Almost a drabble...37 words too long.:(

Title: Instinct
author: Cindy Ryan
spoilers: all
timeline: set during No Quarter

The instinct to protect the people you love was ingrained in your soul. If you were lucky the people you loved would do the same. Families were often not perfect. Part of the complexity of being human. Everything fought for; nothing easy. Especially after the blackout. Huddled on the dirty wood floor Charlie Matheson's faith in her uncle was proven right again. When death threatened once more Miles was there knocking Charlie to the ground; shielding her.

People fell around her under the relentless barrage of bullets;hurt and dying. Every time Charlie tried to move to aid one of the wounded more shooting started. Each time Miles drew her back into safety. Despite everything going completely chaotic and upside down that was one thing Charlie knew she could count on. Her uncle would always protect her.