This chapter's a bit shorter guys! sorry! they will be longer in the future!

Matthew's mood deteriorated as the weeks went by, life didn't seem to have as much purpose as it used to. He never seemed jolly anymore, work was a drag (more than it used to be) and as he walked though the bustling village, he felt into his coat pocket for his comfort, Mary's toy do- where was it? He could have sworn he'd had it that morning, he tried retracing his steps in his head, to no avail. His good luck charm could be anywhere by now, how could he have lost it? His pace quickened as much as it could without gathering too much attention, towards Crawley house, it could be there, he thought, panicking. He rushed past the villagers, even ignoring the occasional "Hello Mr Crawley", he had to find it.

He opened the door, rushing straight past Moseley who was offering to take his coat for him, heading straight for the stairs. Moseley's inquiring voice was blocked out as he reached the top of the stairs, he was too worried to listen. Flinging his bedroom door open, he walked up the sock draw, sifting through the contents frantically. Where was it? It was the only part of Mary he had left and he'd lost it. He continued rifling through the garments hopelessly, his panic being confirmed.

"Matthew?" he heard his mother softly ask.

"What is it mother?" he said with a strained voice, not turning around to look at her.

"Lost something?"

"Yes..." Matthew paused, swallowing, "It-It was a dog toy, could you tell me if you see it?"

"Oh-oh that. Was it important? I couldn't remember you having the toy when you were younger so I..." she paused.

Isobel was then met by her sons anxious face staring at hers, "What"

"Well... I put it in the barrel for the village children this morning"

"These styles are getting so drab, Anna, I want something new, something exciting!" Mary stated, admiring her outfit in the mirror.

"Well maybe you could get something new made milady? After all, you've been here over a month and you've only been wearing your frocks from England" Anna suggested, smiling at Mary in the full length mirror.

"Well, it has been a while since I bought anything... Why not."

"Oh, and Milady, this came for you" Anna said with a knowing smile, taking a light blue coloured letter out of her front pocket and holding out to her.

"Thank you Anna," she took the letter, "that will be all for now Anna, I'll see you later!"

A quick smile and curtsy and she walked out of the large bedroom, leaving Mary alone. She opened the letter carefully so she didn't rip the envelope, and slid the folded paper out. She always cherished these moments. She did write with Edith, Mama and Sybil, but this was different, this was Matthew. She recognised his hand on the envelope. She was so relieved to receive the other letter which she had been waiting unusually long for; he'd sent them more regularly after that, I wonder what delayed the letter? She unfolded the paper and read.

Dear Mary,

How are you? Marvellous I imagine, being in America. I found out that my great Aunt Patricia lives in New York the other day, perhaps you will see her! (probably not). Downton is running smoothly, and your scandal is still of talk I'm afraid, but your father and I are certain it will die down soon. We all miss you terribly and we would love you to come back soon! She may not have told you but I have a feeling Edith may be after Napier, don't tell her I've told you though! They seem a good match really. Work is very dull at the moment, I would much rather be seeing the American wonders than altering Mrs Dolby's will! I hope you are enjoying yourself, truly, and I look forward to when we next meet.

From your friend,

Yes. She was looking forward to seeing him again too. If only it were that easy. But then again, nobody said it was easy, but no one said it would be this hard either. And what of Edith? To be honest, she had picked a nice (appropriately aged) man this time. Evelyn was a good man. Oh how she wished she could see it all unfold. She put her hand to the face, trying to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. She wondered if Sybil ever felt like this.

Soon. Soon she would see them again. At least she hoped so anyway.

"What do you mean you put it in the barrel? I cannot believe you did not ask me! It was a good luck charm from-" he stopped himself suddenly.


"Yes, as a matter of fact. That dog is very precious to her. I said I would return it but none of that matters now does it?" Matthew replied sternly, anger rising in his voice.

"I'm sorry Matthew, I truly am"

Before his mother could even finish, he was out of the bedroom door, rushing down the stairs and out of the house. He rushed into the village, looking for the charity barrel. He ended up frantically asking a shopkeeper, who directed him across the road, where many children were gathered. He thanked the man and dashed across the road, carefully making his way through the few children to the barrel. A blanket, a doll, a picture book, other random objects, but no dog toy. He looked at the children around him, they didn't appear to have taken it either. He even asked them but no one knew of this dog.

His good luck charm was lost, had been donated. At the moment some other child would probably be playing with his treasured comfort. He put his head in his hands, then headed back home.