our love of food?"

"Bottomless pit for a stomach is more like it." Ryo laughs as he heads back to the volleyball net.

"Laugh it up while you can Ryo. Yuli and me are going to slaughter you this time."

Cye knows he should go help Mia but part of him wants to swim out to sea and find out if he really saw what he thought he did.


Inside Rowen turns to Mia. "Did you see anything out there in the ocean?"

"There was a dolphin...I think."

"What do you mean you think?"

"The tail didn't look quite right...more...I don't know really. I only saw it for a few moments but I could swear it looked more fish like with translucent tail fins and iridescent shimmery fish-like scales."

"That doesn't sound anything like a dolphin to me."

"Maybe it was something else. Why?"

"Cye seems to be in a trance looking at something out there."

"Maybe he saw whatever it was too."

"Maybe." Rowen looks out to see Cye walking down the beach toward the ocean. There is just something about Cye's sudden trance-like behavior that Rowen doesn't like.

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