Frank walked once again into another office building hoping that some one would take him seriously. He thought back to what had become of his life. When he was very young he was told not the story of Atlantis, which had supposedly sunk or of El Drado The City Of Gold but had been told the story of The Citadel, a magical floating city in the sky. It told of wonders and magic, Robots that helped to keep the Peace and Order. Sorcerers, magic and mystery it had hardly ever been heard of ever. Except by Frank's family, and even then almost none of them believed it all of them except Frank. He had heard about it from his grandfather, who heard about it from his grandfather, who had heard about it from his grandfather, and so on and so forth. The discover of the story one of Frank's ancestors, an archeologist. He had found out about when he discovered that there once was people living by the Marina Trench but there was no sigh of them, except a piece of a pot they had told of the story. Ever since he had been told the story he had wanted to find the flying city of wonder. The story goes that an alien ship landed and took root. Fortunately the aliens on board were friendly and became friends with the humans. For reasons unknown the ship took flight and flew of with she humans and a huge chunk of land, thus creating the trench. So the ship had taken flight and could fly but not high enough to gain orbit. Unfortunately the pot that had described the story vanished one day into thin air. So his ancestors had no prof of his discovery, and what's stranger is that it still hadn't resurfaced. So when he had heard it from his grandfather he immediately decided then and there to find the city. Unfortunately like his ancestor nobody believes him. Once agin he would try to make someone believe his fantastical tale. This the time he was trying to impress another company into believing his wondrous tale.

"Hi I'm here to talk to Mr. Fose." Frank told the receptionist.

"Yes he's on floor ten, 2B." she replied.

"Thank you."

Having climbed into the elevator he then traveled up to floor ten he then fond room ten on the massive floor space. He konked on the door.

"Come in!"

"Hi, my name is Frank Tale."

"Yes I've heard of you." said a tall muscular man from behind a desk. "you say that you might have something of interest to me."

"You got my email correct."

"Then why are you standing there?"


"Fine I've got your email and read it over."

"Oh thank goodness."

"So I called you in here to discuss something with you."

"Yes and that was?"

"What does my company gain from this?"

"Ohh, uhh." Frank hadn't thought of that.

"If my company won't get anything out of this then leave now."

"You get umm…"

"Get out." he said through gritted teeth. Frank contained to stand there like a Deer in headlights.

"I said get OUT!" He yelled. Frank ran.

From around the corner and pair of watching eyes saw the whole scene.

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