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The veteran warrior

On the battlefield Naruto stood over the body of the mad man who took everything from him "damn I never thought Madara would go this far just to win," he said

Naruto thinks back on the battle


Madara finally captured Naruto and was getting ready to extract the demon "it over boy," said the madman asked he went through hand seals

Naruto smirked "you think you have won Madara?" asked Naruto.

The masked man looked at Naruto "bluff all you want but you have lost, he said

Naruto closed his eyes "it's time sealing jutsu Illusionary Nine Dragon Consuming seal," said Madara

But the temple starts to shake as the previous eight demons come out of the statue and enter Naruto's body "what is going on," shouted the Uchiha.

Naruto chuckles "I let you capture me so I reverse the sealing and have all the demon fuse inside my body with a seal that I created," said Naruto

Madara fearing for his life warp away as Naruto drops to the ground.

Madara is seen on a cliff cackling "I might not be able to create the perfect Utopia but I will have total victory," he shouted as he goes through some hand seals "forbidden Jutsu: Soul Genocide destruction Jutsu," he shouted as his body glows and the souls of all people are taken out of their body and they fall down dead as does Madara.

In the base Naruto was laying on the ground "young Uzumaki and Namikaze, My name is Ryushin and I am the ten tails Dragon God," said the voice.

"What do you want with me?" asked Naruto to the voice.

I have am giving you some gifts, First is the Rinnegan and second is Sharingan of the highest caliber the Eternal Sharingan. The last thing is the Dragon eyes which will let you see great distance and past object. Now I think you should wake up I think something is happening to you allies we will talk again," said the voice.

Naruto wakes up and rushes out. He sees the bodies of all his comrades as he falls to his knees "why?" he asked.

Naruto sees the body of Madara on the ground devoid of any life and is cold.

End Flashback

He looks around and sees the plants withered and all the soldiers dead on the field "total genocide by a madman," he thought as he sheds tears.

"I was foolish in think if I reversed the extraction everything will be fine but he turned out to be a sore loser," thought Naruto.

He walks around the world trying to find anyone alive and head to Wave but is disheartened to find everyone dead. He goes to Zabuza and Haku's graves and falls to his knees "why did this happen," he thought.

He heads to the turtle island and finds Kisame's sword on the ground "I wonder if it will accept me," he thought as he grabs the handle waiting for his hand to be shredded by the blade. But nothing happens "I guess I am its new wielder," he thoughts he seals the sword in a scroll.

Naruto comes to a temple erected to Sage of Six Paths "I never knew this existed," he thought.

He goes to a pedestal and sees a metallic cube "what is this," he thought as he reaches out to it but pulls it back as the cube starts to glow and a man with beige robes appears "my name is Master Kyral of the Jedi High Council may I ask who activated the holocron?" he asked.

Naruto stood up "I am Namikaze Naruto," he said

"I see, I sense great potential in you young one but I sense loss as well," he said.

Naruto puts his head down "I am willing to teach you young one if you accept me, I will teach you the ways of the force," he said.

Naruto looks at the hologram "what is this force is it similar to Chakra?" he asked

The man smiles "no Chakra is only you inner strength while the force is all around us," he said.

Naruto smiled "I guess I can learn this force power if you are willing to teach me," said the blond.

The hologram bows "let us begin your training," he said.


A few hundred years later an explorer ship appears made up of silver design sleek and fast. This ship brought the first settlers to the planet that will be known as Naboo.

They created the first civilization and where a contrast different between the planet original inhabitance and the new settlers.

Their unwillingness to wage war to conquer others that does not mean they did not have weapons; they just had great restraint in using them `and not lashing at other.

Naruto watched the new settlers as their unofficial protector. Over the years Naruto fought from the shadow to assist the Gungans in their battle against to form against rouge Gungan warlord.


It has been several more thousand years and Naruto was making his yearly visit to the graves of his comrades that perished in the war. Naruto was walking back when he heard a scream.

He runs in the direction of the scream and sees a young girl about 7 on the ground as three Kath hound circles her. "Help," she said.

Naruto rushed forward and killed one with a kunai as he jumps up and slashes one as he gets in front of the girl protectively as the Hound growl but runs away.

Naruto turns around and sees the girls knocked out for fear "can't leave her here," he thought as he holds her and walks to his hut.

The hut is a prefab shelter ready to dismantle at a moment's notice. He walks in a lays her down on the bed. He checks her head "looks like she is just in shock," he thought as he starts to heal her.

After an hour she wakes up "I see you're awake," said Naruto

The young girls looks at the blond "who are you?" she asked

Naruto Namikaze at your service," he said.

Padme Amidala," she said

Naruto smiled "beautiful name," he said

"I need to go back to my mother and father," she said

"I can't let you go just yet; look at you leg," he said.

She tries to move it but it is hard to move "I broke my leg," she said.

Don't worry you will be fine in a few day to a week," said Naruto

Over the week Padme was getting mobility back and the two got to know each other with their likes and dislikes.

The week came and gone as Naruto got Padme up "time head to your family your leg should be fine," he said.

Padme looks at him "why don't you meet my mother and father?" she asked.

Can't sorry but please accomplish you dream from me," he said Naruto as they make their way to Theed.

Naruto stays in the shadows as Padme is escorted in to her family. Naruto disappeared in the shadows.


7 years later Naruto was walking to Theed; under his arm was a box wrapped up. He entered the gates and was question by the guard and had his gift inspected. Naruto bide a good bye and went through. He got to the palace and saw the raise of a new queen Padme Amidala. Naruto clapped and went to the new sovereign and bowed "I present you with this gift for you long reign," said the blond under his hood.

"Thank you stranger," she said as she put the gift next to the others gently. Naruto smiled and walked back to the crowd.


Later Padme was opening her gift when she came to the gift given by the stranger. She opens it and sees a sword "interesting," she thought as she eyed it.

It was a marvelous blade decorated with gem on the hilt and a golden blade. She looked at the sheath it was black with bide string on the around the body of the sheath and she saw a note.

She read it and her eyes widen "it him," she thought

To your Highness

Dear Padme; it has been seven years since I saved you nurse back to health; I am glad that you fulfilled you dreams and hope you bring prosperity to the your planet.

I hope to talk and catch up and see how you are doing; here is my address in the city. You can visit me whenever my door is open," said the letter.

Padme looks at the address and memorizes it and puts it back.


Next day in the well to do area; Padme walked to the address with her guard Captain Panaka a dark skinned male with a red uniform.

"Are you sure you want to come and meet the commoners," said the Captain.

"Yes; he saved my life a few years ago so I owe him a visit," she said.

Padme knocks and the door opens as a smiling Naruto appears "Hi your highness," said Naruto.

Naruto," said Padme in a low voice.

Naruto smiles weakly "sorry Padme; please come in I am cooking some brunch for us," said the blond

Padme smells "smells good," she said

Naruto turns to Panaka "I am glad she decided to bring a guard with her; can I ask your name captain?" asked Naruto with a bow.

"Panaka," said the captain.

Naruto brought out the food and the three talked about trivial things but on the things was teach Padme self defense which both the captain and Naruto thought she needed "thank you for have us," said Padme.

"You are quit welcome,' said Naruto as he escorts the two the door and they leave the house.

Naruto sat in his bedroom think of the conversation he had with the two.


Naruto was mediating a few months later when he sense multiple presence in the system "I sense a disturbance in the force," he thought as he walked to his telescope and gasped at what he saw " a blockade," thought Naruto.

'He leaves his house and walks to the palace and sneaks in. He sees the Governor of Theed in a debate with the Queen.

"We must get you too safety you highness," said the governor.

Naruto eyes narrow "I see," he thought.

Naruto send a message to Panaka "Captain keep your guard ready; I am in the palace; I can convince the queen to leave with her handmaidens," said Naruto through a link.

"Damn it Naruto that freaks me out," thought Panaka.

"I told you of this ability it's a good thing I did so I don't get shot," thought Naruto in Panaka mind.

"Your highness the maelstrom is here," said Panaka.

"Let him in," she said as she looks to her handmaiden make hand signs in code.

"Advisers there is someone who would like to speak to us; I know he can be trusted because the queen trust him," said Panaka

Naruto drops down making all the guard point their blaster at him "stand down," said Panaka.

"Naruto good to see you again," said Panaka.

I wish it was under more pleasant circumstances Captain but I just got some info they started to l1and their troop to the surface," said Naruto.

"Then what should we do?" asked the governor.

"Simple false surrender then strike," said Naruto.

"You can't be serious," said an adviser.

"I think deception is the best method of escaping," said Panaka.

"I agree as well," said the queen.

"Good I will see how things turn out and I will be with you because I can give you guys a weapon from one my hiding places," said Naruto.

Naruto eyes narrow "there are here," said Naruto as the door blast open and thirty battle droid surround the group "hands up," said the droid commander.

Everyone surrenders and oare escorted out. The Trade Federation has taken Theed with a surprise attack.

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