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*Chapter 18*

*Our Everlasting...*

"All dreams must come to an end- but how long before this one is forgotten?"

-Thursday Morning (Hitachiin Mansion) 6:24am-

-Hikaru's POV-

I stepped out of the shower, deciding to use the towel to dry my hair instead of wrapping it around my waist.

I let the towel hang from my head and walked over to the sink, looking into the mirror.

I could see Kaoru in my reflection again, how betrayed he looked...

Kaoru...I'm sorry...I had to tell them.

"Y'know I never asked you how your Date went."

I jumped "Hey Kaoru! You're up early!"



"Hikaru, are you feeling alright, you look a little...wanky..."

"Really Kaoru? 'Wanky'?"

"Yep! Wanky. Now tell me what happened with you and Cherry Blossom, I'm dying of boredom over here! I need entertainment!"


"Thats what I said. Cherry Blossom!"

I leaned back against the sink as Kaoru sat on the edge of the tub "Again...Hilarious..." I deadpanned, "Anyway it was great! She acts just like you Kaoru!"

"So basically...you like her because you have a crush on me but since I dont have a vagina shes the next best thing?"

"No, Im saying I have a crush on you but since you refused to kiss me the other day, I've moved on to someone else."

He stood back up and took a step towards me "Wanna try again?" He smirked.

I just laughed and turned back to the mirror "Get dressed, Kaoru." I chortled.


I turned on my heels, grabbed his shoulders and pushed him against the wall, catching him off guard. I pressed my forehead to his "Oh," I whispered, moving my lips to his ear, "I'm not scared...but..." I smiled against his face, "...are you?"

I held in my laughter as I could practically hear his heart beating in his throat.

I made my voice as seductive as I could "Whats wrong, Kaoru...chicken?" I let my hands run down to his hips "I'm ready..."

His cheeks lit on fire "Y-you win." He stuttered.

I let go and slid down the wall next to him, holding my sides, howling with laughter "When will you learn?" I cackled, "Thats why I'm the seme, you can't beat me!"

He slid down the wall with me "Yeah, whatever. I might've won if you weren't naked..." He simpered.

"That face is adorable!" I placed a hand on his head, "Maybe, if you weren't my brother, I'd have a crush on you, but for now, I think I might be in love with sakura..."

"Really? But...what about Haruhi?"

I let my hand fall from his hair, turning to look at the sink "Haruhi and Tono would be a better match...I mean, he's an idiot, but look what he's done for us. For all of us! Me, you, Hunny, Mori, everyone! Lets face it...he's just a better man than me..."

I felt Kaoru lean against me, giving me a much needed hug "Don't give up before you've tried, Hikaru."

"I have tried. Maybe it's just time to...move on...Oh!" I turned back to him, "I just remembered, Sakura is coming to the music room tomorrow!"

-Ouran Academy (lunch time)-

-Kyoya's POV-

I had decided to spend lunch in the music room today. I was on the internet looking through recently published articles on depression. I was sure I could find something here that could help us, or at least find a way to convince him to come to one of my family's treatment facilities.

"Your not eating anything?"

I looked up from the screen "What are you doing here, Tamaki? ...and what are all those books for?"

He dropped the books on the nearest table and I swear I saw dust fly out of them "I've been going through these old medical books trying to find out more about depression. I've learned a lot! Like how in this one it says if a patient goes blind the only sensible thing to do is to lock them in their basement so they wont hurt themselves or scare others with their eyes- Kyoya why did you just smack yourself in the forhead?"

"Tamaki...how old are those books?"

He picked up one that was leather bound "This one is from 1871!" He beamed, "The binding here is quite exquisite- you really should stop doing that, you'll give yourself a headache..."

Why do I even bother?

"Tamaki, you can't use outdated information, you'll only make things worst."

He went wide-eyed and dropped the book.

I shook my head and went back to my research just as Tamaki pulled out a chair and sat next to me.

I gave him a quick glance out of the corner of my eye, just catching his solomn expression before fixing my glasses and turning my attention back to my screen, "I'm just as concerned as you are. The only logical answer is regular doses of prescription anti-depressents and constant surveillance. From what Hikaru told us yesterday, I can almost make a guess on the origin and center of Kaoru's delusions."

"They're about Hikaru, right?"

"Yes. Based on Kaoru's word choices, I can assume he believes they are growing too close together but, why would that upset him?"

I waited for Tamaki's input. When it didn't come, I finally X'd out the article I was reading and shut down my computer. I got up, pushed in my chair, and was just about to leave when Tamaki finally decided to speak:

"Before joining the Host club, Kaoru and Hikaru only trusted themselves. They didn't have any other friends in school besides each other. Describing the world as "us" and "them," the twins were distrustful and un-kind to others. Since their parents were often away they've also become deeply dependent on each other. Joining the host club and meeting all of us helped them become more independent. Maybe, Kaoru believes its all falling apart; that if they become closer together, Hikaru's attention will become more focused on his brother instead of the rest of the world and he'll go back to his old ways."

I just stood their, frozen, one hand still on my chair.

That couldn't...be...

-After School (20 minutes before Host Club)-

-Kaoru's POV-

This was torture!

I was sitting at a table in the back of the music room, frantically trying to finish a weeks worth of homework for 3 different classes!

I couldn't take it anymore! "Haruhi!" I screamed, "I need you!"

"No way. You got yourself in that mess."

I reached my hand out "Hikaru!"

"Coming Mori!"


I took a deep breathe and closed my many textbooks.

I wonder if Kyoya would-



"I said no Tamaki, I'm not dressing as a housewife for your commoners cosplay. Besides isn't that an insult to Haruhi, who IS a commoner?"

Oh...he was talking to Tono...

I watched Tono strike a pose "Not an insult, a salute! A tribute! Long live the poor!"

"I'm not poor! I'm middle class Senpai!"

"You might as well be poor if your gonna spend all your time with people like us."

"Nobody asked you Hikaru!"

"Ooh, fiesty!'

"Rich basterds..."

I got up from my table and stretched "I need some tea..."

I walked across the room to the closest table with a tea set, which happened to be hunny's table. I smiled at him before lifting the porcelain kettle and was just about to pour it when I noticed the strangest thing sitting next to it.

What the fuck is this? I thought as I picked it up. There were six more just like it still on the table. I was pretty sure I was suppose to know what it was, but I seriously could not think of its name for the life of me.

I rotated it in my hand and put my other on my hip just as Tono walked over. "You like them? We ordered them a few days ago, they actually weren't suppose to arrive until tomorrow."

I was becoming distraught "Boss, what the Hell is this?"

"So they may not be as beautiful as the other ones but I feel if given the chance they'll catch on quite-"


I waited for a reply as everyone exchanged looks and gathered around me, who was still wondering why I couldn't get a straight fucking answer.

Hikaru took the object from my hand, staring me straight in the eyes "Its just a teacup, Kaoru..."

Haruhi and Kyoya exchanged looks as Tono just sat down next to Hunny Senpai, who looked to scared to say anything. Mori was standing just behind them. He looked as though he was waiting for me to attack someone.

I looked at each one of their faces, each look of concern cutting deeper and deeper into me, making me feel worse than I already did.

I looked back at the cup, running my hands through my hair, attempting to calm myself down.

How could I forget something like that? I felt as though I had never seen it in my life.

I knew then this wasn't just depression. With each passing day I could feel myself actually loosing control of my mind.

I was so scared.

What the Hell was happening to me?

-Tamaki's POV-

I couldn't take it.

All I could do was sit there...

...and watch.

As my friend's mind slowly deteriorated...

Hikaru set down the cup "Maybe we should go see the nurse? She cou-"

"I'm fine, Hikaru. I told you you don't need to worry about me all the time, its not healthy. I just need some sleep ok? I was up all night with insomnia."

I got up and led him to the couch.

It was all I could do...

When he was finally asleep I finished setting out the rest of the teacups.

"I've never seen you like this Tamaki."

I set down two more cups before looking up and smiling "I'm sorry, Haruhi."

She started helping me with the tables "Why are you apologizing, Senpai?"

We moved on to another table "I'm ruining your day with my bad mood."

"No, your not." She stopped working and poured tea into one of the cups and handed it to me "Here. Try not to think about it too much. We just have to wait for Kyoya to find a way to convince him to get professional help."

I took a sip. She was right, but still...how can I just ignore what was going on?

"I'm such a terrible father..."

"Your concerned, your trying your best and your still there for him. What more could you ask from a father?"

I finished off the cup and set it upside down on its sauser "Thank you, Haruhi."

She pulled me into a hug and layed my head in her hair "Your welcome, I just didn't want you to get another worry lin-"


"Wow you bounce back quick..."

-Friday Morning (Limo ride to school)-

-Kaoru's POV-

I was so bored again...

I looked over at Hikaru, who had fallen asleep next to me. He usually never fell asleep in the car unless hea was up all night doing homework or something.

Hikaru was right, I do look adorable when I sleep...

At least I would assume so, considering we look exactly alike...

I looked back out of the window. Things were going to be so awkward in school today...

At least Hikaru was considerate enough to not bring up what happened when we got back home yesterday.

Probably because he was scared of what I would tell him...

I shook the thought from my head, willing something more pleasent to take its place.

Oh! Hikaru's new girlfriend was visiting the host club today!

Hm...He never told me what she looked like though...

-After School (During host club)-

-Hikaru's POV-

I just thought of something...

If me and Kaoru are suppose to pretend to be in love, where will Sakura fit in when she gets here?

I took Kaoru's hand in mine "-and do you know what my darling brother does next?"

"What did he say?" One of the guests asked.

"Well of all things, he goes and-"

"Hikaru, thats too embarassing!"

"But Kaoru," I raised his hand to my cheek, "what you did was just so...sexy!"

The squealing of our guests told us our improve was working. Honestly I should start writing scripts in advance...

I turned to our guests "Excuse me ladies, I need to go to the restroom." It gave me more time to think, but also I really did have to pee.

-Kaoru's POV-

"Would you like some more tea ladies?"

What was taking him so long? Was he writing a novel in there?

"Can you excuse for a second? I have to go find my brother."

I let myself up and walked towards the double doors. Maybe on his way to the restroom he saw Sakura coming down the hallway and they've been talking this whole time.

I took a step into the hallway, closing the door behind me "Hikaru? Are you out here?" I looked down either end of the hallway...nobody.

Remembering my dream, I didn't eactly want to go down an empty hallway looking for him...again... so I decided to wait by the door. It saved me the embarssment of just sitting there, staring at our guests, since Hikaru was better than me at improve.

5 minutes later and still no Hikaru. What did he take a shit and decide to make the toilet paper from scratch?

Just then I saw someone coming down the hallway, it wasn't Hikaru though, it was a girl. She had jet black, shoulder length hair and skin as pale as mine. She wasn't wearing a school uniform so it was safe to assume she didn't go here.

When she saw me she waved and ran down the hall. When she reached me she threw her arms around me and...and...

Kissed me?!

She pulled back "I finally found you! So when are you going to introduce me to your brother?"


I was still in shock...

...and apparently she was to when she started seeing double "H-Hikaru? Whats going...wait, you didn't tell me he was your TWIN brother!"

"That shouldn't have been a problem," he spat.

This was... my fault...

"He looks just like you!"

"We're two different people, HOW DO YOU FUCK THAT UP?!"

I caused this!


"I can't believe I actually trusted you! Your just like the rest of them! The first time, the very first time I actually decide to trust one of you and you can't even tell me from my brother!"



This was the first time he's ever trusted a girl other than Haruhi.

And I ruined it...just like the rest of his life!

"Come on Kaoru, lets go."

"What about me?"

"YOU?! You can just go! We're done!"


-Hikaru's POV-

"Kaoru's always telling me I need to expand my horizons; step out into the world around me. What for? Everyone in it is just as big a moron as you are you stupid bitch!"

Just then Kaoru pulled something out of his pocket and Sakura let out a piercing scream "I'm sorry! I'm SORRY! Please...PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!"

The music room doors flew open "Whats happe- Kaoru put down the knife!"

I watched on in horror as Kaoru held up his hand and aimed the blade at his wrist "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!"


I held up my hands up above my head, showing I wasn't a threat. I didn't know how to react "I don't understand Kaoru!"

Tears were streaming down his cheeks and he was shaking "You have to get away from me Hikaru! Please...GET AWAY FROM ME! Everything...everything I do has been holding you back! Like just now...my very existance is keeping you from finding happiness Hikaru!"

I took a step forward, he took a step back "You ARE my happiness, Kaoru!"

At this time everyone in the music room had filed into the hallway to see what was going on.

He pulled up his sleeve and brought the knife closer to his wrist.

Hunny and Mori lunged forward and tackled him. Hunny held down his arms as Mori pried the knife from his hand.

Kaoru just stared at me, tears cascading down his face as he was being held down "Please...stop letting me do this to you..."

The girls were crying. Haruhi and Tamaki slowly walked up behind me, holding up their hands up in a similar fashion.

Kaoru started to struggle "WHY DO YOU LET ME DO THIS?!" He screamed.

I can't stand to see him like this.

I can't watch him do this to himself.

I need to help him!

Somehow I have to save him!

I took another step "Kaoru, I-"

He managed to break free and took off down the hallway.

I ran after him "Kaoru!"

Neither one of us was faster than the other but he had a head start. I followed as he turned the corner and ran up the staircase.


He was headed for the roof!

I willed myself to go faster.

Somehow I slowly started catching up to him. I reached my hand out just as he was about to run through the door...

...and missed.

-Kaoru's POV-

I didn't stop running until I was 3 feet from the edge.


I turned towards him and took a step back "Stop Hikaru! Please just stop! Your only condemning yourself by trying to save me! I'm just a parasite Hikaru! All I've done all these years was keep you locked up, locked away from anything that wasn't me Hikaru!"

He was about 10 feet from me. I watched him take a few cautious steps, stopping when I took another step back, another step closer to the edge "Kaoru, I've been up all night thinking... and I remembered what Tono said before. I think you're mistaken. Sure, until now, we may have lived our lives the wrong way... I depended on you. The problem is that we didn't accept anyone."

I took another step back, I could feel myself teetering on the edge, "But doing this- Kaoru, we're twins! Isn't it an incredible gift? Normal people can only face their future alone... you and I can face it together! We won't depend on each other, from now on, we'll influence each other!"

He smiled and took one final step forward, holding out his hand to me, "If we don't forget this, then for sure a future twice as fun as anyone else's awaits us! That's why we'll always stay together, even after this. Because we can't do otherwise...You do know that's why twins are born, right?"

He held his hand out further. He was...smiling.

I...was wrong...

I reached for his hand, trying to wipe away the tears "Hikaru...Hikaru I'm sorr-"

I lost my footing and felt the world give way beneath my feet just as I grabbed his hand.

I could feel myself falling.

After all that...

After all that...I was going to die anyway...



Why could I still feel the warmth of his palm against mine?

-Friday (Ootori Residence)-

There were two young men sitting on the couch, flipping through the channels. One with blond hair and Amethyst eyes held the remote while the other, with darkened hair and glasses, typed away at a laptop.

Eventually the blond stopped on a channel that made the other look up from his work.

It was a news broadcast:

"Its been exactly one year since the joint deaths of the twin sons of popular fashion designer Yuzuha Hitachiin. A special service is being held on their estate. We are now going live with Minato Higarashi on location:

"I am here at the memorial service of 15 year old twin brothers Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin, where a delicate lullaby can be heard in the background as Yuzuha Hitachiin herself delivers the eulogy. One year ago young Kaoru started showing signs of severe depression and attempted suicide by jumping from the roof of his high school. When his brother tried to stop him, tragically both boys fell. After being rushed to a private Ootori run medical treatment facility, young Kaoru miraculously survived, while his brother, was pronounced dead at 8:52pm. Over-run with grief over the death of his brother, his twin was later transferred to that same facility's mental hospital for help, where unbenownst to anyone, he made a second attempt, this time succeeding and found the following morning at 11:24am with both wrists slit. It is a sad day wh-"

The TV was turned off, the two boys no longer finding it in their hearts to continue listening.

The blond, unable to take it any longer, let his head fall against the other's shoulder...and cried...

...and cried...

...and cried.

(A/N) and thats the end of their story...