Just a short drabble I thought up one idle day. It's meant to be a Sanosuke & Megumi scene but you're welcome to plugin whomever you like. Standard disclaimers apply. I make no profit from this story whatsoever.

She sat idly in one of the armchairs, her feet tucked in under her, raven hair cascading down her back, a glass of wine in one hand. She sighed in weariness. It had been a long day. It had started out well enough—restful sleep after a satisfying night (she almost blushed at the memory), a quick but filling breakfast then off to the hospital where the smooth ease with which her morning had started was quickly forgotten. Patient after patient had come in and everything and everyone seemed to be on STAT. She sighed again, wishing he'd come home already. He made her feel better even without saying a thing. Just his presence was a comfort. She shook her head, she was turning daft—a sentimental fool. Rain pattered a soft tattoo on the windows as she waited for him.

A quick footstep then she heard the key turning in the lock. The rustle of his coat as he walked in through the door, the door clicking shut behind him. She stood, abandoning the untouched glass of wine on a side table. He was standing in the hallway, with his back to her, in the middle of hanging up his coat in the closet. Water droplets caught in his brown hair glistened in the hall light. She walked quickly forward, wrapping her slender arms around him. She leaned into his back, wrapping her arms around his chest, warmth flooding her through their clothes. She closed her eyes and breathed in his scent and in that moment she was completely happy, the worries of the day melting away. She smiled against his shirt, what a silly, sentimental goose she was turning into if just being with him made her all warm and mushy.

He turned around and contemplated her glowing face. "What's so funny?"

"I wasn't laughing," she replied.

"Not outwardly but I say you are."

At that moment her joy which was merrily bubbling rose to the surface, overwhelming her and she threw herself into his open arms with abandon.

"You're right. I'm laughing because I am so very, very, happy."