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I shivered and raised my hood up, trying to block some of the cold wind. The Zeppelin was on it's way Northrend and although it was a relatively short trip compared to some, the further north you went, the colder it got. I wrapped my arms around the thick white robes that encompassed my frame. They had fur lining the inside and the iron clasps from the bottom to my neck kept it secured. It fell to the floor and although made out of the heaviest cloths, it gently floated around me. Enchantments were a blessing. I wore my basic traveling gear underneath, also white. My bags that carried my more advanced armor lay below decks tucked gently under the…hammock.

I huffed and leant forward, eyeing the waves and glaciers far down below. I had slept on some pretty bad beds before but that damn hammock! How anyone was expected to get a good nights rest on those things was beyond me. The winds blew harshly, freezing me easily once again. I wrapped my gloved hands around myself, trying to conserve my body heat.

I nearly fell out of my skin when a heavy cloak dropped on me from out of nowhere.
"Although we Taurens are less susceptible to the cold, even I am craving a warm fire. So a young elfling like yourself must be cold."

I couldn't help but smile at the older Tauren. He stood more than a few heads above me with dark brown fur and a handsome set of horns. "I appreciate it, but won't you need this?"
I motioned to the heavy cloak that easily dwarfed my small frame. I was unfortunately shorter than most of my kin at a staggering height of 5'7. While I definitely appreciated the warmth his coat gave me I didn't want him to get sick because of me. I would after all, be the one to heal him.

The Tauren laughed, cold breath coming out in in thick white clouds from his snout. "I was hoping that I could convince you to come down to the cabin. That way we both may get out of this frigid weather and perhaps grab something to eat."

I smiled and accepted his arm. "I am Roewn Falewind. High Priestess. It is a pleasure to meet you." The Tauren smiled and escorted me down the steps, away from the cold air. "I am Felton of the Ragetotem Tribe. It is a pleasure as well Miss Roewn."

His footsteps echoed against the wood beneath us, drowning out my own light steps. I hummed, biting the inside of her cheek, thinking.
"If I'm not mistaken, you're tribe is known for it's warriors. Would it be presumptuous of me to assume you are?"
Felton snorted, seating himself at a table, the chair creaking warningly underneath him. "Not too presumptuous at all!"

He smiled warmly at me and motioned to one of the Goblin barmaids and requested 2 meals and then leaned back, his chair once again creaking under his weight.
"I hope you don't mind vegetarian." He winked a large brown eye and Icouldn't help the laugh that escaped.

I pulled off my white gloves, slipping them into a side pocket. Most Zeppelins had only one floor but the ones that traversed the Northrend route and the route from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms were much larger to accommodate the longer travel. The one we were on currently held three floors. The top deck, the dining area and the floor below housed the sleeping quarters. A few people were eating and conversing, some sitting at the bar drinking. This was their last night on the ship before they reached their destinations so most were taking the time to relax before they docked at Warsong Hold.

I watched as a two trolls laughed at the bar, slapping each other on the backs, their distinct laugh reaching my sensitive ears. A goblin was walking around lighting the lanterns as night slowly settled in. We sat in a comfortable silence, letting the warm atmosphere surround us. The barmaid set our plates down and returned with our drinks.
Falton had ordered a warm sweet milk while I got a hot tea with honey. Felton paid for them both, pushing my protests aside with ease. He laughed at was sure to be my expression. I wasn't in the habit of letting people pay for me.

"You should eat that before it gets cold." I pouted playfully at him before digging in. The vegetables were crisp and left a welcome tangy aftertaste. We ate, silence befalling us once again. Some time passed before either of us spoke, our plates both empty.

"So may I ask what brings you so far from your wooden forests Miss Roewn?" Felton asked while stacking the plates on top of another and motioned to one of the goblin maids. She picked them up, the metal plates banging harshly as she stocked off with an expression of distaste, twisting what would've been a pleasant face into something quite harsh.
I turned and nodded just a bit, the lie coming off my lips easily. I had been asked this question many times during my travels.

"I haven't seen Eversong in quite awhile. Duty has kept me from my home." I wasn't completely lying-just omitting certain truths. I had not been to Eversong or walked the draped halls of Silvermoon for over year but not just because of my work.
An arranged marriage-fights and arguing- a loud crash echoed in my ears, clearing my mind of the events which kept me from my home.

I turned, my eyes searching for the source of the noise. One of the barmaids sat on the ground surrounded by broken glasses and plates. "Ahh, excuse me one moment Falton." I eased out of the chair, letting the borrowed coat fall into the seat behind me. My robes made a gentle swishing noise against the wooden floor as I made my way to her. "Mind if I help?" Blood was seeping through the goblins fingers that she held over the wound on her arm. She eyed me suspiciously for a moment, no doubt wondering what this would cost her.

"Free of charge." I raised my hands in the air, trying to emphasize the 'free'.
"Well, ah guess ya could take a look at it. What are ya, one of dem healers?"
I nodded and kneeled beside her, avoiding most of the glass and left over food from the plates. I gently pried away her hand, the blood beginning to pool on the wood by our feet.

I felt eyes on my back as I began to examine the cut. "Fortunately this isn't too bad. The only thing you'll have to worry about is getting those blood stains out."
Yea, I picked an unfortunate day to wear white.
I began to heal the wound with practiced ease, a dim glow encircling us for a few mere moments.
"There, won't even leave a scar." The goblin examined her arm as I stood up, brushing a hand over the now clear green skin. "Thank ya miss." I helped her stand as another goblin began to sweep up the broken bits and pieces. "Like I said, it was no problem." The goblin nodded and turned away to help her co-worker.
I adjusted my sleeves, eyeing the bit of blood on them. I peeked down and saw that her blood also coated a good portion of my hem, the bright red standing out brightly against the pure white of my robes. I sighed and brushed past my annoyance. I had more robes and I'm sure they wouldn't have stayed white long anyways.

I made my way back to Falton, the Tauren's warm brown eyes watching me with a barely concealed awe. I shuffled into my seat as he began talking, his deep voice reaching my ears.
"Ahh, I never get used to the sight of healing. A powerful gift you have Miss Roewn." I felt my cheeks warm a bit at the compliment. "It has taken me many years of practice to get where I am today."
"Ahh, I can tell you have a gift for it. I have never seen a spirit so adept at their calling. You have great power and great skill." He shook his head, the dark fur around his face making a soft swishing noise.

"Now, it is late and I am sure you have no desire to see what those trolls look like under their armor." He made a broad gesture to two trolls seated at the bar. The alcohol had began to sink into their systems and their inhibitions had began to disappear. There was already a few discarded cloaks on the floor and the pile was steadily growing.
I chuckled and readily agreed with Falton. We both stood, our chairs scratching against the floor but it was barely heard over the steadily growing noise around us. I handed him his jacket, thanking him once again for both it and the meal.

"No thanks needed, your company was most welcome!" He grinned at me and bowed his head as he began to walk away, heading back up the stairwell to the main deck. I smiled at his back before making my way to my own stairwell to the deck below…and that damn hammock.
I let a sigh escape my mouth as I began my descent. My boots made a sharp thud against the wood, a steady rhythm to my ears as I made my way down the hall.
Thankfully I had been entitled a private room so I wouldn't be bunkering with the alcohol steeped minds of the other passengers. I pushed open the door, the wood grating and the hinges creaking. The room consisted of a hammock, a bare stand and a small lantern hung on the wall that cast a dim glow around the room. My bag sat under the hammock, along with my staff. It was a pure silver with golden markings going up and down along the staff. It had no jewels or designs. Just a simple staff. But it was my favorite and I preferred it over the other more extravagant staffs that I had seen.

I shrugged off my coat, laying it across the small table stand and setting my boots beside it. I stretched for a moment, letting my joints pop. I eyed the hammock as I ran my fingers through my hair, a few of the long white strands falling into my eyes. I quickly bound it up and laid myself in the netted bed. I sighed in annoyance as a few of the thick, course strands dug into my back.

Only one more night.
I fell asleep imagining a nice warm, bed next to a fire with a glass of honey tea.


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