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The Boy Wonder

I rolled over and felt the weight of my body shifting too far and down I fell. My body slammed into the wooden floor –hard.

"Aahh." I groaned as I rubbed my sore butt. The cool air was already stealing all of my heat and my lips were turning a crispy blue. I shivered before climbing clumsily back into bed. I had been staying at Wayne manner for a month now and I still wasn't used to the huge bed. Bruce had kindly let me stay since I was his niece and homeless. Oh and I also kind of tried to write a story for the newspaper on Batman and Robin and sort of followed them right into the Bat Cave and discovered their true identities. But other than that it was his choice.

I contemplated on whether or not staying in bed would be my best option for the weekend or not, when something unusual caught my eye. I paused and let my hearing take control. I could hear my own light breathing, the silence of the room and that was all, apart from….

I jumped from my bed and slammed my fist into the wall. It immediately opened and revealed my bow and quiver. Swiftly, I pulled out an arrow from the quiver and plucked it into my bow before drawing it back towards my bedroom door. No one came. I waited there, my arrow ready, in dead silence. After a few minutes had passed, I lowered my bow and let my string fall to a natural length, figuring I was hearing things. Then the doors of my enormous wardrobe swung open and banged against the wall. I spun around as Dick appeared; a bat-a-rang in each hand. He swung them out and I instinctively dodged out of fire before pulling back my bow again. I fired the arrow in his direction for him to only jump down and onto my bed, the arrow missing him completely. He threw another bat-a-rang and I blocked it out with my bow. I hurried back to my quiver and slung it over my shoulder before pulling out another arrow and firing it. Dick gracefully jumped from my bed and landed a forward roll onto the floor before executing a perfect swing with a bat-a-rang. By now I had already armed myself with another arrow and aimed it straight for the bat-a-rang. It hit it square on and they both fell to the floor. I reached up for yet another arrow when a bat-a-rang hit me in the stomach and I stumbled back onto the floor.

"What! Not again!" I exclaimed as I picked the bat-a-rang off of my knee, smoothing my finger down the guards that covered its sharp blades. Every morning was the same. We would surprise each other with a friendly match and the winner was the one that didn't get hit. Dick picked up one of my arrows where the tip had been covered by a bung so it wouldn't hurt, supporting his gleeful laugh that I hated so much.

"How do you keep winning?" I asked standing from the cold floor – again.

"Easy, I'm smarter, stronger, faster, slier and don't forget better looking." He pointed the arrow at me and I snatched it from his hand.

"Whatever." I spat out.

"Oh and you might want to get dressed. Bruce is waiting for you downstairs. It's probably something to do with your inability to kick butt." Annoyed, I scooped up the bat-a-rang at my feet and launched it at him but he simply caught it one handed and gave a little nod of thanks on his way out.

Dick was like a big brother to me now but will still be something of a mystery.

I chuckled to myself before getting dressed, planning my revenge with every step. I could probably shoot him from behind when I get down there, or crawl through the air vent and get him via surprise. But if Bruce wanted to talk it would probably be serious and so the bow and arrows would have to go back in the wall. That was my thing, archery. I didn't have any technical gadgets like boy blunder over here but my twenty eight pound, flat bow and hundreds of wooden arrows were all I needed. It was just me growing up, so hunting was the only way I could stay alive and since coming to Wayne Manner I realised I could actually do something good with my skill.

I pulled out some black, skinny jeans from the wardrobe and a dark, green blouse before shuffling on some black pumps and heading down the long, spiral staircase. I sprinted into the lounge where Bruce was pondering by the fire place and Dick was lounged lazily in the arm chair, admiring the bat –a-rang in his hand; I guessed it was the one I threw at him earlier.

"So what's up?" I asked, dumping my body on the sofa.

"I wanted to talk to you both about school." Uh-oh. School was not a good thing. I tried my best and got awesome grades and everything but the people there were less fantastic. I knew Dick was getting some hassle from a few people too. I'd seen in it before many times. It was the same five people as well, trouble is Dick would be able to kick their butts no problem but chooses not to. He just takes it from them. Now would probably be a good time to mention it to Bruce.

"I know it's hard having two identities but I want to know that you don't let it affect your school work. Cheyenne?" he turned to me and I was too wrapped up in what I was going to say about Dick to listen.

"Err, yeah, no, its fine." I said. This was the answer that usually got me where I wanted to be, most of the time.

"Good." Bruce said. He turned to Dick who was still toying with his bat-a-rang.

"What about you Dick?" he asked but there was only silence. I opened my mouth to spill out everything when the Bat signal blared out of Bruce's phone and then Dick's and then mine. Dick was instantly on his feet and racing towards his room. Bruce casually walked out and I sighed before following. I guess it would have to wait like everything else.

I ran up to my room and slammed the wall. It revealed my costume, bow and quiver, this time with arrows that were sharp and threatening. I slipped on my costume that consisted of being a black suit that was fitted right to my body. Thin, black coils of cloth were wrapped around my wrists and ankles that secured my on my pumps and gloves. My right glove was padded in the first three fingers for pulling back the string. I pulled up the cloth that was attached to my suit and fitted it around my mouth and nose. I grabbed my bow that was a beautiful brown, as if it was pulled right off a tree and its limbs were painted a bold black. I slung the dark quiver over my shoulder and gripped my bow firmly. I was ready. I raced down into the study where the bat poles had already been used. I rested my bow on my shoulder as I slid down and into the darkness of the Bat Cave. All of the gadgets were whirring and beeping and bikes and cars littered the room everywhere. Both Robin and batman had already beaten me down. Robin was dressed in his usual red and black costume, his dark cape flying behind him as he moved swiftly. Batman was dark and mysterious as always in his bold and black costume.

"So what you got for me?" I asked wandering closer to the two as they hovered over the big screen.

"Joker, Gotham City Bank." Batman said and he jumped into the Bat-mobile with Robin at his side. Being only fifteen meant I didn't get a cool car yet and was stuck with riding the back with the two of them.

The Bat-mobile was on the road and headed for the bank in a matter of seconds. We sped through the city, every vehicle and building whizzing past in one big blur. Suddenly we stopped moving and were climbing out in front of the bank. But there was something odd about it though, no signs of a bank robbery.

"Are you sure it was the bank?" I asked puzzled.

"Yes." Robin said and ran round the back of the building. Batman nodded for me to follow and I did. By the time I reached him, he was already climbing through the side window. I tossed my bow up to him before he helped me climb up. We slid down the wall and hid behind a booth. But nothing was happening, no one was here. The whole thing was empty, no customers or workers, nobody.

"What the…." I started but didn't get the chance to finish as I was knocked back by a blinding light. My body plummeted back into the wall, knocking every breath I had out of me. I groaned as bricks and glass showered over me along with a powerful wave of thermal energy.

"Shooter!" Robin was yelling for me but the ringing in my ears was screaming all around.

"Shooter!" He yelled faintly again.

"Move!" suddenly his body was flying on top of me and pushing me out of the way of another one Joker's tricks. Robin grasped me by the shoulders and shook me hard.

"Get ready!" he was shouting, his face sharp and calm. That one look was all it took for me to snap back into it. I ignored the ringing that was blaring out at me and focused on what had happened. Some kind of explosion had hit me and I was guessing Robin too since there was a small cut above his left eye. I nodded to him that was I was fine and pulled an arrow, which matched the colour of my bow, out from my quiver and plucked it into my string. The bank wasn't empty any more. It had filled with men wearing black and of course, the Joker, who was now facing off with Batman. I turned to face Robin but he had already gone, fighting his own battle in the middle of the Joker's

men. I drew back my string and took aim. It was time to kick butt.