I was currently sprinting for my life towards East City Headquaters. Why, you ask?

Well, let's just say my meeting with Roy will start in a few minutes.

I barely had time to barge into a shop and use their bathroom to change into something nicer, then dash out and full out run. I was wearing tight black leggings and a mid-thigh length white button up shirt with my camisole underneath. Had this world no bras? Well, they did, but all the ones in the store were more like lace….. and string….. And there was no way in hell I would wear string.

I finally made it to the building, making the woman at the front desk stare as I took in big gulps of air. I made my way over to the desk, and asked the lady for directions to Roy's office, since I couldn't remember the way because I am directionally challenged, and she gave me them. I then proceeded to speed walk down the halls, ignoring the weird looks I got from other soldiers.

I finally reached Roy's office, only to glanceat a clock as it hit exactly the time of the meeting. I knocked, and when I heard Roy yell, "Come in!" I catiously opened the door. I snuck inside, giving Roy a smile as I approached him at his desk.

"Greetings," I said in an alien-like voice.

"Hello. Looks like you're right on time.," Roy said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah, on time because I sprinted all the way here," I muttered darkly. Okay, I hated running. It was stupid. And not the thing I wanna do when I wake up. The cat had wandered off, but I knew she would come back when I returned. But, on the upside, I think I got on Roy's good side. He was always one of my favorites in the show... If we could be friends, that'd be AWESOME!

"So," I said, "Who did you want me to meet?" I asked. Roy opened his mouth to reply when a shark knock rapped on the door. Roy sighed.

"That must be them," Roy muttered. I was starting to get an uneasy feeling about this as Roy called them in.

And guess who walks in? I'll give you a hint. Automail right arm and left leg, long blonde hair tied up in a braid, fiery yellow eyes, with a suitof armor trailing behind him. You guessed it! Edward and Alphonse Elric in the flesh!

I tensed up, frozen to the spot. That's when I remembered something. Act normal.

"Hello," I said, forcing myself to relax. Edward looked at me suspiciously before approaching the desk Roy sat at while Al closed the door and waited by it. I smled unsurely at Al, which I'm guessing he returned, but you can never be sure in that suit of armor, right?

"Why did you call us here?" Ed asked, obviously irritated. I held back a snicker. Ed gives Roy attitude just like in the show, I thought smugly.

"I'd like to introduce you to Lynette," Roy said, gesturing to me. I gave a small wave to Ed, and he nodded to me.

"Lynette, this is Edward Elric, the Fullmetal alchemist," Roy introduced. My eyes glittered in admiration.

"Wow! Fullmetal, huh? That's so cool!" I said with a wide grin. Ed looked slightly surprised at my enthusiasm. Hell, he hadn't seen NOTHING yet.

"Thanks..." Ed muttered, then, turning to Roy, he said, "But why did you call me back just to introduce me to this girl?" Roy looked at him.

"This girl has gotten permission from the Fuhrer himself to participate in the State Alchemist's exam. Her situation reminded me of yours, so I thought you could observe her alchemical skills." Roy said, making Ed's jaw drop as he stared at me.

"Geez, if you're gonna stare that long, just take a picture," I said with a raised eyebrow. Ed looked away, slightly embarrassed, but I could still se the shock on his features.

"My name is Lynette La'va, and I'm twelve years old," I introduced myself, grinning as Ed looked even more shocked. I was also aware Al too was gaping at me.

"She was offered a job as a field agent at first, although she turned it down to wait for the exam for State Alchemist's." Roy said. I looked at him pointedly.

"Be quiet, I don't want their eyes to pop out of their heads," I said, causing Roy to chuckle. I turned to Ed, and smiled sweetly.

"I hope we get along, assuming I pass the exam!" I exclaimed, smiling wider and clapping m hands together. When Ed just stared at me, my smile faded and I bit my lip, nervous.

"Would you like to see her fight?" Roy asked with a smirk. I had an even worse feeling about this...

And, somehow I ended up in the training field once more, but this time being watched by the Elric brothers instead of Roy and the Fuhrer. Roy said he had some paperwork to attend to, and to leave when we were done.

"Kill a few dummies," Ed commanded. I looked at him with raised eyebrows before sighing and facing the field of dummies.

I raced towards them, targeting the unlucky dummy closest to me before spinning on one foor to slam my other leg into the dummy' stomach region, throwing it a few feet as it doubled over. I kicked that dummy's head off, sending it flying to bash into another dummy, causing that one to double over. I spun and kicked the dummy's head with the top of my foot, sending it flying a yard or two. I ran and jump kicked another dummy, yet again sending a head flying. It was like playing soccer, but with a much higher target. I thrusted my pal at another dummy's middle, causing it to double over toward me. I then bent into a backbend before kicking up and crashing my foot into the dummy's head, YET AGAIN sending it flying away. I stood up, smiling breathlessly as I trotted over to the Elric brothers, who just gawked at me like I was inhuman.

"You said to kill them," I said smugly. "What'd ya think?"

"That's amazing," Al breathed. I grinned at him, bowing slightly in thanks before turning to Ed.

"And the alchemist's opinion?"

"... Is that humanly possible for a twelve year old?"

"Okay, you guys seriously have to listen to me! I tell you what I told Roy. I am an alien." I sighed exasperaedly. Ed rolled his eyes and snickered.

"Good one." Ed sighed. I looked him straight in the eye, dead serious.

"It's the truth! I'm not from here… So that's the technical term." I said, oblivious to my own mistake.

"Where are you from, then?" Ed asked curiously. I started to sweat nervously under their expectant stares.

"Oh, gee, look at the time," I said, glancing at my empty wrist, "I better get going. Seeya! Hope we meet again!" I said before sprinting off, leaving Ed and Al behind to sweat drop.

I sat in the alleyway, thinking. I had wandered around East City for a little while, window shopping, until it started to get dark. Now I was back in the alleyway, getting cozy by wrapping myself up in the blanket. The kitten had come back and was currently snuggling in my arms, looking more adorable than ever, when suddenly, it stood up and wandered off.

Snapping out of my daze just to see the kitten walk onto the dark, empty street and out of sight, I stared after is, confused. The kitten has stayed with me every night so far. And, I realized, without the kitten I was dead alone.

Fear began so creep into me as my mind automatically recalled numerous horror movies that had scarred me when I was a child. I pulled my knees tight to my chest, purely afraid. And, as I could recall, chimeras could be made to look like those kind of monsters. I began to shake, squeezing my eyes shut and clutching the blanket tighter as I tried to block out those scary thoughts with other thoughts. But it didn't work, because my mind would instantly revert back to those scary thoughts.

"Damn, damnit! I'm not afraid… Damn…" I muttered, my voice cracking as tears rolled down my cheeks. I hugged myself tighter, digging my nails into my arms when suddenly, I felt something crawl onto my shoulder. I bit my lip on a scream as a sob escaped my throat, just as I heard the clinking of metal. I lifted my tear streaked face up to look at the thing, which approached me slowly.


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