Today was a normal day.

I got up, took a shower, got ready for school, barely ran out in time to catch the bus, arrived at school, went through my usual day of class work, took the bus home, bummed around and wrote a little in my novel until dark. Regular day, nothing special. That is, until I woke up.

I brushed my teeth for exactly two minutes, spitting out the toothpaste foam that filled my mouth and gargling with water to wash the strong mint taste out. I was wearing gray leggings and a super-long red t-shirt that reached about mid-thigh length and read 'Word to the Nerds' with a big pair of nerd glasses on it. Under that I wore a camisole and I wore short-shorts over my leggings. It was comfy enough to sleep in.

After scrubbing my face with soap, I quickly rushed back to my room and jumped on my soft bed, hugging a squishy pillow and nuzzling my face into it. I slid my feet under the thin blankets and snuggled into my bed, reaching a hand out to grab my iPod touch that laid next to me, tugging the earphones with it. I put them in my ears as I put on a random song, then relaxed, eventually starting to drift off.

What's so different about this, you wonder? All the while a hidden pair of piercing green eyes watched, silently observing, quietly waiting for an opening. It's waiting paid off, for as I, oblivious to the on looking being, drifted to sleep, and the creature did what it set out to do, afterwords leaving me to slumber on as if nothing had changed, when in fact, something had….

"Ugh.." I groaned, rolling over. Sunlight pierced my eyelids, though I felt like I had just fallen asleep. I wearily sat up, rubbing my eyes as I stretched my arms and yawned.

I blinked. I rubbed my eyes again. I blinked again. Since when was I sleeping on the ground of some filthy alleyway? What happened to my bed? And my pillow? I had my blanket with me, and my clothes and iPod, but other than that, I was in foreign territory. The dusty pavement of the alleyway was mostly clean except for dirt and the occasional piece of crumpled paper. The walls lining it were red brick, but the alleyway lead to a dead end on my right side. On my left, a few feet away, I saw the alleyway opened up to a street bustling with people, dressed in odd clothes.

Confused, I stood up, wrapping my thin cotton blanket around my waist the way you would a sweater, and shuffled out into the edge of the street. I could feel people's eyes on me as I tried to casually strut along the buildings, weaving in and out of people until I reached a narrower, less crowded street. That's when the world decided it was time for some sick humor.

The street was almost deserted, but I just happened to bump into some of the most gangly-looking guys I've ever seen.

"Watch out, wench!" The guy I bumped into said. I gave him the dirtiest glare I could. No one gets away with calling me names.

"What did you say, dumbass?" I growled, puffing up my chest. I wasn't intimidated. I had been trained in martial for four years, weapons training for two, and practiced on my own. I was someone to be reckoned with, and I don't want to let mangy scoundrels like them get away with calling me such a name.

"Witch, you're small, so I thought of letting you off, but no one says that to me!" The guy, who I determined as the leader, grabbed the collar of my shirt. I snapped, my eyes blazing in fury.

"Don't touch my shirt!" I said, jabbing the pressure points in the guy's hand. Had I mentioned I studied up on human anatomy? The guy cringed as he pulled back his hand and I fixed my shirt, smoothing it out.

The guy cursed as I saw him pull out a knife with his other hand, since his first was paralyzed, thanks to me. My eyes widened as his lackeys all pulled out knives, which gleamed ferociously in the sunlight.

"Die!" The guy shouted, as he lunged at me, knife first. Instinctively I maneuvered around the knife, grabbing the guy's wrist and kicking his legs out from under him, snatching the knife as the guy thumped on the ground. I barely had time to recover for two of his fellow gangsters came at me next, attacking on both sides. At last minute I ducked, causing the knives to collide and in that moment of confusion I sprung up and snatched the knives, jumping away to face the dumbfounded lackeys. I knocked them over, piling them on top of their leader who just thumped down, unable to breathe because of the weight on his body.

Before they could recover, I kneed them both in the head hard enough to knock them out cold. There was one man left, a particularly skinny one, that tried to sneak away, but the glint of the knife he held caught my eye, and before he could run, I demonstrated the result of my knife-throwing training by throwing the three knives I held his way, pinning the sleeves of his arms into the wooden building behind him. I quickly advanced on him, and to wrap it all up, I kicked him the hardest I could in a place… let's say…. Where the sun don't shine.

Breathing hard, I straightened my posture, feeling slightly fatigued. I did a double take to discover a very large crowd had gathered to watch the fight, and every one of them had their eyes widened and jaws dropped in shock and awe. I stared back at them, debating among myself whether I should run.

Moments later three men pushed through the crowd, all dressed in farmiliar blue uniforms. One approached me, while the other two went to investigate the unconscious gangster guys.

"What happened here?" The man asked me. I stared at him, trying to register what was happening.

"These men attacked me armed with knives simply because I accidentally bumped into them." I said innocently, which was mostly the truth. The man looked me over.

"Are you injured in any way, miss?" He asked. I shook my head. That's when realization hit me. That uniform, I knew where it was from at first glance….

"Where am I?"

"You're in East City."

"You mean…. East City, as in the East City, in Amestris?"


Thump. My body landed on the ground. I could hear the man shouting for backup and another man tried to wake me. But I was shocked, surprised beyond comprehension. I'm far, too far from home. The muffled shouting faded as I was enveloped in blackness, and the last thing I could remember was someone's voice.

"The game has begun."

The game has begun! Read on to find out more….

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