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18.5 Picnic at the Park Again


"He's better," said Abby as she strolled along the path by the pond with her friend. "Connor just gets frustrated… tires easily and still doesn't have the strength he needs to do things."

Jenny reached her arm across Abby's shoulder and gave the petite blonde a supportive hug.

"The important part," Jenny reminded gently "is that he is getting better."

On the other side of the pond, they could see their husbands on the picnic blankets near the play yard.

Michael was stretched out lengthwise and appeared to be sleeping. The late night set his group had performed seemed to have caught up with the man.

Connor was sitting next to the opened picnic basket trying to feed Lizzie bites of their lunch, but the toddler kept twisting and turning, wanting to see what the bigger children were doing.

In the play yard, Jenny's son Jamie was talking to Abby's oldest daughter Sarah, while the young girl was pushing her brother Nicky on the swing. The other three children, Jenny's daughter Michelle and Abby's twins Amelia and Tommy were climbing the multi-colored monkey bars. The children's laughter could be heard from where the two women were standing.

"Yeah," breathed Abby thankfully. Connor was getting better. "Everything's going to be just fine."