We Three Queens

I really should update A Princess Kidnapped and Change It All, but I couldn't get this plot out of my head so here is Chapter 1 of We Three Queens.

"Anne! Jane!" Two women rushed into the Queen's chambers, and immediately began dressing their Queen. Katherine was Queen of England and Ireland, mother of Mary, Princess Royal and wife of King Henry VIII. Although, she was certain she had been happier. Her husband had barely looked at her the past few days, let alone sharing her table or her bed. But she always made the effort to look her best. As she watched her two favourite ladies dress her, she noticed the differences between them. Jane was a perfect English Rose, with golden hair flowing down her back, dusty blue eyes and a fair complexion, whereas Anne was an exotic beauty, raven curls hanging by her waist, olive skin and sparkling black eyes that hooked anyone within one glance.

Jane placed the emerald clasp in Katherine's hair, and not a moment too soon, as King Henry walked through the door. Immediately, the two ladies dropped into low curtsies, and waited for permission to rise. "Leave" Henry said curtly, and as Anne and Jane respectfully backed out of the room, Katherine was sure Henry's eyes lingered on them longer than what was strictly necessary. But that was nothing new, thought Katherine. She remembered the short time when Jane was Henry's Mistress, it had hurt her feelings, but the King had tired of her very quickly. "Katherine." Henry's cold voice cut through her thoughts like a knife as she turned to face her husband. "Yes Henry?"
"I have decided to send Mary away to Kimbolton for a while. You may accompany her, but will not be able to return to court until she does." Katherine wanted to laugh at Henry, she knew the game he was playing. He wanted rid of her while he went and found a pretty little airhead to share a bed with.
"I thank your Majesty for the offer to accompany my darling daughter to Kimbolton," Katherine exaggerated the word my, and Henry flinched slightly, "But surely the Queen Consort is required to stay at court to assist in ruling her people. So it is with greatest regret that I must turn down your most generous offer." Henry turned quickly and began to walk out of the door before stopping and slightly turning his head. "Our daughter, Katherine." He then walked out of the door without looking back once.

"Her Majesty, Queen Katherine!" Katherine swept into the room, followed, of course, by Anne and Jane. She sat by Henry, and proceeded to freeze for the painter. Out of her peripheral vision, she saw Henry's eyes flicker toward where Anne and Jane stood. Was Henry hankering after Jane again? Or was he trying to catch the famous gaze of Anne? She was sure it was Jane, as she was the traditional beauty out of the two. Although, no one could argue that Anne was beautiful, but she was exotic, not so different to herself. So Henry must be trying to catch Jane's eye, as she was sure Henry would not want the same thing twice.

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