We Three Queens

Here you go xxxx And this is going to be a Henry/ Anne, but the plot has to unfold! xxxx

Jane turned to Anne. The two women stared at each other, Jane's ocean eyes meeting Anne's dark orbs, and Jane whispered softly, "Henry will not have a son." Anne's brow furrowed, she sat down on the bed, her green skirts spreading, "What do you mean? You will give the king both handsome princes and beautiful princesses."
"No I won't!" Jane's voice rose an octave, "I cannot!"
"You- what do you mean?"
"I was Charles Brandon's mistress for a long time Anne." Anne looked shocked, her eyes narrowing slightly. "For two years in fact. Surely that would be enough time for me to bare, if not two, then at least one child!"
"So what are you saying?" Jane inhaled deeply and fell down next to Anne.
"I believe I am barren, Anne."

"Mistress Seymour and the Lady Anne." Jane and Anne swept into the room, towards the King. Jane was wearing a gown of light blue silk, with a grey corset beneath. White beads could be seen at the top of the corset, and pearls hung from her pale neck. A silver band with pearls embedded in it rested in her golden hair, which was pulled into a smooth bun at the nape of her neck. She already looked fit to be a queen. Anne however, had changed into a crimson gown with golden thread detailing. Underneath, she wore a white corset with gold thread stitched in loops along the top, but this was barely visible. A thin gold band rested on her wrist and in her raven locks, which tumbled down her back in loose curls, reaching her waist. She looked stunning, Henry thought, fit to be England's queen. The two women reached him and dropped a flawless curtsey. "Rise." Anne respectfully took her place beside Jane, as Jane herself stepped up to the kings side.

After the court meeting, Jane was shown to her new chambers, and given new ladies to serve her. She gave them all, including Anne, gowns of grey damask with red corsets and grey shoes with a slight heel. They were allowed to wear the simplest of jewellery, and their hair must be out of the way. Anne hurriedly placed a silver clasp in her hair, securing her hair in a bun, and rushed to attend Jane.

Jane looked around her new chambers, they were incredible. The pine furniture was light, and complemented the deep crimson walls. The bed sheets were white linen, and soft to the touch. She turned to find her new ladies filing into the room. They lined up and curtsied to their new mistress. Jane mustered a small smile at them all, most of them she knew from her days working as Katherine's lady-in-waiting. But she saw a young girl towards the end of the line. She had dark blonde hair, which had been carefully pulled into a half up half down style, leaving her curls flowing down the back of her dress. She wore a string of pearls around her neck, and her dress seemed to be lower cut than the rest of her ladies. Jane walked over to her, "And what is your name?" The girl looked at her, her dark blue eyes meeting Jane's crystal blue ones, "Catherine Howard, my Lady. Lady Anne is my cousin." Jane glanced towards Anne, who nodded once. "Very well Lady Catherine, but please will you put your hair up?" Catherine looked disgruntled, but nodded and took out the gold clasp holding her hair in place. She slowly braided it, and placed the clasp in the bottom of the braid, which was draped over her shoulder.

After the King came to Jane's chambers that night, and dismissed all of her ladies, Anne walked the short way to her chambers. As she turned the corner, she saw a flash of grey, and doubled back. A dark wooden door snapped hastily shut, and Anne ran to it, making as little noise as possible. She pondered for a minute as to whether to burst in or just look through the keyhole. What if someone had been kidnapped? She bent down to the keyhole and peered through it. What met her eyes shocked and disappointed her. Her little cousin, Kitty, was fiercely kissing none other than Charles Brandon. She watched in horror as Charles removed her dress and corset, and proceeded to take advantage of her.

She whisked her eye away and ran to her chambers as quickly as she could. Slamming the door behind her, she took off her dress and corset, and pulled on a cream nightdress. She collapsed into her bed and fell asleep, trying to forget what she had just witnessed.

So there you go ! xx