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Chapter 18

The private jet lifted at 7.00 a.m. in the morning and since most of their night was spent on showing each other love instead of sleeping, they sleep deeply close to each other on the planes sofa. When they landed on Hawaii they were met by a nice white limo that took them to the house Tony had rented for them. It wasn't big but it surely was exotic and modern. They got in to the pool commando. Loki was pushed up against the rock that was in the pool and kissed passionate. "Take me." Tony said against his lips. And so he did and that was actually the first time they had sex in a pool which surprised Tony quite a bit because it was amazing.

Loki woke up one morning by Tony's phone buzzing on the nightstand. He was as usual lying close to Tony with his head on his husband's chest. He grunted when he noticed that his lover didn't wake up by the buzzing so he shook Tony a bit making him wake up.

"Honey, your phone is ringing." He said with a gentle voice. Tony's eyes opened slowly.

"What happened with getting a kiss to wake up?" He asked sarcastically and reached for his phone. Loki just rolled his eyes and lied down on Tony again and tried to go to sleep.

"Hello, you are interrupting a honeymoon." Tony grunted in to the phone.

Loki didn't really hear the conversation but he could hear Steve's voice and that it sound panicked.

"Dammit, I'm on my way." Tony said and hanged up. "Sweet heart, I need to go to New York. Doom has a huge army that they can't handle on their own." Loki rolled of him and let him get out of bed. Tony put on some slack and a t-shirt and before going to get his portable suit, he leaned down and kissed his husband. "Love you; I'll be back very quickly." He said and walked out and Loki heard him take off.

He woke up again, this time by his own phone buzzing. He growled out by this cruel morning and got his phone.

"Hello." He grunted and ran a hand over his face and hair.

"Loki… I don't know how to say this but Tony is badly hurt." Bruce sounded very serious and sad.

Loki shoots up and his heart froze. "What do you mean? What happened?" He asks with a shaken voice.

"I'll tell you when you get here. Thor is on his way to get you now." Loki didn't say anything he just hanged up, got out of bed and got dressed in slacks and a t-shirt. When he was done he heard the familiar explosion of Thor landing. He got out and they didn't say anything to each other, Thor put an arm around Loki's waist, swung his hammer and they were of.

They met Bruce in the hall way, sitting with his face in his hands, he was wearing slacks and t-shirt, obvious cloth that he had after letting the guy have some fun. "Bruce, what happened? Where is he?" Loki was on the border of breaking down; he was shaking, hard time to breath and he almost didn't feel his legs.

"You should sit down Loki." So Loki did. "Doom hit Tony with a very big blast and he was crushed in to a building that wasn't steady so it fell down on him… the only thing that is keeping him alive right now is the reactor but…" Bruce took a deep breath to collect himself. "He has pretty severe brain damage and they don't think he will wake up." A tear fell from Bruce's cheek.

Loki launched toward a trashcan and threw up whatever was in his stomach. He felt a hand on his back massage him, making the awful feeling of throwing up go away. When he was done he sat on the floor, shaking, tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Take… take me… to him." He said between sobs. He got pulled up by his brother and he had to lean on him so he would fall because his legs couldn't carry him anymore.

Thor opened a door and there he was; hooked to a lot of technology. He had bruises but he looked like he was sleeping peacefully. He walked with shaky legs to the bed and took Tony's hand. "I'm here my love." His voice was shaking and he leaned down and planted a kiss on his husband's lips, not getting any response from his lover. All his memories, thoughts and feelings running through his mind making him stutter. "We just got married… we just… married…" Thor walked up to his brother and put an arm on his shoulder and gave it a squeeze to try to calm him down by showing he wasn't alone.

If he hadn't gone he wouldn't be here. If he had his magic he could save him. His magic! "Father… father pleas… I just want to save my husband… you owe me at least that… I'm been good… he made me good… you owe HIM this." He whispered but he knew Odin could hear him. He didn't feel anything, he felt so empty and lost… again.

"Brother?" Thor's voice was shocked and that made Loki turn around and look at him with a confused look but his vision was blurry with tears. "You are back." Thor said and a small smile on his face while tears ran down his cheeks.

Loki walked up to a mirror; he was shocked to see his long black hair, pale skin and his armor was back. Then he felt it; an explosion of powers ran through his body. The sensation the magic sent through his body made a shiver go down his spine.

He walked back and stood beside Tony's bed. "Loki what are you doing?" Thor asked; he could be really stupid sometimes.

Loki took a deep breath; he placed a hand on his husband's head and the other on his chest. "I'm saving my husband." He told Thor who smiled at him. His hands started to glow and he whispered a spell that he knew would be a lot for his body but he needed to do this.

Bruce opened the door but stopped from walking in when he saw Loki, the Loki he hadn't seen since the god tried to take over earth. "What's going on?" Bruce asked with a stern voice.

Thor walked over to him and whispered so Loki wouldn't be interrupted. "He got his powers back and is now saving Tony." He had such a big smile on his face.

Bruce stared back at Loki who had his eyes closed and was focusing. He suddenly started to sweat and that made Bruce worry. Maybe Tony was too broken for Loki to fix? But those thoughts went away when his best friend's eyes suddenly opened.

"Loki you need to stop now and rest." Thor said and put a hand on his brother's shoulder again. The glow went away and Loki fell, not far because his brother caught him before he hit the floor. He sat his brother on a chair and watched him trying to get his mind to focus.

Bruce walked up to Tony who looked around the room. "Loki?" Tony said with a raspy voice.

"He is here, but he needs to rest. How are you feeling?" Bruce asked and looked Tony over. The bruises were gone and his pupils worked normally.

"What happened to Loki?" Tony asked panicked. Loki seemed to have collected enough energy to stand up and walked over to his husband. Tony's eyes went wide by seeing the old Loki again. "Loki." Tony breathed out and lifted his hand which Loki took in his and kissed it.

Loki smiled but the thoughts in his head were swimming around in his head. Would this change what Tony felt for him? Would he have to leave him now? Was Odin going to take it back?

"Hey, forget about the questions right now. I just want you." Tony said and squeezed his hand. "Give me a kiss." Loki smiled and leaned down and gave his husband a deep kiss. Tony's hand went through Loki's raven hair. "I love your hair." Tony whispered and got another kiss.

"I'm sorry to interrupt but we should do a scan over your body to see how far Loki healed you." Bruce said with a smile. Loki nodded and watched doctors come in and take Tony away. He sat down on the chair and his brother sat down next to him. They thought they would be alone but then the door opened and Patrick Macken walked in. When the door closed; he turned to his normal form. "Thank you." Loki said with a sigh.

"As you said; I owed you both. But I think you deserved to have your magic back as well. You have surely proven yourself my son." Odin said with a genuine smile.

"What happens now?" Thor asked.

"You are welcome back to Asgard Loki. But if you choose to stay here; you must join the team that Thor is a member of. If you choose neither; your powers must be taken away." Odin said with a determined voice.

Going back to Asgard and leave Tony was definitely not an option. Now that he had his magic back he realized how much he had missed it so losing it again would probably make him go in to depression again. "I'll join the team… if they'll have me of course." Loki said and looked over at his brother who took him in to a crushing hug.

"It would be nice to have magician around." Fury walked in to the room, not caring that the All-father was there. Loki smiled at the man and nodded. "When Stark is better; you can come over to HQ and we can discuss your part in the avengers." He nodded towards Odin before walking out.

"Brother I am so proud of you." Thor's voice boomed through the room and probably out the corridor as well. Loki smiled and turned to Odin again who was smiling at him.

"I hope Loki that we one day can have the same relationship like before all this happened." Odin said with a sad smile.

"Maybe not the exact same relationship but we can probably come to an agreement someday." Loki said with a small smile.

Odin smiled back at him. "I better go home and tell your mother the news. I'll see you soon." And with that Odin returned to his human form and walked out the room.

The brothers sat there in silences. Loki had made his armor go away and he was dressed in his slacks and t-shirt he had put on before living their honeymoon home. He leaned forward and his hair fell in front of his face, he felt disturbed by it for once. The door opened and Tony's bed was rolled in again but empty.

"Where is my husband?" Loki stood up and started to feel nervous. What if he didn't heal him enough?

"Calm down Mr. Stark, he is fine and he is on his way to a body scan. He could move pretty well on his own so he was moved to a wheel chair and I was ordered to return the bed." The nurse said with a calm voice.

Loki let out a breath and sat down again. "When will he be back?" Loki asked now with a calm voice.

The nurse smiled at him, she was turning off some of the technology that Tony had been hooked up to. "Soon, they are just doing some regular checkup to see how well you healed him." She turned to them with a big smile on her face.

Loki was shocked. "You are not afraid of me?" He asked. People had start to realize who Loki really was after the wedding when his surname that was never used before was written in the magazine and the pictures of Odin and Frigga being at the wedding and Thor talking about him as a brother; people had put the pieces together and it was now out who he was. Gladly there were other problems in the world so most people didn't make a big deal out of it even though the press tried to make it a big thing. People didn't see a threat in him anymore so they had other things to worry about.

"No, you saved your husband's life and you haven't done anything bad in what one and a half year so no I am not scared of you. We have people in this hospital that are a lot scarier than you right now." And with that she left the room.

Tony came back and the doctor told them that Loki had practically healed him all the way, just a few cracked ribs that he said could heal by themselves, and then everyone let the couple be alone in the room. His husband wasn't hooked up to anything anymore so he moved some so Loki could lie down next to him and being embraced by Tony. "Now we are even." Tony whispered in to Loki's jet black hair and played with the long hair.

"What do you mean?" Loki asked confused. He was lying with his head on Tony's chest like they did this morning.

"You have been in the hospital twice and were worried sick and now it was your turn to be worried sick." Tony answered and stroked some strands of hair out of Loki's face.

Loki chuckled and pushed himself up slightly so he could look at Tony. "Yeah, we are even." He leaned down and kissed him deeply. When they parted Loki lied down again and Tony continued playing with Loki's long hair. "Are we going back to Hawaii after this?" Loki asked and stroked Tony's six-pack.

"Of course, maybe Fury wants to talk about what happened but otherwise yes." Tony answered.

When Fury's name was mention Loki remembered that he hadn't told Tony what had happened when he was doing some scan. He sat up again which startled Tony a little. "Okay screw Fury we can go right away." He said frantically not wanting Loki to be angry.

"No it's not that." Loki said and turned to Tony and took his hand. "When you had left the room; Odin came to talk to me and Thor."

Tony's grip tightened and he sat up as well. "Please don't tell me you have to go back to Asgard." Tony voice was shaking. He suddenly remembered the almost fight they had in the beginning because he had asked if Loki missed Asgard but was actually scared that Loki would go back if he could.

Loki sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Please Tony let me finish." His husband took a deep breath and nodded. "He said that I am welcomed back to Asgard but if I didn't want to come back he gave me pretty much two decisions. Either I join the avengers or my magic will be taken again."

Tony's face went from worried to happy. "Are you joining us?" Loki nodded and was pulled in for a deep kiss. "Wait, do you want to join us?" Tony asked when they parted.

"Why not, I'll get to use my magic." Loki said with a wicked grin.

Tony laughed at his face and lied down again. "Wow, I am married to a fellow avenger." He said and that made Loki chuckle. Then he felt how hungry he was and realized he hadn't eaten since yesterday.

"I need to get something to eat and you should sleep." Loki said and stood up from the bed.

"I won't be able to sleep without you." Tony murmured and pouted his lower lip.

Loki sighed. "I'll be back soon and then we can sleep." He said and leaned down and gave Tony a kiss and then he left the room.

Tony sighed, feeling lonely immediately when Loki left the room. He just lied there and stared at the white ceiling feeling bored so he got up and in to the wheel chair. He didn't really need it but he found it funny to drive around in. He rolled out in to the corridor that was pretty empty so he just rolled around a bit but stopped when he noticed a child hiding behind a chair.

"Hey, who are you hiding from?" He asked the kid with a smile.

"My mom, she wants me to take a shot." The little boy said, he had red eyes and he was obviously shaking.

"You don't like needles?" Tony asked and came a bit closer to the kid. The boy shook his head. "I don't either but you know what I do when I have to take a shot?" Tony said with a warm smile. The kid was cute with curly blond hair and grey eyes and then Tony noticed that he had an Iron Man t-shirt on. The kid shook his head again making his blond curls shake. "Come sit on the chair and I'll tell you." He said and the boy climbed on to the chair. What he didn't know was that there was a god of mischief standing around the corner and eavesdropping. When the boy has settled down on the chair and gave Tony his full attention he cleared his throat. "I think about the person I love and how proud that person will be when I go through these small seconds of pain and then you can also bargain to get something from your mom after the shot, like candy or a new toy." Tony said with a smirk.

"Will I be as brave as you if I do it?" The kid asked him making his smile grove wider.

Tony nodded his head. "Yeah you will be as brave as Iron Man." He poked the kid on his stomach were the picture of him was.

"Tyler… Tyler." A frantic woman came running around the corner and after her came a smiling Loki. "Oh God Tyler, don't do that you scared me." The woman said and picked the kid up.

"Mom I'll take the shot if I'll get a new Iron Man toy." The kid said and held his head high. Tony chuckled and saw his husband stand beside him.

"I'll guess that is fair." The woman said with a smile.

"Do you have a pen?" Tony asked the woman. That was when she noticed who it was who had been talking to her son. She shook her head not finding any words.

Loki made a movement with his hand and suddenly had a marker in his hand and gave it to Tony. "Thanks honey." He said, stood up from the wheel chair and wrote on the kid's shirt.

You can be as brave as Iron Man / Tony Stark, aka Iron Man.

He gave back the marker to Loki who made it disappear. "Good luck kid." He said and let Loki role his wheel chair back to his room. The kid waved back with a big smile on his face.

"I should be mad at you, you should be in bed." Loki stated on the way back to the room. Tony gripped Loki's hand gently.

"You can have children right?" Tony asked but already knew the answer.

Loki sighed. "You know I can; why do you ask?" He stopped and walked in front of Tony.

"Do you want one more?" Tony asked him with a serious voice.

Loki's eyes widened. "Tony, it was big enough that you got married, now you want a child as well?" Loki asked him skeptic.

"Yeah, I want it all; I want to have a family with you Loki." Tony stated. "Don't you want one with me?" He then asked with a sad look.

Loki sat down and took Tony's hands. "Of course I want to have a family with you Tony." Loki said with a warm smile. Tony leaned in and kissed Loki softly. "But it will have to wait until you're healthy again." He said and kissed Tony's nose.

To be continued

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