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I fired my arrow and it hit the sleeve of one of Joker's gang. The arrow flew right through the black jumper and pinned his arm to the wall. I strung another arrow to my bow and fired it at his other arm before he could pull out the arrow. It worked and he was pinned to the wall.

"Looks like you're a little pinned down at the minute so I'll get back to you." I shouted over with a smug laugh tinting my voice. Robin looked at me before shaking his head.

"What? I thought cheesy lines was all part of the suit?" I asked innocently.

"No." Robin said simply and continued to throw bat-a-rangs at his incomers. Both embarrassed and ashamed, I pulled another arrow out of my quiver and clipped it onto my string. Who next? There were six more of Joker's men and Batman was currently teasing Joker. I guess that was what we were here for, me and Robin, to handle the pistols whilst he took care of the big guns. No thank you.

I fired my arrow using my instincts to guide me. One to the left, running fast, take the legs. I fired my arrow and it hit him straight in the leg. He fell down easy. Two to the right, one's got a chair. Why a chair? Take him down first. I swiftly plucked in an arrow and let it fly right into his shoulder. He went down with a thump. The other was already too close; he would be on top of me before I had time to string my bow. Instead I pulled out an arrow and pelted it in his direction in one smooth motion. Done. I looked around, my breath catching behind the black cloth. Robin had already taken the other two down and was facing off with the last one. Time for my time with the Joker. I raced off to where Joker and Batman had drifted. They were in the back of the bank. I still wasn't sure what the purpose of this whole operation was but since it looked like Joker wasn't going anywhere, it was a case of ask no questions and hear no lies.

I plucked an arrow onto my string and held it by my thigh, ready. I crept behind the door and took a deep breath. I wasn't sure of any plan but Batman was so going to kick my butt if I didn't take Joker down myself. I stroked the fletchers of my arrow as I desperately tried to keep my heart rate down. It wasn't working.

I pounced through the door and held my bow up, pulling the string to maximum length.

"Miss me?" damn it brain! We agreed no cheese!

Both Joker and Batman spun around to face me. I made this my advantage and fired the arrow at Joker blindly. It moved slightly to the left and the arrow went sailing straight passed him.

"Oops." I whispered. That was it. My edge was gone and I had no idea what I was going to do now.

"Dark shooter, get out, go help Robin." Batman ordered and resumed his business with Joker. Joker slashed with two small swords whilst batman moved carelessly past him.

"No." I said and went to arm my bow again.

"Dark Shooter." Batman growled at me again. He hit Joker's arm and he dropped one of the knives. Joker immediately swung with the other and Batman clenched his wrist in his palm. He had no choice but to drop the weapon.

I was tired of Batman telling me what to do. He had him now, in both hands. I could easily shoot him in the shoulder and make sure he couldn't attack again. I pulled back my bow and fired. But the Joker had already kicked out of his hold and the arrow missed Batman by a whisker. He did what I thought was a glare through his mask before spinning to see where Joker had gone. He had armed himself with a new weapon that I had never seen before. It looked like some kind of gun that was filled with a sickly, green liquid.

"My latest invention." Joker said through his ear piercing laugh.

"I call it, The Downer, because ones you've been hit. You'll never get up!" he laughed, mockingly again. The pointed the gun at Batman and fired. A small dart came shooting out and he moved to get out of the way. But what neither of us knew, Robin had entered the room, right in the line of fire. I watched as the dart sunk into his chest and he groaned aloud.

"Robin!" I screamed as he fell to the floor in a heap. I dropped my bow and sprinted towards him. I dropped like a stone next to him, banging my knee on the floor as I did so. I rolled him over and yanked the dart out of his chest and through it the ground in frustration. His body began to shake all over and a sweat was breaking out on his brow.

"Robin, it's ok. You're fine." He smiled weakly at me as his breath came in rasps. I searched the room to find that Batman had gone after Joker. He had actually left him. I felt close to tears. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't help him.

I slapped myself together and ordered myself to be strong, for Robin's sake.

"It's ok." I said again cradling his head in my palm. His face had gone a deathly pale and his limbs sat lazily by his sides. I stared on as his eyes glistened right through my soul before rolling back into his head.

"Robin." I shook him hard, trying to wake him.

"Robin!" it was no good. He was down for the count. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Batman flitter into the room.

"Help him!" I screamed hard until my throat hurt. The tears streamed and the anger was mixing with fear creating one big merge of horror.

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